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Genix Chapter 6 - Overnight

Chapter 6: Overnight

The five monsters started destroying the roof tiles, then burst inside. Running like a hyena, chasing prey with the herd. Roki hugged Angela very tightly, then broke through the entrance with her body. Forced once again, they both have to taste the bitterness of being hunted. Zombies not far from the building noticed their presence. Then the zombies, running to hunt them both. The faces of both of them were frightened, sweat was pouring out profusely, and their hearts were racing with adrenaline.

From behind, the five zombies again flapped their wings in the air. His legs started to hurt, but with such a condition, this forced him to run. An impossible position, making him unable to shoot. Likewise with Angela, unable to aim at her opponent, in a position facing forward. Unless Roki turned around, then the little girl could shoot. If Roki did that, of course the two of them would soon be surrounded.

There were too many zombies, so the two of them couldn't do much other than run away. The sun was starting to set, the sun was starting to dim. While running, Roki was looking for a safe place to rest. The chase of the five flying zombies, made him unable to think straight. Then he thought of an idea, to kill the five flying zombies. Then he shared his idea, to Angela and the Professor.

"I have an idea, to kill the five zombies!" said Roki, running in a hurry.

"Say it quickly!" Professor's orders.

"Okay first Angela, I will change your position to face back. Second Professor, you show me the way ahead!"

"Ok! Let's do it!" Answer them both.

They formed a formation. First, Angela's thighs were perched on Roki's shoulders. Face back, then shoot the five zombies with a crossbow. Meanwhile, the Professor stands above Angela's head, in the form of a mini hologram acting as a guide. Meanwhile Roki continued to run, with her face covered by Angela's body. This formation makes it difficult for Roki to breathe. The smell of Angela's body sweat, made her head feel dizzy. He had lost his balance, but thanks to the direction of the Professor, his balance was restored. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

One by one, the arrows were shot. The agile movement of the zombies in the air, made Angela succeed in crippling one zombie. Ammunition alternated, from every arrow she fired, the girl only managed to knock out two. Now there are only two zombies, who are still floating freely in the sky.

"Brother watch out, the zombies are approaching!" The little girl pointed at the zombie that was about to grab its prey.

"Roki lowered his head! Then jump to the left now!" The Professor's orders.

In the end they both avoided death. Now the Zombie was floating right in front of him. Roki's eyes were closed, making him unable to see ahead. Then the two flying zombies will pounce on them both from two opposite directions.

"Jump aside!" Professor's orders.

Roki jumped to the side, smashed a glass until it shattered. They both fell down, Roki quickly got back up. While the two zombies collided with each other. Then he immediately carried Angela, left the room and hurried up the stairs. He had been climbing the stairs for a long time, and he finally reached the top floor. The wind was blowing hard, the twilight sky showed its charm, before turning to night. The two zombies got up again, then again flapped their wings in the sky.

The look in the eyes of the two monsters, staring intently at the two prey. Drops of saliva dripped from their mouths, impatient to devour their prey. While Roki and Angela looked at the monster with a brave face. Even though fear is engulfing their souls. The crossbow ammo had run out, now Angela could only hide behind Roki's back, in fear.

"Wait here, let me face the two monsters." Roki glanced at him, then walked three steps.

Hearing this, Angela lowered her head. Then hugged Roki's crossbow, like a doll. Deep down, Angela wanted to help Roki. But fear made him give up his intention. Instantly he remembered his late brother, when he was in the yard of his house. The yard of his house has fertile land, and is filled with shooting ranges. At that time he was very afraid, with a caterpillar. The little girl ran, then hugged her brother tightly. The older brother stroked his head gently, then he said.

"Don't be afraid to face it, if you fight your fear a little. Then your fear will turn into courage. Try to take the caterpillar, with a piece of paper." His brother encouraged him, then ordered him to take the caterpillar.

Angela picked up the caterpillar, from below with a piece of paper. Then throw the caterpillar into the trash can. The little girl's face turned cheerful, then she hugged her sister while praising herself. The older brother confirmed what he said earlier. After remembering that, the look of fear on his face began to disappear. Then he walked and stood beside Roki bravely.

"Brother! I also want to kill that monster!" The girl said excitedly.

"Nice! Use this, it's time we hunt for bats." Roki gave PM100 to Angela and she smiled at the two monsters.

Before he could show off, Angela immediately shot him dead. Each shot, the girl did hit, right in the head and stomach. Roki was gawking at his prowess in shooting. Then the little girl smiled sweetly at herself. Instantly his heart stopped beating, when he saw his cute face smiling sweetly at him, then looked at the girl with charm. As a compliment, Roki smiled back, giving a thumbs up.

The journey continued. Roki carried Angela, while jumping from one building to another. Down below along the road is full of zombies. The zombies are walking around looking for their prey. After searching for a long time, they finally found a building. The building has three floors, and has a towering iron and concrete gate. Roki jumps and gets down there. He looked here and there, worried about the zombies. After the atmosphere was safe enough, the two of them tied the gate with a chain and iron, then patented it with a pile of iron.

After closing the gate, the two of them ran inside. After that, they closed the door tightly, then put various types of goods in front of the door, with whatever they found. So that the movement of the zombies is hampered. Then they walked down a very large alley. On the right and left, there is an empty room. There are also various items such as clothes, boxes, and pieces of rusted iron. In front of them they saw five escalators, then ate them slowly. Suddenly the escalator he was walking on collapsed. Spontaneously Roki immediately carried the girl, then jumped up.

"It's very dangerous, we better be careful."

"Yes sis."

"So Roki, where are we going to spend the night? Are we going to spend the night here?" asked the Professor.

"I don't know, we have to explore this place. Even if we have no other choice, at least we have to find a place here, which is really safe. Look for something, as a light. Because it's getting dark." said Rocky.

The search was resumed. They walked while looking around. Then Roki saw a room, filled with various household items, such as pots, spatulas, and others. Unfortunately, all the items here are rusty. Except for a large pot in a box, which he found in a very small room. Since the pot wasn't very useful, he ended up not taking it.

When he traced, a path between the glass display case in a room. Roki finds a strange object. It was shaped like a stick, had a red button, and had a funnel. Angela also told Roki that it was a digital lighter. Just press it once, the fire will come out of the funnel. He immediately took it and put it in the pocket of his dark green coat..

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