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Genix Chapter 5 - Treasure

Chapter 5: Treasure

They ran for three hours. I don't know how many zombies they have killed. Their numbers are many, making their efforts both in vain. Like a flood, thousands of zombies are hunting their prey. The zombie was drooling, the two of them smelled fishy, ​​and the hunger was overwhelming.

Their presence in the city makes the zombies even more crazy. The heart was beating so fast, the sweat was pouring out, the adrenaline of the two of them was getting faster. For more than four hours, they were running and hiding.

The ferocity of the zombies made them both unable to rest. As he ran Angela sat on his shoulders. He fired every flying zombie, which approached using Roki's crossbow. His shooting skills cannot be underestimated. Sharp eyes, like an eagle. Aims at its prey in one shot, at a very young age.

It didn't feel like it was getting dark. Even though it was only 2 km away, they would make it out of the city. However, due to various considerations, they finally decided to find a resting place. The two of them walked down the path, hiding in case any zombies were in sight. Then they both hid, in a building behind a thicket of trees. Doors and windows, they lock tightly. Worried if the zombies broke in. Even if it wasn't completely successful, at least the two of them could prepare to run away.

"I was not strong anymore." Roki complained.

"Strive to be strong, just a little longer we will get out." Professor Xenom said, in the form of a mini hologram.

"Talking is easy, Professor, did you see? The zombies are going crazy. Luckily they gave us a chance to rest."

"Sis it's getting dark, are we going to spend the night here?" Angela asked.

"You hear that? Instead of you complaining, better think of a place to rest." said the Professor.

"Alright, we'll explore whether this place is habitable or not. Otherwise we'll get out of here right away." The

two of them walked slowly, observing every corner of the room. Seeing something to take. The shop had six rooms, two opposite the ones they saw when they first entered. The room to the left is missing anything, other than cobwebs. While in the other room, there are only plants, shrubs, and weeds. Roki didn't just leave, he was tracing what was behind the weeds. Who knows, there are valuable items that can be used.

"Brother! I found something!" Called Angela, pointing to what she found.

"Where?" Roki asked, walking over to him.

A pair of boots, visible behind the bushes. Without thinking, Roki pulled the pair of shoes at once. A man's corpse was pulled out of the thicket. The smell is very rotten and rancid fish pierced the nose. Thousands of maggots gnawing, the body stretched stiff. Seeing this, Angela immediately threw up. He walked over to Angela, then rubbed her back gently. Then Angela was asked to wait outside the room.

The corpse was wearing the same coat as him. On his right shoulder, there is a blue firebird symbol, exactly what he is wearing. He was very curious about the meaning of the symbol. Maybe after getting out of the city, as well as finding a safe place. He planned to ask the Professor. Then Roki walked over to the corpse, then looked from head to toe. Who knows, there are valuable things that can be taken from him.

As expected, Roki saw a dagger that was quite long, attached to his belt. Slowly he took the knife from the corpse. After that he took the knife out of his bayonet. The knife is silver, and is about 20 cm long. There are no rust, scratches, and blood stains on the knife. After seeing all this, Roki became even more curious. He walked into the thicket, then bent down for something he could find.

And sure enough, a green parachute bag lay on the ground. He looked at the bag, like he saw a treasure, then he took it. There is a PM3-like weapon in the bag, two small boxes, and five blue grenades. Genix in his right hand, scanned the weapon. After scanning, information about the weapon appears in the form of a hologram, on his right hand.


20 January 2500

Name Gun : PM100

Type : Normal/ Sniper

Stock extended : 720 mm

Stock folded : 494 mm

Barrel length : 210 mm

Weight : 1 kg

Witch telescope : 900 m

Rate of fire : 450-950 rpm

Energy : 25%

Effective range : 75 m/ 1000 m

Seeing this, Roki was amazed at the weapon he was holding. But there is one thing he does not understand, namely about Type. Then, Professor Xenom explained in the form of a mini hologram. That the weapon he was holding had two modes. Namely regular mode and sniper. This weapon is the same as his laser gun. No need for a bullet to fill the weapon, just use the chip, which is in the small box. If using sniper mode, it takes 40% energy in one shot.

That's the explanation from the Professor. Finished with his business, Roki walked back to meet Angela. He saw Angela, gazing around in high alert while holding a crossbow in both hands. His back carries a small laser bazooka, a gift his late brother gave him. Suddenly.

"Brother watch out!" Angela said while pointing at what was behind.

The rotting corpse had risen and stood up to catch Roki from behind. Roki spontaneously rolled forward, then kicked the Zombie's stomach so that it fell forward. The zombie's head hit the ground, so hard it broke off. Seeing this, their hearts were beating so fast. The expressions on their faces were both shocked, staring at the zombies that were already lying stiff. Angela cried, then she hugged Roki very tightly.

"Sis, I'm scared!" Angela was crying hysterically.

"Don't cry anymore, I'm still here. Brother promises to continue to protect you, according to your brother's mandate." Roki wiped her tears, she hugged Angela and stroked her hair, gently. While holding back tears.

"Don't cry little girl, we will definitely protect you." said the Professor, trying to calm him down.

"Come on! We have to quickly explore this place, whether this place is worth it or not. Because it's getting dark. It's very dangerous if we don't seek shelter." Roki said firmly, with soft words.

The search was resumed. They started down a small alley. Every footstep, their eyes are always wary of their surroundings. Worried if zombies appear suddenly. They walked for a long time, finally they stopped at a large room. The room contained an apple tree, which was quite large. Thousands of red apples are hanging there. Behind the tree, there are four rooms lined up.

Then the two of them ran up to the tree happily. Roki started climbing the tree, then picked as many apples as he could. Meanwhile Angela picked up the apples, which were lying on the ground.

"Finally, we managed to find something worth eating." He said gratefully.

"Yeah sis, if we can bring and sell it to the city of Dolten. We will make a big profit!" Angela said excitedly.

"Indeed, how much does an apple cost?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Two hundred dollars sis."

"What?! Two hundred dollars?!"

"In this age, the price of fruits and herbs is equivalent to one bar of pure gold." said the Professor, in the form of a mini hologram.

"Era?" Angela looked at the Professor.

"Later let me explain, now we collect these apples as much as possible."

"Ok sis!"

They both went back to collecting apples. Suddenly they heard something, between the four rooms. The voice seemed to roar, but at a low intonation. The sound of breathing and footsteps began to be heard clearly in their ears. Then Roki saw, a monster that had a body like a tiger.

The back, there are five tentacles and five eyeballs between the tentacles. The head of the monster had a snout like a crocodile. The tail is long, and has long claws. His saliva dripped, impatient to pounce on his prey.

Roki spontaneously jumped down from the tree. Then he stood right next to Angela. Fear showed on Angela's face, then she took cover behind Roki's back. Roki's heart was beating so fast. Then he held the PM100 rifle, with trembling hands.

Doors! Doors! Doors!

A laser beam has been fired. The monster immediately dodged quickly. So the shot goes in all directions. The two of them concentrated, aiming at the enemy until they were shot. The agile movement of the monsters made it difficult for the two of them.


The monster roared, in a very loud voice. It was so loud, they both covered their ears. Then Roki throws a blue grenade that he finds. The explosion of a very bright light, made the monster silent. Not wasting the opportunity, they both shot him to death. The storm wasn't over yet, above the sky they saw five bat-like zombie monsters floating in the sky.

The monster watched the two of them from a height. Then the five monsters flew towards them. Spontaneously he carried Angela, then ran away and ran as fast as possible from the flying zombie monsters..

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