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4.59% Grandpa Universe In Multiverse / Chapter 27: 27. Triwizard tournament and 2 years

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Chapter 27: 27. Triwizard tournament and 2 years

He headed to France to meet Nicolas. Finding him was easy with the help of Uniphone. Everyone uses it these days. Many death eaters or criminals were being caught every day because of the Uniphone. Spying on people was bad but also necessary. Even more so when the people we are talking about are wizards and witches.

He found the address of the ancient wizard and met him. He was surprisingly very calm and told him how he made the stone.

Turns out, he didn't really make the stone from scratch. He had found the incomplete stone in Egypt and did a lot of research on it. After many years of hard work, he completed it. So there was no way of finding out how it was made.

Sad and frustrated, he returned to Galaxy tower. He had no new leads to work on. Across the room, he saw Nagini sitting on the couch watching the T.V. and eating candy.

The news was also showing something important. A new law for magical equality was passed today with full majority. Umbridge and Lucius did a good job in swaying people. The law even gave rights to House-elves. It was now a punishable offense to beat and torture mentally or physically and kill them.

Most of the people of the wizarding world did not care much about it but it was a big deal for the non-human magical species. Like goblins, werewolves, vampires, giants, merfolk, etc.

All the credit was given to Alexander for this by the media, which increases his approval ratings among muggle-born wizards and witches to new heights. His golem clone was continuously giving interviews to the media.

Seeing that he had nothing to do. Alexander decided to visit the ministry and explore it a little. Mainly the department of mysteries. He apparated into his office in the ministry and headed to level 9 from there.

The first room was the hall of prophecies. There were racks with white orbs stacked in an orderly manner for as long as he could see. He just walked around and inspected things. He tried to find a prophecy on him but couldn't. There wasn't anything else of interest there.

Next stop, he went to the room filled with brains in a glass thing filled with green liquid. He was fascinated. They were trying to create human-like artificial intelligence which could be later used to make intelligent castles. The idea was to connect these brains with hearthstones and then let them control things.

Though they were still stuck at creating the brains. Still, mechanical A.I. was much better in Alexander's mind than a real A.I. with a human brain and possible feelings.

He still copied all the research material and then left to the room of time Turner. It was filled with various clocks. It was a very tempting power to go back in time and change things. though he felt crazy how wizards had real-time machines but still knew nothing about the universe or its laws.

Then he checked out the space chamber where they had made a miniature real like solar system with all the planets floating around. There was nothing much to be seen. It was like a school summer project where your teacher told you to make a solar system model.

He skipped the love chamber and moved on to the death chamber. For this, he came prepared. Even though he wanted to go into the veil and see what's beyond he decided not to cross it. Who knows where it would take him, though he still checked it out and he still had many things to do here. He took out his 100-meter long expanding stick with an enchanted camera at one end and a screen at the handle. It showed live feed through the cables. He didn't know if wireless signals would work in it so he chose wired enchanted setup.

He got near the veil and started to hear some whispers which sounded like dog barks. He held the handle of the stick firmly and started expanding the stick. He kept on looking at the screen. For many meters, he could only see white light but after crossing 50 meters the scene changed.

He saw a vast field of grass and surprisingly, many dogs. There was only one man, playing with them. He had a long white beard, hair and plain white robes.

"Old man is that you?" Alexander spoke out Loud.

His voice seemed to have attracted the attention of the old man.

"Son! Is that you?" The old man came closer to the camera with a confused face.

"Yeah, it's me. I sent this camera to explore the other side of the veil of death." He explained.

"Oh, I guess she forgot to add anti-physical matter feature to the veil. Good thing it was you and not some other guy. This veil leads to the otherworld. The moment a person enters it their body gets destroyed and their soul crosses on. This place is filled with these cute dogs and they are tasked to judge people and lead them to Hell, Heaven or the waiting area for the continuation of the reincarnation cycle."

Well, he found his answer. From God himself.

"Why did you even put this thing here?" he asked.

God shook his head, "It, wasn't me. It was the deity of that world. Death was her name if I remember correctly. She put that veil in the world some thousand years ago with my permission. I never asked her why." he answered without care.

"Well, I'll ask her myself if I ever get the time. I should be going now"

"When will you be coming back, my son? I am very bored. I'll throw a party when you come back and Jesus will also be there. Ooh, I'll invite those Greek and Nordic gods as well, maybe the Indian gods too? Nah! there are so many of them that it would get crowded..." He started thinking loudly.

Alexander just left silently and returned to his office. He was then about to leave the ministry to go and teach his prodigies. School had already started. Hermione was in her 2nd year and Edward was in his 6th, though he was going to leave as soon as his N.E.W.Ts result came out.


He was interrupted by his assistant.

"Sir, the headmasters of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Durmstrang Institute and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have come to see you"


'Must be the Triwizard tournament' he said to himself.

"Okay, send them in" he ordered.

"Hello my friend, how are you" Dumbledore entered first with a wide smile.

Behind him were 2 other headmasters.

Their chat went on as he expected. They decided to hold a Triwizard tournament in 2 years. They wanted him to act as its head jury and overseer. To which he agreed. His prodigy Hermione was going to win it for sure, he thought.


