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50% Glory to justice / Chapter 1: 001

001 - Glory to justice - Chapter 1 by Monklee full book limited free

Glory to justice Glory to justice original

Glory to justice

Author: Monklee

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Chapter 1: 001

I am what you call a anti matter or a ghost or maybe even a God something that cannot be seen but exist . "

Coming from a planet billions of lightyears away from earth where cultivators are many a planet were it is a war zone and a jungle .

I am Ye Fu a 3000 year old emperor at the peak of power with millions under my command , but in the blink of a moment even I wasn't able to attain the level that many people at my level seek the realm of God . The apocalyspe was upon us with the planet destroying itself we were left with no choice but to die with it I sat on my throne watching my empire which has sat on top for the last thousand of years slowly crumble down .

And with a smile I leave this place .. as I remment that things I wish I was able to experience .. love and family .

But in my last moment which I expected to be the end was a beginning as I look at a child like figure before me with an aura that far surpasses me it looked at me with its eyes that can turn any world into ashes .

Unable to move I am as the figure placed its hands on my cheeks this was the moment I feel weak for the first time unable to fight back .

As the figure whisper a sentence to me which gave me a shock as it pushes me down as I look at it with gratitude .


I was reincarnated into a new world a world called earth . A planet much inferior to my old planet with machines running around .

I look at my body which have seemed to de aged as I look at my body which seems to have returned back to when I was 16 .

As I look at my dazzling face which seems so unreal I contempt on myself .

Looking around this unfamiliar vicinity filled with luxury a room around 300 square meters big filled with interior which must have been custom made by a great designer . I wonder my identity in this planet standing up and walking to a desk filled with docunuments and a wallet I turned my gaze towards the wallet and found an ID which had my face and name on it .

Hmmm coincidentally the name of the previous host has the same as mine , but I still have no clue on who I am and what I am doing in such a extravagant room .

Browsing through the docnuments I can see papers of assets filled with my signature must be some inheritance .

But then as I look a little closer a name pops up - ms white , a letter was placed just besides the docunuments I gently ripped the cover and read the letter.

" Dear Ye Fu I know everything must look confusing why you were suddenly reincarnated into this planet , but I will have to say that your deeds on the previous planet has allowed you to partake into a new life it might not be as spectatcular as your previous planet, but earth is a planet that has a potential and I believe that you have the capability to change it . There will be numerous bad humans in this planet that wishes to bring the apocalypse which is why I would like to assign you to get rid of them and at the same time enjoy this new life . "

_ signed ms white

I can't help but open my mouth in suprise as I read the letter I am in disbelieve by what happened sortly afterwards I went for a shower to clean myself and get rid of the awfull smell which seems have come out of my body .

I condensed my aura as a massive amount of Ai bursting outside me I was contolling it to prevent any unecessart outburst that might ruin the room . My expectation was spot on the good thing was that I am still able to cultivate but my cultivation dropped down to tier 3 which was 6 tiers away from my full power .

As the letter said I needed to clean this world from it evil act something like a hero like the one in the movies . Quickly dressing myself up with the clothes I can find inside my wardrobe which were filled with a variety and grabbing my necessities my wallet and a phone which had several contacts but the intriguing one would be ms white .

The room I was on was located on the presidential suite of pegasus hotel one of the leading 5 store hotel as I walk through the corridor I could see several maids peeking a gaze unto me then walking away .

I paid them no heed as I walk towards the elevator . Arriving at the first floor the lobby was filled with many different kinds of people some were black , white and yellow

I need to find the people corrupting this world but how ? I could easily mobolize my mind and seek answers from people , but it would make a scence .

As I wonder my direction a young man approach me he was wearing a full tuxedo outfit he looks around 21-23 years of age .

" mr Fu I have been waiting for you we have to leave for your appointment " he said in a hurry I can see the sweat in his face he must have been waiting for quite a while now .

After a few browsing through my memory I can remeber this man to be my assistant .

His name Cui Lin a fresh graduate as he approach me I give him a warm smile . Looking at my smile Cui Lin was shock as he tries to approach me " sir have you had a good day your smile is scary "

Hmmm I wondered was I never this kind to my employees then I remebered how the previous host was more of an introvert and would not even bother to greet his employees . I shook my head as I grab the paper handed to me which showed the shcedule for today .

Cui Lin escorted me to my vehicle which was parked just outside . With more than 5 black cars with it and several men dressed similar with cui lin . I did not expect to be such a big shot ..

As I stand before the exit " sir ? " cui lin ask as he look at me with worry .

" its nothing " I said

Vehicles like this was unique it wasn't something we had back in our planet because most of us can fly so we neglect creating unecessary materials like this , but I am impress by how this machine can run without Ai ... As I sit inside my car which could only accomodate me and Cui Lin which was colored red a ferrari . I did not know how to drive I feared , but my instincts got the better of me and like my hearth my body started moving by its own and mobolizing the machine like it was my own body . " sir sir please slow down " cui lin said with a scared face .

