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It is said that you shouldn't meet your heroes. Gehaldirah, a high elf of royal bloodline didn't have to meet the realm lord of High Heaven before he became disillusioned.
His admiration for the paragon of the high elf race turned into hatred when he got some damning knowledge about why demons kept attacking his home and looting the sacred tree of life. His hatred for the realm lord turned to self-hatred for his weakness and mediocrity.
Gehaldirah had a moment of introspection. He isn't at the bottom of the ladder in this strength-based hierarchy. He is a king of law, but that apparently isn't enough to guarantee your fate. His strength is also mediocre because it was granted to him because of his bloodline.
He determined he had to change himself. He has to become better. He concocted a plan that is one part genius and one part greed. His plan for reincarnation led him to the trial of heaven that occurs every origin cycle. He needed Origin essence so he participated in the trial.
He got more than he wanted from the trial. His plan for reincarnation would be a success after some adjustments. But now he has a different aim. He won't aim for just the realm lord. The realm lord has control of the High Heaven Realm. That isn't enough for Geraldirah anymore.
He became greedier. He has his sight set on the movers and shakers of the Void Universe. Only the power to subvert the will of World Gods will do. The plan to create LEGION, the ultimate organism was then hatched. If one person cannot achieve something, what about a multitude of them?
His journey will not be easy. He will have to overcome Celestials and their Celestial Supreme, Gods and their GodKings, Demon kings and their Demon gods. The Void Universe is full of obstacles that will like nothing more than to put an end to his path. It is not that they hate him. They will oppose him simply because the era of conquest is coming. There are no friends in the era of conquest. It is everyone for themselves. And he will use everything and everyone for the advancement of Legion.

AUTHOR: I cannot promise that you will like it. I can only promise that the book is original and unique. It is something new. The MC is neutral evil. He is willing to sacrifice everyone for his goals. He is smart and the antagonists in the book are cunning.
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    I am obviously biased as the author but I believe in my book. Just give it a try, a few minutes of your time is all I ask. Then drop your view on the way out if you're not willing to stay. I appreciate everyone for sticking with me through this trying time.

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    Alignment: Neutral Evil Final Score: 3.5 DISCLAIMERS: The rating given is my own opinion of the novel at this time. And may be subject to change later. The rating given is relative to the material on this site. Meaning a 4 or 5 given on Webnovel is not a 4 or 5 given on Amazon. ----------------------------- "A Diamond in The Rough" Few stories are able to capture their readers. Whether that be through its excellent plot, characters, or world-building (There are some freaks of nature that manage to capture all three). Unfortunately this is not one of those stories. There are periods in the novel that seem utterly benign. The author seems to be desperately eager to share all their wonderful ideas for the world and its power-system. However, this process is neither gradual nor subtle. It's akin to drinking water from a firehose. The info-dumping is simply terrible. It's info dump after info dump, words and sentences that string along together that make coherent sense but aren't meaningful in any way to the reader. At times I can't be bothered to care for any of the characters in the novel, including the protagonist. Simply because we don't spend meaningful time with him at all. It's constant P.O.V changes and lore/world building that's taking up the precious time of the main character. The protagonist is supposed to be the catalyst that brings the world building and other characters into play. At times I feel frustrated with this, at times I wish to no longer waste my time, at times I feel like forgetting about this novel forever....... ------------------------------------------------- Is how I previously felt about this novel. Before a certain point in the story I felt tired of this novel and had serious misgivings. But the author seems to have listed to the criticisms, and made some changes. They started to put more effort into telling the story of the MC! There were moments in this novel that were genuinely exciting to read, but I was always overwhelmed by the info-dumping. However now since the author made the necessary changes, the readability of the story has increased by at least two-fold. There are still info-dumps but they're more manageable and do not get in the way of the MC's journey. ------------------------------------------ The world of "Greed: All For What" is vast. The power system is both simple yet complex (in a good way). There are clear denominations, and each stage is given it's own unique trait. However, there are unique ways in which one can find loopholes (or exploits) in order to gain more power. Our MC's cheat is practically based on finding this exploit. ------------------------------------------ The protagonist is simply a breath of fresh air compared to the generic cultivation mc template. This guy is willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goals. If he needs to sacrifice someone or something he's willing to do so. However, there are very few moments where the MC is willing to prove his "dao" so to speak. When they do pop-up in the novel they're always a treat. There are times when the MC is overshadowed, and relegated to a minor role in the story. Nevertheless, the author seems to have learned their lesson and made efforts to make these occurrences few and far between. --------------------------------------------- The author's work ethic and discipline are truly commendable. They release on a daily basis, and sometimes twice a day. ------------------------------------------- What I would like to see in the future: 1. More "Dao Affirming" Moments. I want to see the reason why there's an evil mc tag. 2. More dialogue would help (although finding the right balance may prove difficult). -------------------------- Overall: This story suffers greatly due to the excessive information dump that impedes the protagonist's journey. However, underneath all that is a story worth telling. In my humble opinion, I think others should read this story. There is a soul here, and the author is very passionate and willing to change. Despite the author's mistakes, this story is worth reading as long as the author never loses his way.