2 years passed by in a blink. Alexander poured his sweat and blood in getting stronger. He could feel that he was about to break through to the realm of supreme magi.

Edward had now taken over the company and he also invented many new stuff. He was a reincarnator and had the gift of a bright mind, so he made many magic appliances from his past memories. Buildings like the Galaxy tower were erected in many countries and they were used by his news agency, production studio, manufacturing base and mall.

Universe Industries had built these head branches in the U.S.A., India, China, Australia, and Brazil. He refrained from making too many as it would dilute the crowd and decrease the earnings of each mall. Small portkey branches were present in every magic market in the world so it was easy for anyone to visit the mall.

Alexander's extensive research on the philosopher's stone made him able to make many kinds of new potions. His potions were able to help people suffering from all kinds of diseases and curses. Even the blood curse was curable. The Greengrass family were among the first buyers of that potion. Later they became a firm supporter of Alexander and all his ventures.

He had to buy a large piece of land to grow plants for his potion business. He bought a whole island near the west coast. Its security was even tighter than Azkaban's. Only Edward, Hermione and his house-elves were allowed to be there. Many of the plants were extremely rare and were used for some high-level potions.

A new thing that he introduced was a revision in the Quidditch. Since his company started making super fast brooms that would put any other company to shame, the quidditch matches started getting boring as the seeker easily caught the golden snitch. After his proposal, the speed of the snitch was increased to make it harder to catch it. Not just that, the bludger's speed was also increased. Because of him, quidditch became profitable once again. He started a new Galaxy championship like the world cup. But Galaxy championship was made to be capitalized to its limit.

Merchandises were made for all teams, advertisements were placed all around, and a new stadium that could house 500,000 people was made. Plus some blood-pumping music made the game more enjoyable. Even betting on wins became official, but everything was kept under extreme surveillance to avoid match-fixing.

He had also recently launched flying robes which could change into any kind of fashion, color or fitting as the wearer wanted. They were also fireproof, waterproof, dustproof and also damage proof to a limit. They were an instant hit in the market. People lined up for days to buy them.

His fortune had grown so much that he didn't even know what to do with it. There were 2 different accounts in the Gringotts. One was the company account and another was his personal account in which all his dividends from the profit came in. Although he was the sole owner of the company, he only took a small percentage of profit. The rest was invested back in new ventures. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His personal account now had 12 Billion gold galleons (115 Billion USD) and the company account had 93 Billion gold galleons(895 Billion USD), at one point the goblins had to ask him to use his magic for expanding the vaults because there were no vaults made to store that much money. He was the richest man in the world and owned the richest company in the world. He knew this would happen one day as his company was a one of a kind and had no competition. On top of that, it was internationally spread. The gold poured in from all over the world. The figure was stabilizing now though as they had reached the peak customers possible in comparison to the wizard population.

E-commerce also played a major role in his wealth. Gringotts also became richer with him and they asked him to design a universal currency exchange system so that all the Gringotts in the world could be connected.

In these years, Edward had reached peak Arch magi strength. Meaning that he was stronger than Dumbledore now. Because he had enough strength to protect himself, Alexander named him his heir. He also gave Hermione 5 percent ownership of the company.

Nagini proved to be a very strong wizard. When her accumulated power from so many years was put to training she quickly reached the level of a peak master magi(professor level) and would surely breakthrough to archmagi in some years. He also gave her 3 percent of the company. Hermione was going to be the minister of magic so she needed wealth to stay on top of others. Nagini had given herself the position of overseer of the company. She watched out for any kind of corruption in the system and hence she deserved the 3 percent.

"Professor, it's time for the Triwizard tournament commencement dinner. We should head to Hogwarts now" Edward apparated in.

Edward, even though was a reincarnator, understood that Alexander was different from him. He understood and accepted the fact that Alexander was his elder whose job was to improve the world. The years that he spent with him were his life's most fun and memorable years. Voldemort was already dead so he had even forgotten about his revenge mission.

"Ah yes... I nearly forgot about that. Let's go" they both apparated to the Hogwarts lakeside entrance.

As soon as they reached Hogwarts they were blasted by the screams and cheers of the students. Boys were a big fan of Alexander and considered him their role model and on the other hand, the girls were head over heels for Edward. Alexander remembered that there was an article some months ago in the newspaper which said that Edward is the number one most desirable bachelor in the magical world.

But he also pitied the girls as he knew that Edward's heart already belonged to some girl with curly hair.

Hermione was much different from cannon in this world because of Alexander. She was wild, super strong, smart and pretty. Especially now as her bodily features have started to develop... more. Edward knew that the age gap between them wouldn't make it appropriate to date her for now but he decided to wait.

Hermione also didn't see any boy as a romantic companion other than Edward. She liked him a lot and loved to spend time with him. She had also agreed to wait a bit before going public with their relationship. But for now, they were happy to be beside each other.

Where did Alexander fit in all this?

Well, he was more of a father figure to them, someone whom they both considered family.

Mister_Immortal Mister_Immortal

Thank you for reading.

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