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Chapter 1: Prelude - Echoes

As hundreds of black lightnings streaked down from the raging sky, the lord of the Primordial Origin squinted his eyes in contemplation. He was aware the thunderstrokes were no ordinary lightnings, but had been infused with the deadly atram energy. And from what he had seen of their threatening powers, he knew it was only a matter of time before the destruction of that dimensional world. Beyond the veil of darkness was the creature behind the attack.


The Jade Pure One muttered softly as he recalled the encounters of the Primordial divines and the powerful creature in the past. An entity with various manifestations capable of causing immeasurable destructions. The Honoured Lord of the Origin remembered the extents they had to go in order to prevent the creature from destroying their universe. He let out a soft breath before glancing at the golden layers of the artifact which was preventing the thunderous bolts of lightning from destroying the dimensional world.

The Light-Bringer.

A total-grade luminous treasure of tremendous power, capable of summoning the avatar of any of the divines during any catastrophic situations. And the current situation of the summoners was more than disastrous. The immortal cultivators really made a great decision in summoning the avatars of him, and of the other two pristine ones. Their knowledge and powers could greatly help the summoners to survive certain deaths. After all, they, as the three pure ones, were the first of their kinds in the universe alongside the other divines.

"Hmm, you don't have much time."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin said as he shifted his attention back to the immortal cultivators who had summoned their avatars.

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"You are facing one of the manifestations of an exceedingly powerful entity known as the Tartar-Artram. It's a creature beyond the the boundary of our universe. And it's one of the topmost dangers in the infinite void. Sadly, we've encountered it before."

The Jade Pure One slowly shook his head before glancing at the faces of the young immortals, compassionately. The primordial divines were spirits brought to life by the Alpheron core during the creation of their universe. Hence, they could acquire the true knowledge of creation from the memories of the Alpheron core.

"As you already know, before everything there was only one existence. The void. This was the true beginning of all things. Out of it's infinite energy, the first two known forms of creation were made. The Alpheron and the Ominu. The two essence cores that represented the ultimate Yin and Yang of existence."

The Lord of Primordial Origin paused, affirming the immortals were following before continuing.

"It was from the Alpheron, that our universe was formed. While the Ominu created the chaos. By creating these two ultimate dimensional spaces, these two cores established the ways of their own existences. They chose their own permanent locations inside the infinite void where they began to make their own creations. These two cores receive the infinite energy from the void and refine it for what they've created to use. All things living in our universe and in the chaos received their energies directly from these two cores."

Lord of the True Way nodded in agreement while recalling the memories of the distant past. Yes, they could bear witness to the immeasurable mighty force of the Alpheron which was truly beyond mere comprehension.

"How are they able to do so? The cores. To follow the patterns of existence, the Alpheron core created similar, but smaller cores to its own, in everything that has perpetuity in our universe. The planets as part of the universe have cores that are directly connected to the Alpheron. These are called Nerons. Some creations have cores connecting to the Alpheron directly. Like us, the divines, or the celestials and the gods. While others have to connect to the Nerons which then correlate with the Alpheron. Same thing with the chaos too."

Ah, the chaos. So similar, yet so different. Lord of the Numinous Treasures who had been listening with his eyes closed, recalled the great wars between the primordials divines and primordial beasts of the chaos. Although they were well aware of the turbulent nature of the chaos, they sometimes wondered the reasons for the great wars which eventually led to the alteration of the existences of many primordials on both sides. Ah, those were the days of old.

"Everything in existence with perpetuity has a core. Everything. The cores are our becoming. They are the reasons for our lasting existence."

The Universally Honoured One of Divinities and Treasures, quipped in after gathering his thoughts from the events of the ancient times, and continued after a slight pause.

"And here's the most important thing, each core comes with a level of power which can be increased. You were mortals once, so you can relate to this."

With a soft sigh, the Supreme Pure One recollected the troubled journey of mortals over the ages. Mortals who were created to live short and difficult lives, but became reluctant to accept their fate. He called to mind how the mortals started their search for immortality. And how the divines had drafted a way for the mortals to have a chance of achieving this immortality through cultivation. Immortality through tribulations and trials.

"Immortal mortals. They've come a long way indeed."

Lord of the True Way said as he recalled memories of the distant past. They, as the three pristine ones, had introduced the Dao[way] of the universe. While some of the other divines also created their own methods of cultivation to aid the mortals. Including the Adi-Buddhas — lord Buddha Bhavana and lord Buddha Bodhisattva — who added the Dharma[path] of the universe. Even lord Xian Xia who created the Xue [Steps] of the universe. The immortal cultivators at their presence proved the high significance of the journey of the mortals over the years.

"Where are we going with all these, you asked? As everything in existence has a core, the void entities have cores too. Infinite cores just like the Alpheron and the Ominu. But unlike them that created our universe and the chaos respectively, these void cores transformed into single structures packed with incredible powers. As single entities, they could drift around freely. Thereby, preserving their powers to themselves. But more terrifyingly, these cores found a way to increase their already frightening powers."

The Grand Pure One paused to mull over the precarious situation of their summoners for a moment before disappearing. Instantly, he appeared before the immortal cultivators and began speaking in a softer voice.

"So, they became the Prowlers. They began hunting down other infinite cores, absorbing their powers into their own cores with their secret methods. It vastly increases their levels of powers beyond ordinary comprehension. Despite all these, Tartar-Atram found a way to further differentiate itself from others of its kind. It discovered how to harness the power of the deadly atrament, making it reign supreme among the Prowlers. And it had been doing that for ages. You can now see the nature of its true powers."

With knitted brows, lord of the Numinous Treasures pointed at the raging atramental energy, drawing closer to the golden shield.

"Time is against you here. If you stay longer than necessary, you'll simply die. This dimensional space is outside our universe, and a Death-Shadow lock is already placed on all of you. Even us won't fare any better. For you to have a chance of living beyond this day, you'll have to take the journey into the Infernal-Chasm. It's extremely dangerous, but at least, you'll have a chance to keep your souls alive."

As he spoke, lord of the Primordial Origin indicated the dimensional space they were in, while locking eyes with the immortal cultivators. Then, he turned towards the Supreme Pure One who flicked his hand and produced a cosmic artifact. The Divine-Drop.

"Take this treasure. It will take you to the Infernal-Chasm. But be told, once you get there, your fate will be in your own hands. Hurry up. We'll hold the spatial rift while you prepare it. Remember, there are truths hidden in existence. Discover these secrets, and you'll find your own true Daos that could keep you alive."

After concluding his words, the avatars of the pristine ones began to radiate divine energy. It increased in intensity as they prevented the dimensional space from disintegrating. But after a time, the powers of their avatars started to wane. The spatial dimension fluctuated while rift gradually appeared in the space-time.

Just as the immortals finished with their preparation, the soul avatars of the three pristine ones disappeared in a flash while darkness and lightning slowly descended on the whole area.

Glancing at the approaching shadows of certain deaths, the young immortals knew there was no other choice left for them than to take the chances of the Infernal-Chasm. With grim determination on their faces, they swiftly put the golden pellets in their mouths and jumped into the opened abyssal chasm, vanishing into the thin air as the dimensional space crumbled into dust.

Primate Primate

Hello immortals,

Thanks for your support and encouragement. I greatly appreciate this. You mean a lot to me as the reader's.

In this chapter, I used different names of the pristine ones. Did you test your knowledge in regards to them? I intentionally did that, and also removed the glossary of their names.

Let's broaden our knowledge and let our soul be enlightened.

Please keep supporting me with your comments, votes and reviews.


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