I was happy it was an experience I never had .

With several other vehicles behind me we quickly left for the place with cui lin directions .


Who am I try to ask myself the question ..

" sir Fu we are about to reach the destination these are the papers I wish you a succesfull meeting "

I nodded my head as I look at the gigantic building which is starting to appear and on top of it was the words - Huo enterprises-

We arrived at the entrance which were filled with guards and 2 men and one woman . I look at the woman and was surprised by her beauty which was rare even in the cultivation world .

Jin Huo( POV)

" He's here Ye Fu the so called underground emperor "

Uh ... why is he looking at me like that those blue eyes why ...

I look at her with interest then place my eyes towards the two men . Yan and liu Huo the president and the Vice president they were both around 58 years of age it can be seen from the wrinkles on there forehead . I walked towards them I can see there posture and the smile they have on there face .

" goodmorning mr Huo it is an honor for you us to meet your presence ." Mr Yan and Lui both gave there greetings . I was bored of there usual compliments as I turn my eyes towards the slender white girl she looks japanese with bangs and an oval face she was wearing business outfit which does not match her appeal but still .. sexy

Jin Huo ( pov)

"Why why is he looking at me again calm down calm down "

I couldn't help but laugh as I walk towards her and gave her my hand " hello ms huo" I said .

" good morning mr Fu " she said after the compliments I was escorted to there meeting room but along the way I can see the employees taking a pic of me which was kinda irritating but I had not options against them .

Finally we arrived at the meeting room and discused the plans on a joint cooperation on a project which will bring several tourist on a new island which have just been auctioned for a couple of weeks ago .

The huo family was planning on building a resort that will attract the high income paying tourist build couple of tour activities on the island as well , naturally the process would consume billions of yuan and at the same time man power as the underground emperor they wish to ask me for help .

The meeting was sucessfull with 60% going to me while the other 40 to them it wasnt a lose for them . The process finished just after a few hours after signing the docnumenets I met cui lin waiting for me in the exit .

" sir how was it ? " I simply nodded my head " the meeting was a sucess tell the company that they will prepare some cash for the investment adress it to the huo enterprise . "

Cui lin nodded as we drove off to the company . The fu enterprise was a solo created enterprise by Ye Fu after reading the biography I could not help but admire the previous host he has suffered several hardship in the end how he died and I became him is still a mystery ..

" We arrived " cui lin said as I look at the massive skyscrapper which is at least 2 times bigger than huo enterprise .

My office was located at the 60th floor I arrived with Cui Lin " master I will see you later I have to do some errands " Cui Lin said as he left sortly afterwards .

The 60th floor was almost empty it had one room and a large balcony were one can see a garden .

I walked inside my office it was neatly arranged with 3 large cabinets and a desk with a computer . " what shoud I do "

Just as I was contemplating on how I was brought into thiw world I recieved a call .

" ms white.. "

" hello Ye Fu how is your first day going I heard about the investment and joint cooperation you plan with the huo family "

I can hear her words but it seems to be a recording and it does not allow me to reply .

" I have your first mission a government official which handles drugs has been reported to me he is a senator you must find him and do as you wish to secure that the he won't hurt anyone . "

Beep beep beep.

" so am I going to recieve calls like this over and over again " I said ..

But it will allow me to know my target a senator of the state who could it be I ponder looking at my phone it was already eleven in the afternoon .

I went down using the special elevator which can only be used by me . In this time of hour it would be lunch walking to my car I called cui lin " Cui Lin I will be heading out for lunch "

" ah sir sir please let some of the men escort you ! " he said " no need I can go on my own tell them to go back to there stations . " then I shut my phone and headed out to the city center .

After a few minutes of driving I arrived at a restaurant which is on my navigation it much have been the previous Ye Fu's favorite dining area . The place looks unique it had a garden on the front and a large glass in the front which showcased the people dining inside .

As I arrive a young man appeared before me he noticed me even before I got off my vehicle . " sir Fu you have come again I have prepared your table "

I simply nodded as I was escorted to my table I can see the guest look at me .

" here we are sir VIP room 1 " He said I gently nodded and entered the room the room was one of a kind it had a large table and decorations that can almost rival that off 1st class suites of 5 star hotels . The thing that piqued my interest was the large window the overseas the beach .

I ordered everything on the menu because I wanted to taste the flavors this planet have to offer . While waiting for my order I overhead a conversation from the other room .

VIP room 2

Two shady men was in conversation one looks to be a man in his 40's he had the charisma of a public figure on the other hand the other man seems to be very muscular and had a scar on his face .

