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95.23% Gilgamesh Start From Naruto / Chapter 20: An interesting human...

An interesting human... - Gilgamesh Start From Naruto - Chapter 20 by Roxius full book limited free

Chapter 20: An interesting human...

Gilgamesh and Enkidu toured the treasury for a day and could not even reach its end.Gilgamesh confirmed that her Treasures and the Gate Of Babylon were expanding in every second.

Then,they finally got tired of it and decided to leave the treasury.Enkidu's eyes hurt from all the gold colour that was in the treasury and Gilgamesh looked proud for some reason.

She then brought out the Chains from that she had fused Enkidu with and performed some enchantments with the Concept of Piercing,Sharpness and Accuracy.

Then she named it,"Enkidu".

[A/N:Screw it!🤯My brains hurt from thinking.There was one suggestion about the name Chains of Dawn and Dusk but it felt too cringe for me after some time of thinking and having 2 sets of chains would be weird as I have shown that our Mc fused Enkidu's soul with Uzumaki chains and The Chains of Heaven from her treasury.]

"What?"Asked Enkidu.Feeling confused why her name was called.

Gilgamesh shook her head,"Not you,It is the name I granted these chains."

Enkidu shook her head and staring at Gilgamesh somewhat funnily.

"What is it?You got a problem with the name?"Said Gil as she eyed Enkidu from the corner of her eyes.

"Nothing,Nothing"Said Enkidu while shaking her hands while smiling.

Gilgamesh then goes to some random forest of which she does not know the name,however she really felt something interesting here.A spike of Chakra that was full of Vitality.

'This is chakra full of Vitality.Must have been the Eight gates.'Gilgamesh narrowed her eyes and teleported to the spot where she felt it.

She sees a middle-aged man who was was a tall and well-built man with high cheek-bones, a somewhat bulbous nose, dark hair, thick eyebrows and noticeable body hair on his wrists and forearms. His hair was cut in a bowl style that was combed to his right and lifts slightly. He also sported a bristling moustache with a small goatee and stubble which made up the rest of his beard. He wore a green jumpsuit, orange striped leg warmers, and a yellow scarf around his neck.And with an exact copy of him but smaller.

If she remembered it right,he must be Might Duy along with his son Might Guy.The guy was Killed In Action against the 7 Swordsman of the Mist.

[A/N:Guys do you want our MC to save Might Duy in the war?Please say it in the paragraph comments]

Duy had a green aura of pure physical energy surrounding him,boosted by Chakra.

'Eight gates?'asked Enkidu.She really did not understand Chakra and stuck to using Mana.Well not everyone could use 2 energies at the same time like Gil.

'Yes,Eight gates.A technique in which the physical brain and body limiters are opened forcefully by pushing Chakra through it,which enhances your senses and physical strength.If it is anything to go by,if someone opened all the 8 eight gates permanently,they would have shedded their mortal body while ascending to a spiritual lifeform but that requires a different technique'

Said Gilgamesh as she communicated with Enkidu from their soul link.

"You really practice an interesting technique.But must you really do more,till you die?You must have been feeling your body break day by day giving up on you as you use your technique,am I right?"Said Gilgamesh as she did not meet such an interesting person in her 3 lives.A human full of dedication and determination such as Duy and Guy were rare.

He did not even have a speck of hatred in his heart for those who mocked him by giving him the Moniker 'Eternal Genin'.

It was merely because of the training he did at night and his body giving out on him,he could not do missions that requires fighting.Only doing D rank missions,which continues for 20 years,thus earning him the Moniker 'Eternal Genin'.

The same 20 years for which he practiced the Eight Gates Technique.

Duy and Guy were startled and turned around only to see Gilgamesh sitting in the shadow of trees.

Duy was shocked because it was the first time he could not sense anyone sneaking over him even with the Eight Gates active.But he recognised Gilgamesh.

"As expected of the young genius of Konoha.You really live up to your name"Said Duy.Gilgamesh was somewhat popular in Konoha for being a Jonin at such a young age.

"What?"Asked Guy.He was confused by the beautiful woman who looked like she owned the place intruding upon their training.

"She is a relative of Tsunade Senju,The Slug Sannin,and the youngest Jonin of Konoha with the age of 9,though her appearance says otherwise.Now,Guy please leave as I have something to talk about with her"Said Duy.

Guy nodded and left them alone seeing his father this serious.

"Yes,I will not give up.I will face any mockery but not forget who I am.I will practice this technique till I die."Said Duy.He could feel that Gilgamesh is really just interested and not mocking him.

"Even if you leave your son alone after you die?"Asked Gilgamesh.

"It is only for him that I am perfecting this technique.However by trying and failing this has somewhat damaged my body,but I will not give and will perfect this to pass it down to my son who will do it to someone worthy of it.As for him being alone,I do not think so,he will have his friends to support him"

Said Duy.

Now, Gilgamesh and Enkidu were somewhat surprised.Despite his funny looking outfit he had determination that she had seen in only few.

"Very well,I have not seen someone possesing such determination,so I shall help you for this one time."Said Gilgamesh as she healed Duy with healing spells and left.

Duy just stood still not believing what was happening in his body.

All the nerves, muscles and bones he had damaged while training were healing and getting stronger.

"Show me what you can do in the future,Might Duy"echoed Gilgamesh's voice

"Such kindness,such youthfulness as expected of a young genius!Do not worry,I will show you that what you have done will not be in vain."Said Duy as 'Youthful' tears leaked out of his eyes.


'I have rarely seen such a human, even Uruk had only a handful of people like him.Who possessed such dedication and determination.'

Said Enkidu.She was surprised by the interesting individual she had seen. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Hmm....'Gilgamesh only hummed in response.


[Author's Note:

Should we save Duy and kick the 7 Swordsman of Mist's butts?

No long notes today cause I'm tired and ill....


Good Day or Night?

Whichever it is....]

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