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1.16% Granting You a Second Life / Chapter 1: In This Life...

In This Life... - Granting You a Second Life - Chapter 1 by Tranquil_Heart full book limited free

Chapter 1: In This Life...


Li Xiuying felt around her bed and eventually found her phone that was vibrating non-stop.

She peered at the screen through half-open eyes.

She read the screen 'Incoming call Sun Yu'.

She picked quickly: "Hello."

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Sun Yu: "Dr. Li, Huang Teng the CEO of World Bank has just called. He wants to see you today to discuss the kidney transplant surgery concerning his grandsons next week. What would you like me to tell him?"

She was just about to answer when she froze mid-sentence: "I'm on my w..."

Li Xiuying immediately sat up in bed, kicked away the duvet and looked at her uninjured body. The realized that she was still alive hit her hard. 'Why am I in this bed? Shouldn't I be laying in a pool of my own blood waiting for death? Wasn't I finally free? What's going on?' 

Sun Yu said with a hint of impatience: "Hello Dr. Li should I go ahead and schedule the meeting for later today? Hello, Dr. Li are you still there? Can you hear me? Hello, Dr Li xiuying?"

Li Xiuying woke from her daze at the increasingly loud voice of Sun Yu.

Li Xiuying spoke coldly: "Not feeling well. Won't be available." She then hung up.

She looked at her phone screen and mumbled: "8:30 am Tuesday 9th June 2010." She tossed her phone next to her. She pinched the skin on her elbow and felt a sharp pain. 

Li Xiuying muttered: "This is real. I've gone back 8 years in time. What is happening right now?" She ran a hand through her hair in frustration and closed her weary eyes. Li Xiuying felt reluctance burning inside her; she didn't want to live this life again. It was hard enough to survive the first time.

Li Xiuying started sifting through all the memories of her past life. The images came in thick and fast. Scenes of her fiance's betrayal with her cousin. Her family abusing her financially, physically and emotionally. Images of being spit on and laughed at after her fall from the medical world. More and more ugly scenes appeared in her mind.

Li Xiuying only came back to reality after she felt something wet fall on her hand. She brought her pale hands to her face and felt tears streaming down her cheeks.

Li Xiuying looked up at the ceiling, closed her eyes as tears continued to fall and started laughing. It was a hysterical laugh filled with regret and pain. She questioned her sorry self 'How could I have been so stupid? Has there been anyone as moronic as me? Constantly throwing myself to them to be beaten.' 

All of a sudden Li Xiuying's bedroom door was pushed open. A middle-aged man stepped in and looked at her with a scrutinizing gaze. He found her just sitting aimlessly and looking at the ceiling. 

Middle-aged man: "Xiuying, do you have any idea what time it is? Why aren't you getting ready for work? Why are you just sitting there laughing by yourself?"

Li Xiuying looked at the face of her uncle, Li Wang.

Her uncle's face was full of sincerity that didn't quite reach his eyes. He was plain-looking and of average height. Li Wang was currently wearing a custom made navy suit, which he probably bought with her money.

Li Wang gently chastised: "Xiuying, why are you staring at me? Don't you have a meeting today with CEO Huang? You can't be irresponsible. If you've agreed to do something you have to accomplish the task no matter what. Promises must be fulfilled. Even if you're not feeling well you still have to keep your word."

Li Xiuying continued to stare.

She thought to herself: 'How did I ever think that this man was doing everything for my good and out of familial love? Li Wang, how dare you try to teach me morals when your conscience was long fed to the dogs! And that Sun Yu. Ah, Sun Yu you pretended to be on my side but secretly sold me out to my uncle and anyone else who was willing to pay. Just wait for this Grand-aunt to remove lumps of flesh from all of you who betrayed me and had thoughts of using me.'

Li Xiuying spoke coldly: "Uncle, you're right. But I'm not feeling well. It could cause the patient to lose confidence, cancel surgeries, or even make mistakes in the theater. This could ruin the clinic's reputation, cause lawsuits, cost lists of money." Li Xiuying said all of this with an expressionless face, she planned to keep up her obedient facade for a little longer. 

The expression on Li Wang's face froze. There was a trace of anger in his eyes.

He thought to himself: 'What is wrong with this b****** niece of mine today? Why is she being so rebellious? She's usually so obedient and does everything I say without question. On the other hand, She does have a point. If she did go into work with her wretched appearance she could cause me to lose money and clients. Then just this once I'll let her have to time off. A subordinate has to be given the carrot sometimes as well, not just the stick. This can serve to renew the caring uncle image.'

Li Wang's anger disappeared to be replaced with worry.

Li Wang spoke with exaggerated concern: "Ah my dear niece, uncle understands. If you're feeling that unwell then you should definitely rest and recover before returning to work. I'll tell the cook to make you nourishing foods to help supplement your health. Let me know if you need anything at all." With that said he walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

Li Xiuying looked at the closed door before her. She didn't ask to be here again. She was resigned to her fate and saw death as her freedom from her nightmarish reality. However, now that she was forced to live again she would treat it as an opportunity.

On Li Xiuying's face, an almost imperceptible smile appeared. She made a vow to herself and the universe: 'In this life, I will make it rain the blood of my enemies.'

Tranquil_Heart Tranquil_Heart

This is the first ever chapter for the first ever novel I've written. Please forgive any mistakes :)

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