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93.1% God of Lust System (Parody) / Chapter 26: A chicken wings departure

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Chapter 26: A chicken wings departure

[AN: I finally have a computer and a somewhat peaceful place to work. I still lack a desk for my desktop setup, but I'm doing with what I have.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that Mitsuru's Pokemons will be abandoned for a while. I can't manage so many details I'm not sure I even recall perfectly. Movesets, EVS, IVS, and all.

In this chapter, we're directly jumping to Mc leaving, with only Mitsuru, his two chicks, and not even newly acquired Pokemon.

So yeah, it's very winged. Even that small competition between the children is winged, lmao. I've taken so much time off from this fic that I don't even recall Mitsuru's latest panel details. I had to search for them.

I'm returning to the basics of this fiction. Which were blood, sex, and douchebag smothering.



Pokemon World, Kanto,

Late afternoon, Viridian Pokemon Center,

As I had expected, the fierce and exciting competition came to an abrupt close when the blue haired-kid swept each of his opponents with his Pidgey. The flying type had an advantage in the earlier levels, but his partner was also well trained compared to the others.

Everyone, except for Steven, returned home with their heads down, not expecting to be defeated so miserably by the young Jude, my new disciple. Part-time disciple...

Anyways, after a small stop to the ice-cream shop and a few empty promises, even Gina agreed to leave the four of us alone.


(Change of POV-Third person POV)

"Wow, have you heard? They've finally discovered what happened in the park yesterday." Someone inside the Pokemon center whispered.

"What do you mean? Something happened at the park?" The person addressed asked curiously.

"Haven't you seen that huge robot? I heard it belonged to team Rocket..."

"Them again? I thought they had left Kanto years ago..."

"Looks like they've come back full force. There's an even stranger piece of news going around, but it's only a rumor."

"What's that?"

"You heard that our gym leader has a shady background, right?"

"Yeah, what about it? Wasn't that just gossip?"

"No, they say they found something compromising inside the robot when they searched. And Giovanni had also skipped town coincidentally when the police arrived at his house with a warrant."

The people inside the Pokemon center discussed an interesting piece of news about Mitsuru when Jude retrieved his Pokeball.

Mitsuru smiled mischievously at that moment, his eyes defying Jessie. The latter tried to avoid his stare but blushed fiercely.

"You two are acting strange." Kaori looked at them suspiciously and said.

"Mind your own business, unfaithful widow," Jessie said lazily.

"So childish. You like that cock as much as I do, stop pretending." Kaori retorted vulgarly. A mature air around her.

"Say that again, bitch?" Jessie stood.

"Easy, easy." Kaori was chuckling mockingly when Mitsuru put his hands between the two. "Not here, girls. Alright?"

"Whatever you want, darling." Kaori grabbed his arm and hugged lovingly.

"Tsk." Jessie snorted and sat back. Her hands crossed.

"Teacher, did you hear?" Jude arrived at that moment, his Pokeball in one hand.

"About those crooks? Yeah." Mitsuru said. "Let's discuss modalities." He smiled and guided the three people outside.

"Okay." Jude looked at the curious atmosphere and walked behind.


Hours later,

After coming to an agreement with Jude for a week at each end of the year, Mitsuru told him to return home.

He couldn't do any better than that. The Pokemon world had become somewhat boring to him. Maybe after traveling a few other places, he would change his mind. But now...His mind was on something else. The Douche punishing function the system had explained to him days ago.

Without hesitation, he opened the douche interface once more. Choosing to explore the first stop before any of the others. The system talked about a modern Earth and, most importantly, a fellow cuck comrade. He wasn't a cuck anymore, far from that. But being recalled the nightmare he lived days ago, Mitsuru decided to help a man in need.

He wouldn't help anyone for free, obviously, but that was a matter for another time. Beggars couldn't be choosers. At that time, he was ready to sell his own sisters to a brothel as long as that bastard wasn't allowed to put his dirty hands on them anymore.

That guy the system mentioned would probably not be much different.

"You girls ready for a trip? I've grown bored of that place?" Mitsuru asked, turning to his two wives in name and dick only. He had to put a ring on that later. Not that anyone else could fuck them with the wicked toys in his inventory.

"Why not?" Jessie said nonchalantly.

"I'll follow you wherever you need, babe," Kaori said provocatively.

"Ughh...I almost puked." Jessie commented.

"You guys, haha." Mitsuru laughed. "Let's go then."


Modern Verse:

First Stop-Terasu MC

Description: Missions from this category take the user into a modern or futuristic Earth. The first area where the user will arrive is a Japanese high school.

Mission Tags: Emasculate the transfer student. Save a cuck in need.

Notable bitches: Hiroki's acquaintances.


Mitsuru was confused. There was no option to go; clicking on the window didn't seem to work either, so he woke up his irritating partner.

"System, what's up with that window? It doesn't work." He asked, confused.

[You woke me up again. That's a ten thousand points penalty.] The system yawned and said.

"Stop playing, man. Tell me. What's up?" He knew the guy was serious but chose to ignore his antics. He was impatient to go.

[Try and get rid of them round white and red balls you guys got.] The system proposed calmly.

"You're serious now?" Mitsuru asked, his brows squinted.

[Do I sound like I am not?] The system replied.

"...What a bitch." Mitsuru muttered. He was finally experiencing the system's troublesome sides. "Why?"

[Because they're troublesome. That's what I decided. Are you going or not?] The system replied mockingly.

"Fucker..." Mitsuru was fuming. He didn't know how but he was going to get back at the guy one day.

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[A/N: So here you go. How do you like my bullshit? Don't choke on it. Cheers.]

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