" mr Feng we have a deal " the large man laughed as he drink his tea . As he press the cup on the table he emitted a very powerfull force that imidated the man on his front .

" Horse we had a deal , but I am currently on the run for senator if I am discovered to have dealings with drugs I will have trouble give me several more days 2 weeks at most .. " Mr feng said as his face was terrified .

And the large man knows as he continues to pressure the senator . " Mr master has specially directed me to get an answer demanding the 40 million yuan "

Meanwhile Ye Fu continued eavesdropping as he sip his tea in a calm matter " this must be the senator that ms white has speculated it seems like there is a bigger problem here that includes the underworld . " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I was gently drinking my tea when I heard a bang my senses imedietly caught the assaulter hiding on top of the nearest building with a sniper rifle it was silent so the outside the vip room no one would hear it as the glass window fall down into pieces .

VIP room 2

The large man was shock as he see the senator shot dead .. he quickly grab his radio " what the fuck monkey why the hell did you kill the senator ! "

Meanwhile on the building .

A man dressed in black his faced covered with a mask which covers his face . On the ground was a dead man or monkey who was killed with a clean cut on his neck . " monkey monkey hey report ! "

The man can hear horse shouting over the radio .

Suddenly another 2 figures arrived one was a young girl who looks to be around 16 years of age while the other one was a male his hair was colored yellow .

" master told us that there will be a big client arriving here and we must kill him" the yellow haired man said .

The young girl walked towards the edge of the building with her eyes she glares at the restaurant . " the senator is dead , but that horse is still there do we proceed to kill and retrieve the drugs ? " she seems to be asking the older man .

" lets hurry up and proceed with plan A "

Horse was in rage as he left the scence covering his face and at the same time carrying the large bag with him .

" Sir sir " the manager appeared before horse as he look at the room horror struck his eyes . " fuck off " horse said as he brushed through the manager and left the vicinity.

" it seems like I have to cut my lunch short .. " I called the waiter over and paid the bills .

Horse drove off , while I was tailing him horse noticed my attempt as he tries to outmouver me by going through curves and blockages , but I was able to close the gap all the time.

Horse : " who the fuck is that guy is he a cop fuck " horse grabbed his phone and called a number .

" sir the mission failed monkey must have gone rouge ( explaining everything that happened ) "

Man on the phone : " get out of there if what you say is true there are only two options get away or kill the tail. "


Horse decided to kill Ye Fu as he reached an abandoned factory . Stopping his tracks he left his car and looked at my car which was approaching .

Another set of pursuers stopped there tracks preparing to kill horse but before they move the older man stopped them as he look at the approaching red car.

" master why did you tell me to stop " said the yellow haired man ."

The older man was staring at the car with clear intention and sign of threat " get ready whoever comes out from that car is a dangerous threat .. "

The yellow haired and the young woman was shocked it was uncommon for them to hear those words coming from him who is considered one of the top 10 on the mecenary list .

" brother have you gotten mad ? " the female said

As I walk out of my car horse looks at me with killing intent only be shocked " Emperor Fu ! " he's face quickly gotten messy and scared .

" thats the rumored underworld emperor I have only heard rumors of him it is a first to see him in action , but a still he is only human and a non practitoner at that why would you be afraid brother ? "The woman said

The older brother spank the woman by the head " fool he won't recieve the title underworld emperor if he was nothing , quiet down and we shall approach with caution . " he commanded his colleagues .

Horse quickly kneeled down " emperor please forgive me I I.. "

I looked at him with question , but I did not focus myself on him instead on the 3 figures that I have sensed while tailing . Cultivators perhaps, but what would be there interest here ? .

I looked back at horse " what are you doing it has piqued my interest .. " I lock my eyes on the car . Horse quickly got up " emperor we .. " before he can finish his word he's head was cut off .

I look at the figure that appeared which was wearing a black coat covering his entire body . " emperor emperor this kind of things is something you must not get yourself in to.. "

" brother that's the black tiger ranked 12th on the wanted list . " the yellow haired man said . " this emperor is in trouble if he is indeed just a normal person black tiger has reached the earth realm it would even be difficult for me to kill him . "

I can't help but laugh this man was overestimating his abilities a mere tier 1 practioner was underestimating me ..

" why kill your own men ? " I said he only looked at horse dead body " he was trash and trashes must be disposed and now you will be too dear emperor . "

He smirked as he released a tremendous ai trying to scare me off .

" brother what shall we do " the young girl said . The older brother was preparing to attack , but then .

I softly lifted my finger and like a god black tiger's body was decapicated split into two . He stared at me until his death unable to explain what just happened his body then fell to the ground .

" what just happened ! " the younger girl said disbelieve was on her eyes and so was the other two.