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    I have read upto chapter 43 and I can confidently rate this high in most aspects except for world building. Specifically the cultivation aspect of it. Since the cultivation aspect wasn't built step by step but rather in an info dumping manner, I am as of now still unclear of what his entire plan is doing. If the cultivation knowledge was built up in a more reader friendly manner, I would've rated it higher. The story development is excellent so far and the world building is phenomenal as well. I only have a complaint about the cultivation aspect of it. Another thing I believe the author can work on is the descriptive aspect. Increasing your vocabulary and designing scenes that seem to literally suck the readers attention can do your story wonders.

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    just found this book very much intrested in this book after reading the synopsis and the important announcnent part where the main character is not a simple or simply beta mc which are expected but let's see what the novel has to offer us .. I will post my comments in comments section.. and even might change the review now I am going to start this delicious meal

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    Well, this is without a doubt a masterpiece. Great story and impressively unique world building/background. And unlike most LN the side characters are not one dimensional and, every one has unique background and other details ,sometimes it's too much details 😵 but in the long run it will be OK 👌. The power system is specially well designed and satisfying . Now to the most important part, The MC . First he is no saint nor evil , he can be both whenever it suits him, otherwise he doesn't care. Ambitious and never settles for mediocrity, which is obvious from the title. Though he was not this way from the start. That's the beauty of it i guess. You will not see much reactions since he has apathetic attitude to almost anything except his own path of power. Though he is not very flexible. Overall its a really good read and won't disappointe. And don't be discouraged at the lack of action in the middle chapters as it's important for story development.

