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Chapter 73: From The Trench

The screaming only continued as time passed and the girls looked to Ethan for their next move. They weren't heroes and had no obligation to save people, but that doesn't mean that they won't, it all depends on how they feel.

However, one of them still finds it a bit hard to ignore the suffering of others and she was currently frowning at Ethan. She knew what type of man she fell in love with, and would follow his decisions no matter what, but still, she couldn't throw out all the teachings of Azarath just yet.

"We're not heroes you know that Raven?" He said with a wry smile as he gazed into the half-demon's eyes.

"I know, but..." Raven took a deep breath and sighed. "'s hard to ignore it when it's practically in front of you. And I know you feel the same way otherwise you wouldn't have saved that boy in the past," Raven said

"Ugh.." Ethan lets out a long sigh while scratching the back of his head.

Raven was right.

He probably would have eventually gone to help even if she didn't say anything to him.

Truly he shouldn't care about anyone except for his loved ones, but deep down in his heart were still the good morals ingrained by his parents.

"Alright...let's go," Ethan replied with a slight nod. "We'll solve whatever it is then immediately leave."

Raven quickly nodded her head and started her chant, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"


And just like that, they were teleported from. the train station to the beach where they were greeted by a gruesome scene of hideous creatures attacking anything that happened to move in front of them. Their humanoid bodies seemed to be modeled after an angler fish with giant beady eyes and razor-sharp teeth that could rip through flesh like paper. The majority of them were thin and sickly looking, but there were a few that towered over the rest with even more horrifying features. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The numbers were great and more seemed to emerge from the ocean depths by the second.

"The Trench.." Ethan muttered with a frown

The Trench were Atlanteans that were forced into the deep depths of the ocean after the city of Atlantis was destroyed. Living in the deep dark waters caused these Atlanteans to adapt to survive, and the result was the hideous big-eyed creatures that they saw today.

"What are they?" Pamela asked.

"They're mermaids," Ethan smirked.

"Oh god, The Little Mermaid movie lied?!" Harley shouted in disbelief.

Despite their appearance, these creatures weren't completely mindless and still had some sort of intelligence to communicate a little.

However, convincing them to stop would be impossible without an artifact known as the Dead King's Sceptor which was forged by Atlan, the first king of Atlantis.

'I would really like to get my hands on those artifacts...I could perhaps absorb their energy to go to the next stage. I'm not sure how strong Trigon will be when he comes...So many things are riding on my back...I'll just have to get stronger...strong enough to not worry about anything...I-'

Ethan's thoughts were cut short when one of the hideous creatures noticed the group after their arrival. It then let out a screech as if it was alerting the others.

*SCREEEECH!* The sound was harsh on the ears, but after it stopped all of the current Trenchs that were on land stopped what they were doing and charged towards them.

'They're focused on us?...or more importantly me?' Ethan frowned. "...Raven! Myra! If you can save anyone that's still alive then do it. I don't want them in my way!" He roared while dashing toward the oncoming sea creatures.

After his instructions, the girls all spread out in different directions with Raven and Myra working together to evacuate people from the beach. The people were happy to receive help as they weren't expected it this fast, but for some of them, it was already too late.

Minutes later, the emergency response teams started to arrive on the scene to help, but when they arrived they were momentarily stunned by the horde of strange creatures being tossed around by unknown supers.

However, they came to do their job which was to serve and protect. Although their jobs were made easier by two strange women. One was carrying the injured as if they weighed nothing while the other was able to levitate them off the ground.

'They are all out!' Raven mentally said to Ethan.

"Pamela, I don't want anyone else here!" Ethan shouted to the redhead.

Immediately after hearing his command, Pamela called upon her powers and accelerated the growth of plants on the beach, creating a massive wall that blocked anyone from entering the beach.

Once that was finished, Ethan started to go wild.


'Weak...Weak. WEAK!!' Ethan repeated in his mind as he took down the majority of them with a single punch. His body was full of so much energy after advancing to the 4th stage and he's barely using any of it.

The Trench were powerful beings that could paralyze their foes with their poison, but to Ethan, they were practically nothing, and that somewhat upset him.

However, as he continued to fight he could sense the presence of a stronger being the closer he got to the ocean.

'Hoh...someone is watching..' He grinned, becoming excited that there might be someone strong enough to get his blood boiling.

"Are you just going to watch me kill them?... Come out and FACE ME!!" Ethan shouted before letting out a dragon-like roar, causing a tremor that violently shook the ground.

The dragon trait of wanting to fight reared its head faster than usual and in the back of his head he wanted to stop, but it was addictive like a drug.

