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Chapter-6 - Godly Ascension(Origin) - Chapter 6 by RapidOoze full book limited free

Chapter 6: Chapter-6

(3rd Person's POV)

While Anos was looking at the people in front of him, the whole world was thrown in the chaos.

(Valhalla, Asgard)

In the throne room, an old man was sitting on his throne looking in the direction of Underworld, the man is Odin, the Skyfather and the Godking of Asgard. He don't know whether he should be happy that now his strenght could rise again and he could became more stronger or sad and worry that a very powerful being capable of changing the fate of the whole world is roaming in the world, and he could tell that those three heartbeats were from the same who had make the world stronger and even he had a feeling that the world was going to be destroyed as the whole sky was ripped apart and the space became extremely fragile that he was even worrying about moving his arm as the space become way too sensitive to power.

He sigh and focused towards Underworld to find the source but wasn't able to, but he could already guess that it would be related to the the cocoon, Ophis, The Infinite Dragon god was talking about, as he knew that it had already been placed in Underworld and he also got the information as he need to have every type of information regarding Ophis, who is the biggest variable but now even bigger one come, whose power is already more than Ophis.

Odin again sighs and lean on his throne and thought,

Odin-'Maybe I should visit the bars and the pubs, the fallen pervert was talking about.'

(Mount Olympus, Greece)

In the throne room of temple like building, a man was sitting on throne , while many people were sitting over their seats below the man, That man is the god of lightning and the leader of the Greek Pantheon , Zeus.

Zeus is tall, handsome man with blonde hair and bronze eyes. He looks young despite his actual age. His hair is long and he has a goatee that covers most of his face. Zeus wears a red and white robe with accents of gold in it. His clothing is just another way to show off his immense wealth and power.

The people below him were the gods of the Greek Pantheon, and right now all of them were having hard expression on their face as they heard and felt those heartbeats and the immense power it contains, and on the third heartbeat, all of them felt like they had seen their death as the power contained in it was too much that the world itself was not able to contain it.

After that they experienced a power which they had never felt as it was way too much dense source of energy and they felt it move to every part of the world.

The Gods after that checked their bodies only to find their potential increased and felt that they could increase their strength, and all of them become happy as its difficult for a god to increase his/her strength when they reached a certain level.

While all the Gods were happy, only Zeus was frowning as he felt the source of the heartbeat and that dense energy coming from the Underworld and he could already guessed who that being was as the only new thing in the Underworld is Ophis, who doesn't have the necessary power and the cocoon which she had bought from the Dimensional Gap. So he knew that the Cocoon finally hatched.

He then turned towards the Gods and sighed as they don't consider the source of the power at all and become happy among themselves, he then leans on his throne and beside him, his wife Hera looked at him with a worried expression. He then turned towards the Gods and spoke in a stern voice with a cold face,

Zeus-"YOU FOOLS!!, you don't even consider about the source of the Heartbeat and the dense energy and became happy with the little increase in your strength and potential, You don't even know that the Heartbeat and the Dense Power came from the Underworld!, Sitri Territory!. And here you are becoming so high like you had gotten the world at your hands!!"

Saying that he sighed and spoke again,

Zeus-"None of you are allowed to make any moves towards the devils especially Sitri Household as long as the situation is not cleared. If any of you do then you are not a part of Mount Olympus "

Saying that he leans on his throne and look towards them, Seeing them nodding their head, he sighed as today was the most-hectic day for him.

(Underworld, Grigori HQ)

In the meeting room of the Grigori HQ, Many people are sitting there while sitting on the leader seat was Azazel, Leader of the Grigori, the angel who fell from heaven from lusting after a human women, Azazel is a tall man appearing to be in his twenties with an average build, black hair, golden bangs and black goatee. Across Azazel were the rest of the Executives namely Kokabiel, Satanael, Shemhazai, Baraqiel, Penemue and Tamiel. Right now all of them were having heavy expression on their faces as the beings living on underworld had felt the power behind those heartbeats clearly and not only that they felt the dense energy clearly and all of them knew that it originates from the Sitri Territory.