" retreat " the older brother said , but then I sensed there movements and again lifted my fingers imobolizing there movements and lifting there bodies into the air . Unable to move or contract they were left speechless .

I walked towards there floating bodies " who are you .. " I asked not trying to scare but to get answers .

The older brother was still in awe this strength far surpass his expectations he believed that not even his master can handle this emperor. " Humble emperor we did not wish to harm you we only came here because we were pinpointed a location that might have drugs . "

I naturally knew that , but still they are still suspicous . " who sent you here where did you come from ."

" this .. you must already have heard of us dear emperor we belong to an orhanization called black lily . " black lily an mysterious underworld force with countless of practitioners under there command .

I released my grasp over them . " leave"

" emperor with your power you must have already reached the rumored void realm " the older brother was cupping his hand in respect .

" I don't know how cultivation works in this world can you explain it to me . " I asked

" this " the older brother was surprised even the other two accomplice who were besides him were speechless wondering hoe could someone who was so powerfull not know the stages , but they did not have the courage to argue.

" well respectable emperor the stages of we practitioners are divided into the body , soul , earth , sky , heaven and void and witg every stage there are another 9 different levels before one can reach the next stage . "

Now this piqued my interest its similar to the old world but the cultivators here are far inferior a tier 1 in my world would be equal to a earth practioner while a tier 2 would be equivalent to the rumored void realm with my tier now I have far surpassed the void realm .

" how man void realm cultivators are there here ? " I asked

" well for over a decade there have only been 3 who has reached that level but they have all been long gone and vanished . "

" vanished you say ? " most probably they must have reached a higher realm ..

" great emperor with void level out of the question there is a heaven list that lists out the strongest cultivators present , but with your strength I believe heaven cultivators are way below you . "

" thank you for the information you may leave and I will be taking the drugs "

"Emperor we have no voice over the drugs are only mission was to destroy or see to it that they won't bring any more trouble , but after looking at it with it in your hands it will be .. we will now leave respectable emperor " cupping his hand in respect he left with his other two colleagues.

I look at the fleeting figures and after they are long gone I look at the car with the drugs and with my ai the car dissapeared like it never existed .

Leaving the scence.

Hotel room .

With my bathrobes on after taking a shower I recieved a call.

" congratulations mr Fu you have sucesfully achieved your first mission the next one will come soon , but for the meantime how about exploring the city or the country side or maybe even abroad feel what it's like to be human in this lovely planet mr fu I will contact you again.."

Then the call ended ..

" what does it feel to be human .. " as I walk to the window looking at the dark blue sky


Meanwhile back at black lily

" brother you lied to him about our mission it isn't to retrieve the drugs, but it is to capture black tiger but now that he is dead I don't know what ms lily will do. " the woman said .

The older brother looks at the female with regret " Zi Qiu you have seen his strength it was a good thing we came back alive I would not sacrifice your lives for the sake of a mission you know the rules.. "

Suddenly a black mist appeared ...

" well said Gong Jin " a lady dresses in black gown appeared .

Zi Qiu and the other two quickly kneeled " mistress we have failed please forgive us . I will take full responsibilty ."

" you did not fail it was an unforseen situation I have underestimated the emperor's strength stand " she commanded .

" now tell me what happened ."

Zi Qiu explained every little detail .

The black lily was surprised , but at the same time showed interest ." Such a powerfull being has been left a mystery all this time a possible void stage cultivator this is not your fault you may go back and rest today's mission must have stressed you out . "

Zi Qiu and the other two cupper there hands and left .

" did you hear that Eagle it seems like the emperor has awoken . "

A large man from the shadown appeared his head was covered with a bandana his facial appearance was that of an saudian " if what they say is true then a large threat or ally has appeared ."

Black lily nodded " can you try and gauge out his strength ? She questioned eagle was her most trusted ally and a 9th stage earth realm cultivator at that . "

" I will have to dissapoint you ms lily a void user or maybe even greater is a master I cannot or wish to challenge . "

Black lily nodded " that is true call the elders we will have a meeting tomorrow to discuss this matter . "

Eagle nodded and left ..


On another vicinity a woman with fairy like features wearing blue is sitting down in meditation .

Suddenly an inspiration a predicament appeared before her " a god has landed on our planet or is he a demon .. "

Hurriedly 6 women appeared running to her direction they were all wearing the same uniform as the fairy woman.

" Ms Xia are you alright" they were carrying clothes , food and a basin of water.

" I am alright , but quickly call the elders for a council meeting I will have to discuss a very special matter . " the 6 maidens nodded

Inside a room filled with beautiful women but there looks were weird as all of them has a certain white pain on there faces .

Ren Xia appeared before them .

The elder council members stood up and greeted her. " sit "

Sitting on her throne " I had a vision the emperor has awoken "

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