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96.62% Ghost of the Uchiha / Chapter 141: Night

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Chapter 141: Night

A/N: I've seen people ask if TOBI was OBITO. Obito is not born yet. TOBI is the REAL name of SWIRLY. OBITO took on his name as a CODENAME. TOBI is not OBITO. TOBI is SWIRLY.

sorry for caps, its to make it clear.


When everyone was finally asleep, Jun merged into the ground within his bed, slowly traveling to the Uzukage's mansion. He made his way there unobstructed, quickly reaching the room in which Ashina was writing down seal formations.

Watching the old man paint with his shaky hands, Jun thought of the past. Back then, he too faced the slow and agonizing process of aging.

'If I'm not mistaken, Tobi should arrive here soon.'

Being honest with himself, Jun didn't know what to do. If he fought Tobi alongside Ashina, there was a small chance they could push him back. Killing him was a different matter, and even if he had the opportunity, Jun promised that he would bring Ren back.

Killing him would go against his words.

Thinking this far, Jun brazenly got out of the wall and landed in front of the old man, surprising him. Ashina slowly raised an eyebrow as he stopped writing, looking up at Jun's forehead protector.

"What brings a leaf shinobi to my abode with no forewarning?"

"I have something important to tell you, Ashina-san." Slightly bowing, Jun spoke in an urgent tone. "Someone very powerful will attempt to assassinate you tonight."

"Hm...?" Placing his brush on the tatami mat, Ashina narrowed his eyes.

Although he felt like Jun was not lying, Ashina still had his doubts. Although he was surprised that a Chunin had ignored his sealing formations, guards, and even his perception, he couldn't feel any killing intent from him.

"How do you know?"

"That, I cannot say. As for that person's identity... I'm sure you've heard of the recent incident in the Konoha-held Chunin exams."

As the Uchiha's words trailed off, Ashina's eyes narrowed even further. He knew exactly what he was talking about.

"That is all I wanted to say. I hope that you can heed my words and prepare accordingly... I shall pray for your survival."

Jun felt like this was the only way. If he warned Ashina, he could at least hope for the better. Jumping into the fray would be a bad idea, lest he gave away his identity to the other Madara.

He knew that his other self was cunning, and with a little thinking and dot-connecting, it wouldn't take him too long to figure out something was going on, and thus becoming suspicious.

The last thing Jun wanted was to have his other self on him.

Bowing one last time, he merged with the ground and disappeared once again, leaving Ashina perplexed. Stroking his beard, the old man furrowed his brows.

'Was that really a kid? It felt like I was speaking to my peer... I must be getting old.'

Although Ashina felt like he would be stupid to heed Jun's words, part of him felt a disturbing sensation. Sighing, he slowly rose from his seat.

'Just in case, I'll listen to him.'

Gathering chakra around his back, Ashina prepared his adamantine chains as his aura spread across the building. Although the chains hadn't materialized, he was ready to use them if need be.


That same night.

The Uzukage mansion's night guards were patrolling like usual, passively using their sensory abilities.

Yawning, one of them out his back against the wall as he spoke in a tired tone. "It's so boring here... There's never anything going on."

"You should be happy about that. Other villages don't enjoy as much peace as we do, and trust me, living in constant danger is not fun." Clicking his tongue, the other guard spoke in an aggravated tone. "Can't you see how lucky we are?"

"Yeah yeah... I'm so thankful for-"

Interrupting the guard's words, a loud bang could be heard from the highest floor of the mansion, alerting everyone in the vicinity.

"What was that!?"

"Call for reinforcements! I'll rush in to check!"

Looking up, the guard saw enormous, golden chains protruding out of the roof, as well as an enormous tree.

'What is going on...?'


Special thanks to Frozoka Swaggins, God Erebos, Daniil, Bradley, Garim, and MrOtter!

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