Azazel looks at all of then and closed his eyes for a while and opened them again and spoke,

Azazel-"All of you should be clear why I had called you here, So I will get to the point, both the heartbeats and the dense energy were felt from the Sitri territory, I want all the information our spies had given us about what had happened till morning in the place."

Hearing that Penemue stood up and spoke,

Penemue-"Azazel-sama, this morning our spies had given us the news that the four demon kings along with Zekram Bael had arrived on Ophis-sama's place, and Maou Leviathan was particularly excited than normal and she had even taken her little sister, Sona Sitri with her, due to which we could guess that it had to do something with the cocoon as due to which Ophis-sama had to settle down in the Sitri territory. And it was also reported that Juddeca, who always had a blank/neutral expression on her face was smiling. This is all the report as our spies can't even get too much near the mansion due to the traps Grayfia-sama had prepared there."

Hearing that all of them keep quiet and thought the reason while Azazel spoke,

Azazel-"I also think it has something to do with the cocoon and its also possible that it was due to that being everything happened, As at the third heartbeat the whole world was about to be literally destroyed and the next second that dense energy occupied the whole world, not only it made the world stronger but also given every being living on it a chance to grow stronger. So, Tomorrow, I will go to the Sitri Territory to check the situation and I guess I will not be alone as maximum the other factions are going to be available."

Hearing that all of them nodded their heads as this was the best they could do in this situation.

The Same thing was happening in all of the factions over the world.

(Underworld, Sitri Territory, Underground Chamber)

While the whole world was in chaos, after announcing his name, Anos walked towards Juddeca in her sword form and picked her and gently caress the gem and spoke in a soft voice,

Anos-"Thank you, for always helping me."

Hearing that a white light covered the sword and Juddeca appeared in her human form and shook her head and spoke,

Juddeca-"No Master, You don't have to say thank you to me as I am Master's Sword, I would do anything for you, and you have already helped me by freeing me from Sky Library and making me a singularity, I can't thank you enough for that."

Hearing that Anos smile and spoke to her,

Anos-"Then Please take care of me from now on to eternity."

Hearing that Juddeca had a Loving smile on her face and nods her head,

Juddeca-"Its all my pleasure, master. Master, I would like to stay in my pendent form near you."

Anos just nods his head and seeing which Juddeca transforms into a pendent around his neck, seeing which all the people inside the room were shocked but that was not all when he suddenly spoke again,

Anos-"Juddeca, Create skill[Raphael, Lord of Wisdom]"

Suddenly Juddeca's voice came from the pendant,

[Requesting Access to us Master's Authority, 'Skill Creation']

[Access Confirmed]

[Creating Skill [Raphael, Lord of Wisdom]]

[Creation Successful]

[Requesting Master's permission to grant the skill [Raphael, Lord of Wisdom] to Juddeca]

Anos-"Access Granted."

[Access Confirmed]

[Skill Grant Successful]

[All the Abilities of Skill [Raphael, Lord of Wisdom] transferred to Juddeca]

Anos-"Analyze the current situation of the world"

[Analyzing, Successful]

[Upgrade from Level 5 to Level 7 successful]

[1 month for Complete Stability of the world]

Hearing that Anos smiled and nodded,

Anos-"Good, I don't have to worry about the world getting destroyed or eroded by external forces."

[Yes Master, This World don't have any problem for you to exist in it]


Anos then looked at the people in front of him with a bitter smile.

(Anos's POV)

I wouldn't have thought that God would have send me to DxD even before the world was even created but I guess it's a good thing as I got to know more about my Origin[Knowledge], I can clearly say that it is really an Overpowered Origin but if I don't have the skill 'Skill Creation's then I can't really use it as my Origin makes me the Knowledge hub of the Boundary as I have all the Knowledge from the past, present and future of everything but I had to have a stronger brain and a strong body with high powers as my Origin could overpower my weak body easily and destroy it. I could make skills my ownself using Knowledge but it is going to be time-consuming and risky as one wrong move could overload my brain, So safe approach is best.

So, with the skill it's going to be less difficult work as I could slowly raise my power, and I now have Juddeca with me who has become even more stronger and is directly connected to my Origin. I am very thankful for her for that.

