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53.84% Goldie and her Bears / Chapter 7: First night as a couple

First night as a couple - Goldie and her Bears - Chapter 7 by Sheila_Fizer full book limited free

Chapter 7: First night as a couple

Starlight had finished braiding Oribella's hair. Having no mirrors made it a little more difficult to for Oribella to see the finished product, but Starlight had a 'viewing bowl' in the corner of her room. A large shallow bowl carved from obsidian was filled with a thin layer of water. Although the image wasn't as clear or vibrant as a mirror would be, it was enough for Oribella to see her reflection.

The method Starlight had used was functionally identical to french braiding. Having two thick braids on each side of her head normally made Oribella feel like a milkmaid. But Starlight had woven flowers and leaves into the braids! Paired with Oribella's new cotton dress, she felt less like a milkmaid and more like a fairy!

"This is gorgeous!" Oribella turned away from her reflection and continued, "Thank you so much."

Starlight opened her mouth to respond but was interrupted as Poppy pushed aside the tapestry 'door' and stepped into the room. Because he had announced his presence earlier the same day he didn't 'knock' the second time around.

"Good news Orrr..." Poppy trailed off when he saw the new look Oribella was wearing. The flowers and plants framed her face and drew his eyes into hers. He hadn't expected her to be in a different outfit with different hairstyle after speaking with The Bear King! He wasn't ready for her to look this cute!!!

Poppy quickly turned around and left the room after laying his eyes on Oribella. He wanted Oribella to soon see his manhood erect, but certainly not his mother! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After a few deep breaths a compliment of "you look even more pretty than usual" came from the hallway.

Starlight watched Oribella get flustered over Poppy's reaction. She was so happy that the two were smitten with eachother! Some of Poppy's brothers weren't as lucky with how their females felt twords them.

Oribella took an embarrassed gulp and replied "thank you, Poppy."

Poppy nor Oribella could believe how lucky they were have met one another. Although for vastly different reasons, neither thought they would ever have a significant other truly love them. But somehow, they found eachother.

Starlight wanted to encourage them to officially become spouses as soon as possible, so she began to shoo Oribella out of her quarters.

"Oh, no. It is already dark out. I ough to go to bed." Starlight gently pushed an guided Oribella twords the doorway, picking up the nightgown along the way and placing I in Oribella's hands. "Poppy said there is good news so that means Joseph must have given Poppy a room for you two to stay in! Come back anytime Oribella!" Starlight made a final nudge and Oribella was in the hallway. "Take good care of my Poppy!" The tapestry fell.

Oribella's eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness. Thankfully there was a window that faced the outer side of the Castle nearby. Starlight's personal room faced the center courtyard where the massive tree grew.

Moonlight shown through the window, and gently illuminated Poppy and Oribella. Both their hearts were racing. They each were nervous about sharing their first night together as a couple. Last night they may have slept in the same place together, but that was different. They hadn't been 'together' at that point.

"You're so beautiful." Poppy was the one to break the silence.

"Than-Thank you." Oribella blushed and couldn't help but get flustered again. Which just made her look all the more adorable to Poppy! Poppy let his instincts take control for the time being and pulled Oribella in for another kiss. While their kisses outside Bear Castle had been tender and romantic this kiss was passionate and sensual. It quickly turned from a kiss to a makeout session and Oribella could just barely hold back.

She managed to pull away from Poppy's lips to ask "could we go to bed?"

Poppy hoped he could calm down enough to sleep. Sleeping with Oribella in is arms last night was pleasant but that was before she had said she loved him! How could he remain calm knowing that? "Yes, I'll take you to our room." Poppy scooped up Oribella like a bride and began carrying her down the hall. She was able to listen to Poppy's heart race while he walked at a leisurely pace to their temporary home.

Their room wasn't large, but it was big enough for the two of them. A nest-like bed was in the corner of the windowless room. Oribella felt so exhausted from the eventful day that she didn't bother to change back into her nightgown or take the flowers out of her hair. She immediately crawled into bed and gestured for Poppy to join her. He was paralyzed for a few moments. His thoughts were racing and he wasn't sure what to do.

Oribella finally spoke, "I still want to wait." Poppy snapped out of his out thoughts and looked at Oribella. She continued, "We WILL mate... and I DO love you... but it's still too soon."

Poppy joined Oribella in the nest-bed and kissed her forehead. He asked, "please don't make me wait very long?"

"I won't." She replied. "I'll tell you as soon as I'm ready."

Although he didn't make any moves twords consummating their relationship that night Poppy was unable to calm down. His length rubbed and pressed against Oribella's rear and thighs the majority of the night. And even in the Castle it was too chilly for Poppy to not hold Oribella! Poppy did his best to adjust himself so he wasn't too close to Oribella's sensitive area Even though her dress kept them from being skin to skin, every minor move Poppy took just made 'it' run across more of Oribella's body.

Oribella was so turned on by it too. She could stop herself from rushing into a committed relationship but she knew she'd need to get a private space to 'work out' soon. Especially after the dreams she had of Poppy.

It most certainly had to do with both falling asleep while aroused, and falling asleep up against an erection of a man she adored.

Oribella awoke well rested but her dreams that night were so vivid that she wondered if she had mated with Poppy while she slept!After a quick check over her body for a spousal mark Oribella could conclude it was thankfully just dreams. When she realized that Poppy wasn't there she couldn't help but try to take care of this matter while she had a moment of privacy. Just so the feeling wouldn't keep building up.

The events of the dreams fresh in her mind Oribella was able to complete her task relatively fast. She was even able to do so quietly. When alone Oribella could stay silent, but when she had a partner she had troubles keeping her voice down. To top it off Poppy seemed to be larger down there than any of the men Oribella had been with in the past.

Oribella cleaned herself up as best she could with a pitcher full of water and her nightgown. She figured it could be washed soon enough.

Poppy didn't give Oribella a chance to think of what to do next. He arrived back to the room with a large tray of different foods for breakfast. Poppy sat down the tray and sniffed the air.

'Oh no,' Oribella thought, 'Poppy can't SMELL that I?-can he!?'

Poppy followed the scent twords Oribella. He leaned into her, she laid down, but he followed. Poppy wasn't pinning her down, or even touching with his limbs However his arms and legs created a cage made of man around Her. His face was buried in Oribella's neck, and it took all the willpower she had left not to moan from the sensatoion!

After a few sniffs Poppy lifted his head up and looked into Oribella's bright pink face, "why do you smell so... So GOOD?"

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