After Ethan's declaration, the Trench that was left alive started to retreat back into the ocean at their fastest speed until none of them was left on the land.

"What?! Get back here!" Harley shouted, tossing the corpse of her last opponent to the side. "I'm not done venting about being lied to!"

"Wait! Stay back!" Pamela said, placing a hand in front of Harley to stop her advance.

A strange figure started to surface from the water and honesty Ethan was a bit surprised by what he saw.

It stood at an impressive 10ft tall, towering over even the abnormally tall Myra. The tall fish-like creature radiated strength with its massive muscles with battle scars all over its body.

Its skin was as white as the moon with giant red eyes that flashed with a frightening light

'He's not supposed to be this big...and why do I feel something off?...' He frowned while upping his guard for once.

The Trench King showed no emotion when he arrived on land and simply tilted his head to the side as his eyes studied Ethan.

"Uyo ErA HmI? ReAnt Uyo? Hte NoE Htat EoSdNt LeOnbG?"

It was unintelligible, but the creature was able to speak and it seemed to be asking Ethan a question.


Seeing his confusion, the Trench king suddenly grinned showing rows of his pointed teeth before vanishing in front of everyone's eyes.

However, Ethan could see him perfectly, he was trying to...



*BOOM* An almost explosive sound went off just as a massive cloud of sand formed, blocking everyone's view.


Once the sand was blown away, it was revealed that the Trench King tried to punch Harley, but it was stopped a mere few inches by Ethan's hand.

Harley was a bit shaken from the close call as to when the Trench King disappeared she felt her danger signals going off.

If Ethan wasn't there...then she would have died again...

Harley frowned considerably and clenched her fists so strongly that her sharp nails drew blood from her palm. 'I'm still not strong enough-'

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked to see Pamela gazing upon her as if she understood her worries.

Ethan looked back to check Harley's state and immediately his enjoyment of battle went away and was replaced by rage.

"I was curious about you...but not anymore," Ethan growled as he started to squeeze the Trench King's fist.

*Snap* An audible sickening crack was heard as the Trench King's entire hand was turned into a bloody mess.

" EaWk.." He said with an eerie smile. "OtO AbD Uyo IsTlL OhLdInG nO Ot-"

*BOOM* The Trench King's words were cut short by a punch to his jaw, ripping it into pieces as its body was sent flying across the beach.

As this was happening, Ethan invoked his dragonification just for his right arm, his flesh turning into golden scales.

Soon after, he disappeared from his current position, reappearing in the exact location the Trench King was going to land.

"I'll eradicate you..." He said as brilliant golden flames surrounded his right arm, scorching the sleeve of his shirt off.

"Ho sI Htat oS?"


Ethan could hear the voice of the Trench King even though he wasn't supposed to be able to talk with a destroyed jaw.

He looked up and the massive creature was nowhere in sight!

'Wh-' Suddenly, Ethan swings his right arm back only for it to be stopped by a hand that firmly held on despite it being coated in flames.

Ethan then yanked his arm away to turn and look up at the supposed Trench King who was somehow back to normal despite losing a hand and his jaw earlier.

"Who would have thought the one he warned me about would be the one my subjects wanted revenge on..." The Trench King actually spoke albeit a bit rough as if he was forcing himself.

"You don't seem like much to-"

Without warning, Ethan throws another punch with his right hand towards the creature's face, but it was immediately stopped by his hand before it could get close.

Previously, he wasn't affected by the fire, but it seemed like it was still true as he didn't even flinch as the fire engulfed his hand.

However, even so, the fire was restricted only to his hand.

"Your fire is so weak. You won't be able to kill him with just this..." Trench King chuckled as he shoved Ethan away from him. His hand that stopped the attack seemed unusable as it was charred from the fire, but something unexpected happened.

The Trench King simply shook his hand and within seconds it reverted back to normal.

"Ah..much better. Now lets-"

*Rumble* The ground started to tremble underneath Ethan's feet, the skin of his entire upper body started to transform into golden scales as two slightly curved horns started to protrude from his forehead.

"Oh, you're still angry? Aren't you? It was a joke. Besides you can just get another. Aren't they replaceable? "

At first, things seemed to be going quite smoothly for the Trench King, but soon he would learn that he probably should have kept his mouth shut.


AN: Hey, yeah I know reaaaally late chapters as something happened that I'm not willing to discuss.

However, thank you to everyone that keeps on giving me stones, I really appreciate it!

Wonder who the Trench King is talking about?

Where's Mera?

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