Another thing is that God has not only given me the appearance and body of 'Anos Vodigoad' but his abilities releated to his body which should be known for later.

The one I should be most thankful should be Ophis as she was the one who took care of me all the time.

I also discover that my Origins are releasing special auras like with My [Knowledge], it releases the aura which helps to increase the perception and comprehensive abilities of those around me, while about my [Blank], the only information I could find is the aura it releases is releated to the boundary as it radiates calmness and void like aura from my body which makes others tempted to sleep with me.

I then looked at the people in the room other the Ophis, I wave my hand and teleported us to the living room of the mansion, the magic I used is quite simple, as I used Devils Magic, which worked on imagination, while I use my Origin [Knowledge] to have that magic.

All of them looked at me with different expressions but I guess it's normal considering what I and Juddeca had done just now.

Anos-"Juddeca, Please analyze my body and find if there is any kind of problem."

[Yes Master]

[Analyzing, Complete]

[There is no Problem in Master's Body except that you shouldn't use the authority 'Skill Creation' as it overload your Physical Vessel]

[It is advisable for Master to check his eye power later]

Well that was to be expected as Juddeca had created two overpowered skills and if my current power could sustain more than I should be surprised.

And the God had make my body exact like 'Anos Vodigoad' from 'Maou Gaukin', which means I also got his bloodline and the bloodline powers. And the Dimensional Gap had given me the Dragon God's Bloodline which is same as Ophis.

I should check them later, but first let's talk to our guests.

(3rd POV)

Anos looked at the people in front of him and indicates them to sit down while he also sat, just as he was about to speak, Ophis walked up to him and sat on his lap, seeing that he just smiled and patted her head.

On the other side, Sona stands from Serafall's lap and sat beside her. Seeing that Serafall snap out to reality and looked at Sona and was about to take her in her lap but she stops as she sensed Serafall's aura, as it had reached the Ultimate class, and all other people also sensed it.

While Grayfia was standing behind Anos as she also sensed her increase in power and was happy abou it as the devil's are power hungry creatures who desire power more than any other beings.

While other three Maou and Zekram Bael also sensed their increase in power and were happy about it as it is already difficult for them to increase their strength. But they also knew that it was because of the boy sitting in front of them calmly petting Ophis's head which make them even more fearful.

Anos looked at all of them and spoke, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Anos-"Let's re-introduce ourselves. I am Anos Voldigoad, Demon King of Tyranny, Dragon god of Origin."

Hearing that all them were shocked except Ophis who looked at him for some seconds and again starts to enjoy the petting.

Then Grayfia stepped forward and bowed her head and lifted the hem of her dress to introduce herself,

Grayfia-"Greetings, Anos-sama, I am Grayfia Lucifuge, A maid working under Ophis sama."

Anos-" You are interesting."

Grayfia-"What do you mean by that Anos-sama?"

Anos-"What I mean is clear, You are the strongest in the whole world right now except Myself, Ophis and Great Red."

All the people were left shocked as they knew that Grayfia was strong but not to this extent.

Anos looked at her with interest and spoke,

Anos-"And what is name you had chosen for the class next to Super-devil?"

Hearing that Grayfia had a small blush on her face as she spoke after some time,

Grayfia-"Demon God."

Anos let out a giggle and Grayfia turned her face to other direction,

Anos then looked at others and indicate them to introduce themselves,

Zekram Bael stood up and bowed his head as he spoke,

Zekram Bael-"I am Zekram Bael, Head of the Bael House."

After him, Sirzechs stood up and bowed as he spoke,

Sirzechs-"I am Sirzechs Lucifer, One of the four Maou's."

Anos looked at him for a while and shake his head as he spoke,

Anos-"An Advise from my side, don't use Lucifer if you are aren't recognized by the Underworld."

Sirzechs-"What do you mean by that, Anos-sama?"

Anos-"In the Underworld, Its 'Will' choose the person capable for holding the four tittles, and among the four only Leviathan is occupied, and Beelzebub is selected to be the Green haired man(looking towards Ajuka), and the other two are empty, So you shouldn't speak about something you are not."