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    For those that haven't read this novel or haven't read past Chapter 474 please don't read my review as to ruin your read through the book as it will contain spoilers as tagged (I know sometimes the spoiler tag isn't enough out of my own experience). If you are reading this regardless of the warning or aren't spoiled by this then don't expect to much structure in this review as I will mostly just write what I think. I will try to keep it as structured as possible and chronologically write more but no promises. I like to think that my english is pretty good but as a nonnative english speaker no promises for that as well. I was just on the lookout for some nonhuman mc novels that may be good when I found this. The synopsis really attracted me. I love cultivation, I often like reincarnation even if it could so much better sometimes. I like nonhuman MCs, I like ruthless MCs. For what it's worth I like a lot and this novel has perfectly combined a lot of the things I like. As stated I like reincarnation but I have rarely ever seen a novel where they reincarnated to because of some stroke of luck or a higher power or something unknown that wasn't even solved in the entire book but he reincarnated because of his own merit, his own research and his own dedication towards supremacy. I always admire those novels where the mc does everything himself to get stronger instead of getting spoonfed by something else, so that he reincarnated because of his plan really got me hooked when I read the synopsis. The unique aspect the he isn't just reincarnating himself into one race but multiple different races makes all of this just better. The first 50 Chapters were a bit confusing for me since a lot of new things were introduced. The power ranking wasn't very clear to me (because I only skimmed over the power ranking auxiliary chapter) and a lot of other things were just thrown in where I didn't see any relevance in them because I have only started reading the novel. Although the first 50 chapters are really just what was stated in the synopsis I really appreciate that it was properly build up to the reincarnation process and the Gehaldirah part isn't just some flashbacks later into the novel but everything was properly explained at the beginning. I found that many PoVs in the first 50 chapters were really useless or didn't know why we were even reading this PoV. Now after I have read until the most recent chapter (excluding privilege) I find myself wondering if they had deeper meaning. For example it was said that Legion-5 had a tyrant as a father so maybe this father is either the World god dragon or the little tyrant dragon origin god that had a few moments in the beginning. That's a bit far fetched but I like to ponder about it and if it turns out that I was right than I'll be happy about it for a short time. Anyways let's continue with Soverick's part. Soverick's part brings more world building into the novel. I'm not saying it wasn't there before but it just kind of overwhelmed the readers. This was slowly fixed the laterone is in the novel. I love that Soverick isn't just pretending to be an ordinary child like many other reincarnation characters. Part of it is because of the characteristic of all life of the Void Universe but he with his Origin soul is naturally far more advanced that any newborn. I liked the training chapters as to see how he gets more powerful. What kind of power there is for the weak vitaly-core beings and mana-entities. Here the power system was properly build up and introduced which also cleared up prior confusions. All in all it was an enjoyable volume, we got some insights in Legions mindset and goals and it's interesting to see how the war with the gods which he hasn't planned but still caused brought immense benefit to Legion. Continuing with volume 3 until chapter 474. The demon power system was confusing at first but was understood rather quickly. We got to see the first interaction between the realm lord and Legion with the deal between the two of them. I don't know if the deal was that good/beneficial for Legion but I guess someone who's a few origin cycles old has a better perspective on that than someone like me. Aeternus was mostly just dominating everyone in his part until he almost died. Really liked that. I often imagine a protagonist to be invincible and always outsmart everyone else so it was really refreshing to see him fall into a trap by that demon lord. Sure theoretically there wasn't a real threat because of Legion-1s assistance but since all of them are Legion he resolved it himself with his "own" power. As said before Aeternus was really dominating everyone so it was cool to see him forcing all those high-demons and subordinates of the Nobles and the demon lord into becoming his own subordinates where only the best of the best survive. It was interesting to see how Helios almost died before being born, well he wouldn't have died but he would have become useless to Legion if Order overtook his body. Although he was saved he was still under constant surveillance and had little control over his life until he schemed the entire situation they are in now. In the beginning I had no idea that the heroic quest was caused by another Legion. Although I thought it was because of Helios that the other Demigods were captured I had no idea how he managed to do it. It was only when the Father of Trees came into the picture that I started to see a little of Legions scheming and even then there were a lot of surprises and twists that I didn't expect. Right now it is really surprising to see how the God of Fate has plotted himself into Legions plan without being aware of who he really is even before he was born as Helios there. Any enemy with relation to Fate is always tough even if they can be outplayed so I am looking forward how they beat him or if they even beat him. As he is only an observer there isn't really anything he can do because most giantsand gods are either dead or par of the church of Life. With Legions personality there is almost a zero percent chance that they let him be so I am looking forward as to how they will kill him. This novel reminds me a bit of Reverend Insanity which is one of my all time favorites (even though I'm still missing a few hundred chapters). Fang Yuan and Legion are somewhat similar but also very different. So seeing something which is a bit like that masterpiece but still very unique is pure joy. I love how there will be no useless romance and harem and 100% agree with what the author said in the "What to expect" chapter. In conclusion I love almost everything in this novel. The only thing that bothers me a little is that sometimes a few chapters are in a different PoV. I understand that its necessary and that it makes the novel better but sometimes I just can't help but feel annoyed that I am not reading about legion but some gods which will be dying soon enough anyways. Please never stop writing this as reading more of this will be a thing I will be looking forward to every day.

