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73.33% Gold ryder / Chapter 11: 11 getting to know the man and women in their lifes

11 getting to know the man and women in their lifes - Gold ryder - Chapter 11 by kasenhoward200 full book limited free

Chapter 11: 11 getting to know the man and women in their lifes

After a long trip and workday, Elliott wasn't expecting to see his brother at all. " Elliott, got a minute? asked. Grey, " if you here for mom's sake to get me to break up with my girlfriend, so she can get what she wants, forget it I am in love with her, I love her. I am not a momma boy like you that an afraid to be with someone or leave home to have a place of my own, because she shed tears. come home to mommy Grey, said. Elliot, " do the right thing in bringing her to dinner tomorrow. Said, Grey. " I ask I am not promise anything, " get mom a chance to meet the woman you loved. that is all I have to say, said. Grey. he left. he walked into his apartment. and called her on the phone. "(Portsmith,) Morocco and Luca dinner. They came into the kitchen and start to eat their food, she pours herself some wine. " (you ready already?) She drinks some of her wine, "(no, what are you doing tomorrow?) He walked into the bathroom. " (working, like you. We got a couple of hometown cases to investigate, and at lunchtime, I have to stop Morocco and Luca at the van for their appointment, then run two errands for my dad and mom, then head back to the office, why?) She finished her glass of wine and walked into her room to get charged, "( because I was hoping the women I was in love with will have dinner with me and my family at  their house.) Said, Elliott. " (what time tomorrow  and you talking about tomorrow night?) He put his causal clothes on, " (yes, how about nine?) Said. Elliott, "(I will be there at nine, ) said. Dhaka, " (thank you  Dhaka, you okay about this?)  Asked. Elliott, she brushing her hair. " (no, but for you, I come and ignore your mother's comments, remarks, and dislikes.) Said, Dhaka.  He brushed his teeth, "(it is getting too bad I get you out myself and go with you, said. Elliott,  Dhaka, walked out of the room. " (i like to believe that you would do that, you wouldn't, there is a sim possibly that I get out of the car and walked up, I pull up and turn around and leave. There is no chance in h*ll that I going and get an attack by your mother, so I change my mind about actually coming tomorrow night see you at the house.) Said, Dhaka. She grabs her keys and left,"( what if I talk with them? Will, you recharge your mind and come tomorrow night, please Dhaka,) begged Elliott, " ( i think about. Bye,) she hangs up the phone, has she pulled into the driveway. And walked up to the door and knocked on the door, Elliott pulled up behind her and walked up. " my girlfriend comes first if my mother makes her uncomfortable, then I will leave with you. We else were you and me, said. Elliott,  Dhaka smiled at him. " I know you will, and you saying you picking me over your mother? Asked. Dhaka. He turns her around and said. "I have hooked on you Dhaka, I can not breathe without you,  they kiss each other. Howard opened the door, " come in you love birds. Said, Howard. They walked inside and he closed the door behind him,  " dinner be ready for a few minutes, can I get you anything to drink? Asked. Howard, " tea sounds good dad. Hi mom how is the bakery doing? Asked. Dhaka, she heads down to the kitchen to talk with her mother, Elliott looked around the house. Howard had him his glass of tea. " Dhaka, "I am in the kitchen dad, I will be out soon. " no, talk to Elliott, get to know our future son-in-law, said. Karla, " for heaven sakes Karla! Muttered out Howard, " you married us off already mom? Dhaka sat down at the table, he hands her the glass of tea. " can I lease get over them dating first dear, you get all carried away now. I show you around the house son, they walked into the living room. "   mom you are too much,  said.  Dhaka,  "  says my daughter, I'm just glad your father is coming around more to see that you are not a little girl anymore,  Said. Karla, "   maybe there is a reason for everything, I knew you need a change and partner, I knew that she need a field partner, tell me how you feel about the change? Said. Howard, Everything is looking up now Dhaka,   " great, I love my new title and new partnership, I can wait to start my new life with her, answered. Elliott, " he wants me to have dinner at his parent's house, said. Dhaka,"  "  what' s wrong with that dear, she put the lamb in the oven. "  she doesn't like me, mom, I can't do it. Said, Dhaka. she strokes her face,  "  that is good because we are counting on the both of you until we can build up the criminal division of the beau. Said, Howard.  " you can count on us sir, Said. Elliott, dinner was ready and they put everything into serving dishes and set it on the table, as they walked inside of the dining room,  they sat down at the table. Meanwhile, in the city, Nothing going on out here tonight Dhaka, Where is the action at?"  relax my friend it is good to take a day off from being a hero and fighting crime.  