Hearing that all of them were shocked and the one who was most shocked was Sirzechs himself as he was always proud to introduce himself as the Lucifer but only now did he knew how wrong he was, on the other hand, Falbium had no problem as he is lazy by nature and never cared about the tittles and any other things. While Ajuka only had a thoughtful expression on his face.

After Sirzechs sat down, Ajuka stood up and bowed his head and spoke,

Ajuka-"I am Ajuka Astaroth, I would like to ask about how to accepted by the Underworld's will?"

Anos-"Its simple, have power or contribute to the advancement of the Underworld, In your case you have both, but the evil-pieces you created had many problems in them and you should also know about it on the other hand, Sirzechs don't have control over his power which is harmful for the Underworld as being recognized come with a reward which could be anything."

Ajuka nods his head hearing that as he also knew about the problem in the Evil-pieces.

After Ajuka, Falbium stand up and bowed as he spoke,

Falbium-"...Hello. I'm Falbium."

Anos nods his head as he could see that Falbium is by nature lazy.

Serafall than jolted towards Anos and spoke,

Serafall-"I am Serafall Leviathan, Anos-chan, but you could also call me Sera or Sera-tan."

Anos-"Yes, Its nice to meet you again, Serafall."

Serafall looked at Anos with a questioning look on her face and ask,

Serafall-"But its the first time we had meet, Anos-chan."

Anos-"For face to face, as I felt your presence for a whole month when you slept beside Ophis."

Hearing that Serafall looked away as she blushed, and all of them looked at her. Serafall then looked at Anos and pouted and spoke,

Serafall-"Mou!! Anos-chan it was way too comfortable there and you could have seen the smile on Ophis's face."

Anos Just smiled at her after hearing that,

Sirzechs then stood up and looked at Anos,

Sirzechs-"Anos-sama, Why is Serafall recognized by the Underworld?"

Sirzechs had asked that instead of Asking Serafall as he knew that if she was not Leviathan the Anos would have said something to her and all of them also looked at Anos who just smiled and spoke,

Anos-"Because of her Strength."

Sirzechs-"But she should also be an Super-devil then why?

Anos looked at him and sighed and spoke,

Anos-"Sorry for the disappointment, but she is already an Low-level Demon God class."

Hearing that all them looked towards Serafall with shock on their face except Ophis and Grayfia, who just tilted her head cutely and spoke,

Serafall-"tee-hee I got busted."

All of them sighed at her antics while Sizrechs looked at her with shock on his face as he always thought of himself as the strongest devil, only to find two more people stronger than him living in the Underworld.

Serafall then sat down on her seat and Sona steeped forward and bowed her head as she spoke,

Sona-"I am Sona Sitri, Anos onii-sama."

Anos looked at her and lowered his hand to rub her face but stop and looked at her again and rubbed her head as he spoke,

Anos-"Sona-chan, No need to add 'sama' to my name, (looks towards others) and all of you also no need to do it, and Sona-chan, could you please stand here for a moment."

Sona nods her while all of them looked at what Anos wants to do,

Anos-"Juddeca, Scan Sona."

After Anos said that a bright light occurred and Juddeca appeared in her Human form and looked at Sona as she spoke,


[Insufficient Authority]

[Asking Master's Permission to Use Origin[Knowledge]]

Anos-"Access Granted."

[Access Confirmed]

[Connecting with the Origin[Knowledge]]

[Scanning, Sona Sitri]

After saying that a screen appeared in front of Juddeca with many things written on it in different languages.

[Scanning Complete]

[Due to the World Level-up, Sona Sitri being near the Origin of it and being younger got the maximum benefit and become a singularity]

Hearing that Anos sighed and asked,

Anos-"What are the benefits that Sona-chan got?"

Juddeca-"Master, her strength reached the Ultimate class but the biggest benefit she got was her potential was raised to its peak along with her physique making her the most talented and Genius child outside the Origin Beings."

Hearing that all of the other people present inside the room were shocked while Serafall was happy for her Sister, she was about to ask something but Anos spoke first,

Anos-"What is the downside as there is no free strength in the world."

Juddeca-"Yes Master, The downside was her Bloodline which is way weaker as even when she become singularity, her bloodline still remained the same."

