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5% God-level Tycoon Chat Group / Chapter 2: Even Bill Gates Was Dragged In!

Even Bill Gates Was Dragged In! - God-level Tycoon Chat Group - Chapter 2 by Shushu Xingxing full book limited free

Chapter 2: Even Bill Gates Was Dragged In!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"What's going on!"

Charles was a little stunned. He simply opened the group settings to see what was going on.

Just as he opened the settings, a dialog box suddenly popped up on the computer.

"Welcome, Charles. You have logged into the Super Rich Chat Group. Please complete the chat group settings and be rewarded with a beginner lottery draw!"

A strange prompt popped up on the computer screen.

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Soon, Charles opened the settings of the group.

In the group's information group, there was already a simple introduction. It looked quite generous!

1. The Super Rich Chat Group, level one star, is the gathering place of symbols on this planet. Losers without money, please leave!

2. Only those with a net worth of more than one billion US dollars have the most basic qualifications to enter the Super Rich Chat Group!

3. When their assets drop below one billion US dollars, they will be automatically kicked out of the group!

4. Fight for it! Work hard to earn money for this right!

Charles couldn't help but ridicule.

What bullshit gathering place of the rich? And they're telling the losers to scram?

How cocky!

Also, there wasn't a single person in the Super Rich Chat Group. Instead, he, who didn't have any savings, became the group leader.

Charles had no interest in changing this group's introduction anymore.

The method of the group setting was similar to that of other chat groups, but the choice was more concise and clear.

Following the tips, Charles re-set the chat group's method of searching, verifying messages, and getting added to the group.

However, some of the settings of the chat group were slightly different from other normal group settings, and there was an additional option.

Also, at the end of the settings, a strange option appeared.

Punishment for voluntarily leaving the group: ranges from 10 million USD to 100 million USD!

"Could it be that ICQ had been upgraded?"

"If I leave the group, I'll even get fined? Who would enter such a group! Does ICQ have to be so shameless?! It would be weird if it didn't get a complaint!"

Since he was about to complete the setup anyway, Charles decided to make the fine of voluntarily leaving the group 100 million US dollars!

The chat group was called the "Super Rich Chat Group". Of course, it had to be of the highest grade.

Otherwise, how could it live up to the name of 'Super Rich'!

In Charles' mind, he wouldn't treat this chat group as real anyway.

Perhaps it was some bored hacker who created it.

If it wasn't a hacker, how could he steal his ICQ ten digit encryption password?

But, honestly speaking, he was only an ordinary university student. He had never provoked any hackers at all!

Could it be that his classmates or friends were playing with him?

It didn't make sense!

He didn't have such a computer expert as a classmate!

Just as he finished setting up, two more dialog boxes popped up on the computer.

"Because this is your first time logging into the Super Rich Chat Group, you can forcefully invite three members to join the group. Those who are requested to join will not be subject to any conditions to join the group."

"Congratulations, Charles. You have completed setting up your character and obtained a chance to enter the beginner lucky draw!"

Seeing this scene, Charles couldn't take it anymore and started to ridicule loudly, "What the heck, this hacker's skill is really good! He actually made a virus so interesting?"

"Is the ICQ just for show? I can even forcefully invite a member? And it doesn't even need the other party's approval. If it's that almighty, then invite Gatsby and Elon Musk in!"

"Ding dong! We are officially inviting Gatsby and Elon Musk!"

As soon as Charles finished speaking, another dialog box popped up on the computer screen.

Not long after, an icon began to flash.

"Notification from the Super Rich Chat Group, the system is connecting to the thoughts of the group leader. We have confirmed the identity of the invited members, and are forcefully adding members!"

"Ding dong! Elon Musk has been forcefully added to the Super Rich Chat Group!"

"Ding dong! Gatsby has been forcefully added to the Super Rich Chat Group!"

"Ding dong! Now the group leader has a chance to add new members! Please take advantage of it!"

When he saw the message that popped up on his computer screen.

Charles was also stunned.

"What's going on?"

"It can't be!"

"It can't be that Gatsby and Elon Musk have really been added to the chat group!"

Wait a minute.

Could it be that the hacker had already eavesdropped on his computer and recorded his voice?

Wasn't this something that only the Central Intelligence Agency could do?

This hacker's technology was too awesome!

If he could really do things to this extent, what could he not do? Why was he bothering an ordinary university student like him?!

At this moment.

In the chat group.

As expected, two ICQ accounts appeared.

Their names were Gatsby and Elon Musk.

At the same time, even their profile pictures were of them.

Charles was naturally familiar with these two super rich people. He had seen them countless times in news magazines.

Every year, on the Forbes Fortune List, he could see these two people.

How could Charles not recognize these profile pictures?

At the same time, in front of their names, there was the levels of the members' assets. Musk and Gatsby were both silver-tier.

When he opened the group members' information, there was nothing inside. He couldn't see any information.

"This hacker's technology is too powerful! He did so many tricks in one go. I thought I was in a movie!"

"I feel like I'm in the middle of it!"

"I really don't know where he found these two fake accounts. He didn't even need to operate them to directly add members."

The last slot was, of course, for Amazon's Bezos.


Charles just wanted to see what these super rich people he knew in real life would chat about in the Super Rich Chat Group!

What kind of jokes would there be?!

Charles looked forward to it a little, even though he thought that it was all fake.

"Ding dong! Bezos has been forcefully added into the Super Rich Chat Group. The forced invitations have already been used up!"

Bezos' asset level was also silver.

Charles didn't feel that this was inappropriate.

Perhaps in this hacker's settings, the 100 billion dollar rich people were all at this level.

Not long after.

After a few minutes of silence, there was some movement in the Super Rich Chat Group.

Gatsby was the first to speak.

"What's going on? How did I randomly get into this chat group?"

"? ? ? ?"

"Group leader, come out to speak. The moment you sent a message, I only took a glance before I entered this chat group!"

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