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    Very good book, the author is very creative, this is a hidden gem in my opinion and it has huge potential, keep it up author. —————————1

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    When I first read the synopsis I was happy, as it is rare to find a book where the MC is not either dicking around with diff girls or being hella overpowered. But well it disappointed me, the first 4 chapters of yours they are very boring. I do know that you might have wanted to explain the world's background but you could've taken a diff approach. All I am trying to say even though your story might be amazing or the idea behind is amazing, the way you put it in the words was a little Disappointing.

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    A gem that doesn't get much attention sadly, this story is by far better than most top stories so far if not the best. Even blood warlock can't compete, its just that this is a first for the author so not much attention is given. The difference povs, the feeling of every charecter havin their own mc introduced is jaw dropping. author is a takanted individual that could make anything out of nothing.

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    At first I started to read it to kill time but as the other characters introduced i was so hooked in the story that I binge read almost all chapters in one week and I love it you should definitely give it time and read it with patience up to 50chapter then you will know it's worth

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    masterpiece [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    To be honest the story seemed to have a lot of potential but as I kept reading the more annoyed I got with how slowly the story was developing, the worst part is that so far there are 9 Main characters which is the biggest reason for the slow development of the story, I love that there are 9 of them since they all have their unique journey to go through as well as different powers and fights as well as specialties but that caused the story to develop at an extremely slow pace. I already caught up with the story to chap 775 but I feel as if I only ready 100 chapters worth of actual content. It feels like I’m watching Naruto all over again it’s show being 90% fillers.

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    Here is my review so far...Perfect just perfect down to the details I can't wait to see more from you and this story author-san

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    Currently at chapter 35 and so far it didn’t disappoint me. Yea during the 1st 10 chapters the writing will turn you off( I gave up on this novel 6x b4 Ifinnaly decided to get past the second chapter) but it somewhat gets better,the Author said he’d rewrite the 1st few chaps so……

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    As someone whose favorite activity in games is build experimentation, I really like the theorycrafting in this novel. It feels like making some insane build in Path of Exile. While this part of the novel is great, there are some things that could be written better. Because the story is split into different "Legions," I completely stopped caring about the characters from Legion 2 when the author brought them back in later volumes. I'm also not a fan of switching the POV to "higher beings" just to shed light on their "grand plan." We readers should piece together that plan along with the MC instead. While this happens only at the beginning/ending of a volume, it's still annoying. The novel could probably be much more popular if not for the first 50 chapters, which discourage spending coins or fast passes on more chapters. My favorite idea in the whole novel is that you are rewarded for breaking the "rules." It also fits perfectly with the theme of the MC gaining power through his own actions and not by some stupid system or poorly written cheat.

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    very much like the novel, so plzz write until the end and i will be with u in this journeyAnd i am your loyal reader👍👍

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    I'm writing a review only for support. Thanks to the author for his work, I would like more chapters and I ask the author not to repeat the same information 10 times in a row, it’s annoying a a aa. A a a a a a a. A a a a a a a a a a a. A a a a a a a. A a a a a a. A a a a. A a a a a a. A. A a a a. A a a. Aa. Aa a. A aa. A. A a a a a a a. A a a a a a a a a. A a a. A a a a a

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    I think Soverick unknowingly captured me through the book into the void universe and I don't want to leave as long as Legion is still there.The background of the story is just so unique and other characters have realistic thoughts. There are other special characters that have main character traits in GREED, which adds to the uniqueness of the story.The story can spend a lot of time going through some arcs, but the writing quality always keeps me enjoying the story to the fullest.Overall this story is one of my favorite books with a unique plot, realistic characters, and philosophy to change your thoughts on sacrificing yourself for 5 exact clones of yourself to live. Every day I know that I can check and see that two amazing chapters have been released for me to read. Thank you for giving us this wonderful work of art that I can tell has a lot of thought put into it.

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    This should be number 1 ranked in my opinion. It’s such a good book!

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    is this a villain mc? ………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….………………………….

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    Author DMadLord