Hearing that Anos sighed, while Serafall looked worried about her sister and was about to ask about it but seeing Anos thinking about something seriously she stops and decided to ask later, while Sona looked at Anos with tears filling her eyes threating to come out and spoke,

Sona-"'sniff..' Am I going to die Onii-san?"

Hearing her saying that all of them looked at Anos while Serafall was stopping herself from jumping at him, Anos sighed as he spoke,

Anos-"I am going to regret it later on."

After saying that, he place his finger on his mouth and bit it and from it came a drop of blood, The moment that drop of blood appeared the sky in the whole world got covered in the blood red colored and Underworld tremble, Anos looks at Sona with a serious expression and spoke,

Anos-"I, Anos Voldigoad, grants you the bloodline of the DEMON KING OF TYRANNY along with the DRAGON GOD and allow you to use the name of Voldigoad, From now on, You shall be Known as Sona Voldigoad, So, don't disappoint me."

Before anyone could think about what had happen the drop of blood entered Sona's forehead and she soon loss consciousness but before she could fall, Anos catch her and place her on the sofa to sleep. After doing that he came back to his seat and Ophis again climb on his lap while Anos leans on the back as he sighed again, hearing that all of them snap out to reality while the whole Underworld tremble and multiple portals appeared in the Underworld from which a great amount of demonic energy comes forth and got into Sona.

Seeing the Demonic Energy coming into Sona, Serafall asks Anos with tone full of worry,

Serafall-"Anos-chan!! IS SONA ALRIGHT!!!???""

Anos-"'sigh' She is alright, right now her bloodline is being changed so that much energy was needed and if I were to take it from the Underworld, then it would have been depleted."

Hearing him saying that Serafall relaxes a little but still looked at looked at Sona with worry until she felt a hand on head which seems to pat her but suddenly the hand punched a little on head, but the force behind it can't be called little as even Serafall had tears in her eyes as she turned towards Anos and spoke,

Serafall-"What was that for Anos-chan!!??"

Anos looked at her and said seriously,

Anos-"Then who in their right mind takes a 3 year old child with them towards the great mystery which is in the underworld for many years."

Hearing that Serafall looks away as she was in fault as even her parents also stopped her from taking Sona but she decided to place her trust in Ophis so they gave her permission.

Seeing her like that, Anos Sighed.

Ajuka then stood up and asked,

Ajuka-"Anos-sama, What had happened to Sona in the first place?"

Hearing it all of them looked at Anos as if asking for answer,

Anos-"As you should have all felt the change in the world and as you were near me you got the greatest benefit while Sona became the winner of this level-up."

Ajuka-"What do you mean by level-up the world?"

Anos-"There are infinite worlds out there and to divide them World ranking system is there from Level-1 to Level-15, with Lv15 being the third highest. As for how the world level-up, I can't tell you that as you are weak right now and knowing such a information is not good for you."

Ajuka sigh as he knows also know that way too much information is also bad for yourself.

He then looked at Anos seriously as he asked,

Ajuka-"Then Who are you and what are you doing in this world?"

All of them looked at Anos as they also wants to know about it,

Anos-"I am the Demon King of Tyranny as well as a Dragon God, as for what I am doing in this world is to increase my strenght."

Ajuka-"But you are already very strong, and are there some enemies coming after you?"

Anos-"I may be strong from your standard and I could easily become strongest but what's the point of the strength when you can't control it, and I have no enemies so don't worry about it."

Hearing that Ajuka sighed in relief as Anos had no enemies coming after him.

He again asked Anos,

Ajuka-"Then what benefit had Sona gotten for the things to gone like that?"

Anos-"She had gotten the potential just below mine and mind you but I am One of three beings with the highest potential, so you already guess that what heights she could reach."

Ajuka-"Then why you have to give her your bloodline?"

Serafall also looked at Anos seriously,

Anos-"She has gotten the potential to be the best but her bloodline is going to limit that and its harmful for her and at the same time its partially my fault that it had happened."

Ajuka nods his head and leans on the back of the sofa while Sirzechs looked at Anos and asked,

Sirzechs-"Anos-sama, what do you mean by Sona becoming a Singularity?"