They finished eating dinner and having a glass of wine in the living room, "  after they talked and got to know more about Elliott, Howard was getting used to him be in her life, "  thanks for dinner Mrs. Portsmith everything was delicious. see you at work tomorrow,  they walked them out of the house, and he got in the car and left, " see you both tomorrow, dad get some rest. love you both, said. Dhaka,  "  we loved you too, baby girl, drive safe. Said, Howard. " And call us when you get home, said. Karla, she got her car. " I will, Dhaka left her parents house, " (Thank you, Kava, send me my bike, and take my car home, she pulled over and her costume appeared on her, the car disappeared and her bike appeared, she got on and left, not knowing that Danny and Josh are out tonight. " this might be my last chance to bust this and bring her in, what do you saying Josh? Asked. Danny, ". Let's do it, he arrests her we go up and star in the beau, the inspector makes us Lieutenants, said. Josh, so they follow her. " (the car disappeared and her bike appeared, she got on and left, not knowing that Danny and Josh are out tonight. " this might be my last chance to bust this and bring her in, what do you saying Josh? Asked. Danny, ". Let's do it, he arrests her we go up and star in the beau, the inspector makes us Lieutenants, said. Josh, so they follow her. " ( master Dhaka you are being tailed,) Dhaka this is not good at all, "   I lose them.  ( thank you, Kava,) said. Dhaka, " (master  Kava you being tailed,) said. Kava, Dhaka this is not good, " I lost them. (Thank you, Kava,)  she popped a wheelie and  went into hyperdrive, she turns off the road and went through the dirt trail and arrived at the house, "  (Kava called the fire department.) her suit turns into fireproof as she ran into the house.  " someone help us please,  the fire department and begin to put out the fire. " (The fire department is there, you have not tested the procession wear of the new suit, we do not know if it resists firing!) Said. Kava,  "  ( let's test it now,  I have it turn on.  And good, )-(there is a family trapped in here,  cut my lights on and send me the gold ax, )  A call came over the radio, " Let' s go.  He cut the sirens on and they head down to the call.  As the fire is getting hotter,  and her heat resistance is keeping her cool as her ax appeared and Dhaka hand,  she at the door, as the firefighters walked up behind her,  as they broke into the room and retrieve the family from the fire, as they walked out of the burning house.  " someone calls 911 now, they need to be taken to the hospital. Said, Dhaka. They draw their guns, " put your hand on your head now, said. Danny. " (Kava shut everything down, and the note to thank them for all they did for me and send one to Elliott,  tell him that I always will be his partner and love him,  tell Drake to pack up everything and the kids ready to leave. ) Said, Dhaka. " (yes master Dhaka. Are you okay?) Asked, Kava, " ( not at this minute Kave,) they need help, I not about to leave them so you can make your names look good. You both just screw your big time, do you even know who daughter I am, " get up put your hands behind your back now b*tch let's go! Shouted. Danny, " no, are they coming? Dhaka! They pull up. " the h*ll with this, the open fire at her,  she got hit with several bullets as they empty the clip on her. Josh walked up and take the mask off. " oh F*CK its chef portsmith daughter the women in the criminal division. We are screened out of the job. " it was in defense she had a weapon on her, " we saw it, in this wasn't break-in or home invasion,  she was helping us, you shoot her for no reason.  You took the only one here that this place ever had away, we need another ambulance! You don't deserve to wear your badges, Howard jumps up from the bed. " no, no, Dhaka! They got dressed and head down to the hospital,  they pull her in the second ambulance and started to work on her. They put the family in the other one and worked them. Heading to the hospital. The fire Captain follows them down to the hospital. " my baby! Cried. Karla, Elliott got out of bed, he couldn't breathe, she flashes before his eyes. " I will kill him for you. I coming baby, please god let her be okay. He put his clothes on and left,  they made it to the hospital and roll them into an emergency, start to revive the family, and taking the bullets out of her. " sir two cops shot her for no reason, they going to try to put it on her,  make it look like she had a gun, the fire Captain told them. " they both fire, and will never be cops again long as I live, thank you,  said. Howard left the hospital. Howard is walking the floor when the doctor walked up to them. " she is going to make it, she is going to need a lot of rest and recovery, she needs to take it easy for few weeks, he said. " thank you, when can we see her? Is she awake? Asked. Howard,  " they are moving to a room, she awake but very weak, you can go back in a few minutes, answered, "  son you think you get Morocco and Luca from the house, get Drake to help you. She is moving back home, I going to call Frank,  he walked outside, "I going to call the family. My friend, please be okay, the world needs you, Sunshine Bay needs you Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

kasenhoward200 kasenhoward200

the world needs you Dhaka, please be okay!

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