Hearing that Ajuka and all other looked at Anos who was just petting Ophis head, who was enjoying it by closing her eyes, Anos then looked at Sirzechs and spoke,

Anos-"Singularity means she is a single entity, no matter how many parallel worlds or alternate timelines are being created, she is going to be the singular entity, no one like her could be born again."

Hearing that all of them sighed while Ajuka had a serious face as he got the meaning behind his words that there are many beings like them but Sona is a Singularity and that there are many worlds similar to their own.

Serafall looked at Anos and asked the question which was bugging her,

Serafall-"Anos-chan, what do you mean by having Sona's name as Sona Voldigoad?"

Anos-"What I meant is simple as she is the only other person to have my bloodline so there is no way her name is not going to change and with the bloodline of the Demon King of Tyranny, she had become the rightful Ruler of Underworld of any world below Lv10, looks like Sona-chan is about to wake up."

Hearing that all of them looked at Sona who was waking up while a dense demonic energy was surrounding her, Seeing which Anos spoke,

Anos-"Juddeca, Help me seal Sona-chan's power."

Juddeca nods her head and looked at the Sona before speaking,


[Requesting access to Origin[Knowledge]]

Anos-"Access Granted."

[Access Confirmed]

[Searching for the Suitable SEAL for Sona Voldigoad]

[Search Complete, 'GOD SEAL- SEAL OF CHOICE']

['GOD SEAL- SEAL OF CHOICE', Allow the Master to SEAL anything he wants and how he wants to do it for how much longer]

[Use 'GOD SEAL- SEAL OF CHOICE', On Sona Voldigoad]

[Using, [Origin Energy Reactor], Creating 'Stardust Energy']

[ Using 'GOD SEAL- SEAL OF CHOICE', With 'Stardust Energy']

[Sealing Sona Voldigoad's Powers, as her control increase so does her Power]


[Disconnecting from Origin[Knowledge]]


After those words finished, Multiple small magic circles appeared on Sona as they stck on her become invisible, seeing that, Serafall asked Anos,

Serafall-"Are those magic circles were sealing Sona-chan's power, Anos-chan?"

Anos-"Yes and No, they are not only sealing her powers but also her bloodline abilities as they are way too strong for the current her, but worry not as she gain control, her strength will also increase."

Serafall looked at Anos with a gratitude filled eyes as she spoke,

Serafall-"Thankyou, Anos-chan!!"

While Sona also looked at Anos and spoke,

Sona-"Thank you Onii-san for helping me and I will not let down the name 'Voldigoad' You had given me."

Hearing that Anos crouched down near her and patted her head and spoke,

Anos-"Don't worry, even if you go down wrong path, I will take you back to right path, and you are still a child so you should focus to enjoy your life right now."

Anos then stood up and looked at Grayfia and spoke,

Anos-"Grayfia, could you fetch me a Paper and Pen?"

Grayfia-"Yes, Anos-sama"

Saying those words she disappear and appeared a few seconds later with a empty book and a pen and pass it to Anos,

Anos-"Thank you, Grayfia"

Grayfia-"Its my duty, Master, as Ophis-sama's maid."

Anos shook his head at her being the Maid antics and starts to think about something and wrote on the book, He then passed the book to Serafall and said,

Anos-"Pass it to Lord Sitri as it would be helpful to him."

Serafall took the book and read what was inside and was shocked to find that inside was the medicine to increase the fertility rate of Devils, she then looked at Anos, seeing him smile she nods her head, while Ajuka looked at Serafall and asked,

Ajuka-"What is written in the book, Serafall?"

Serafall just passes the book to Ajuka who took it and was shocked to find what was written inside of it as it could potentially solve the problem of their Population.

Ajuka then looked at Anos and spoke in serious and dire voice,

Ajuka-"Anos-sama, could we produce the medicine written in the book?"

Anos nods his head saying it was fine while others were asking Ajuka about what medicine who just passed the book to them which shocked them greatly.

All the devils bowed their head to Anos as this medicine is very important for their race, while Anos had a bitter smile and told them to stand up when suddenly he looked outside with his eyes completely blood red and then turned towards Zekram Bael and spoke.


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