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Finding A Way - Guardians of Light - Chapter 121 by WarriorFireBlade full book limited free

Chapter 121: Finding A Way

When I said we might run to some monsters I was really just joking about that because I didn't really think we really ran to them but they did indeed level up our familiars.

Lea: (Hmm level 5 I guess but still his stats grow more than a human being.)

Vandal stats are off the charts but I guess because he is a dragon and that dragon can grow stronger as they want.

The other's familiar stats are also off the charts.

I think we summoned the best familiars but something still came across my mind.

Can we really bond with them?

I mean my mom was able to control Vandal who was the Shadow Dragon just because she was able to do it.

That doesn't mean I can too.

I just don't know if I have the gift to bond with him.

Well right now we are on good terms so I guess being out of my body works for him as well being a little dragon.

Lea: "Hey guys I was wondering should we try going to other worlds?"

Everyone: "Huh!?"

Everyone was surprised by what I said as I knew Amy, Jax, Lucas and Zoey had been in different worlds so was me and Mia I wanted to know if that was possible to do.

Mia: " we even have a weapon or a Brooch or an item to travel through worlds?"

When she said that I searched through my weapons list to find any equipment bonuses or effects that can make us go through other worlds but sadly I found nothing.

Lea: *sigh* "I don't have anything that could help us. What about you guys?"

I saw them search through their menus.

I used this chance to see what kind of weapons or Brooches they have.

I did notice almost all of them were Brooches of the materials I gave and shared with them but some of them Brooches and weapons they have were not I heard of before.

Mia was the same but the others did have some from other worlds but the weapons they copy what kind are they?

I did notice their curse weapons as I notice they have the bless weapons as well which means they had already unlocked the Angel Mode.

But why didn't they tell me?

Maybe that was something they don't want to share yet but maybe someday.

I'll just ask them someday then.

I really don't want to be annoying but out of all of us I seem to be the strongest right now.

The fact that I have Devil and God Mode, I have three of each curse weapon and that the Star Sword improves my attack power a lot.

But now that I check them out I did notice that the Swords and Brooches I equipped have stats boost like when I change to a different Sword my attack stat changes to high or low to what kind of Sword I equip.

And the Brooches have different kinds of stats boost but when equipping the defaults form it like my stats went back to its original number and stayed like that.

It was good but still the equipment bonuses for attack stats were still there which means the number of Brooches I unlock with stats boost are still there.

The Legendary Brooches and Vassal Weapons are something special.

As for my Stats Bonus Method I stop increasing my Luck stats and change to improving my attack stats.

I don't want to be the guy who always has KO on someone or something, it's just I have to get stronger.

I then noticed everyone else was done checking as they shook their heads no that they didn't find anything.

Lea: "So none of us have anything that will help us then."

We then sigh as I look at Vandal who was in his dragon form.

Maybe he has an answer.

Lea: "Hey Vandal, do you have anything that could help us?"

He looked at me as he also sighs.

Vandal: "I wasn't sure if you all were ready but I guess I can't hide it anymore."

Everyone: "Huh?"

Did he have something?

Vandal: "Lea your mother did travel through worlds by the Legendary Brooch the Brooch have the ability to allow you to travel through worlds."

Hold up really?

Lea: "Wait a minute if we have an ability like that then why haven't we had it yet?"

Vandal: "Because your mom absorbs something that allows her to go to other worlds but that something she found one day she didn't know where it came from but when she absorbs it the Brooch gives her the ability to travel to worlds."

So she just absorbed something she found.

Lea: "And just like that there wasn't any more?"

Vandal: "No none when she died the Legendary Brooch and Vassal Sword all reset and were ready and waiting for the next candidate."

So the item she absorbs vanishes never to be seen again.

So there really was no way to travel through worlds.

Lea: "But what about the Waves of Ruin? The sky is always ripped, doesn't that mean something?"

Vandal: "...I don't even know to be honest Lea you mother never tried that she only went through the Dark Realm and the Brooch she used that was the only known way to travel through worlds."

So mom just goes through the Dark Realm and the Brooch she uses but nothing else which means the Waves are our only option but at the same time it can be dangerous.

We could ask Usi but she is the guild member so I don't think she can help, there's the Merchant but again I don't think she can be of any help.

Maybe queen Qrazy knows something about the Waves.

Lea: "There is one more person we can try, maybe she can help."

The others looked at me confused as they soon realized who I was talking about.

Mia: "Lea you don't mean?"

Lea: "Yes queen Qrazy she knows the previous Guardians so maybe just maybe she can help us."

They hesitated for a moment but nodded since there was no other way.

Lea: "Alright let's go visit her."

We nodded as we walked to the city.

The Waves won't be there for another three weeks so we have time but my friends, girlfriend and daughter are waiting for me.

Like I said they must have already found out I was missing because of me not being there on the party menu.

I wonder what is really happening back there.

I hope no one is not being tired just to find me.

Wait, now that I think about it, the Waves, the one we fought before meeting the queen, the timer went faster.

How exactly did that happen?

Was there something that was controlling it?

If there was then what was it that did that?

Question another question then another but no answers to all three.

But soon we reached the castle as I saw two of the Musketeers when they saw us one of them told the other one to get someone.

Then the one who stayed behind said we have to wait for a moment as I thought that she might be talking about Amanda.

We waited for a few minutes as one of the Musketeers who left came back with Amanda as she saw us when she did her face went serious.

Amanda: "Guardians...what do you want here."

Yep, always serious.

Lea: "We need to speak with the queen."

Amanda didn't seem convinced about that.

Amanda: "And how do I know that you or your friends aren't going to hurt the queen?"

God...this girl is a pain in the butt.

But still she may be reliable someday.

Lea: "We just want to speak with her okay nothing else."

She just stares at me for a whole minute as she sighs.

Amanda: "Alright then but no funny business or else I will kick you all out."

But I'm a Guardian and I'm sure you can't do that.

Okay that sounds like I'm abusing my title, thinking can really make sure you aren't really saying anything.

She let us in as we were walking through the halls the first time I was here was when I was captured with the other Guardians and that was just yesterday I think.

But still we were able to meet the queen and with that before reaching the castle we heard rumors that the Guardians were truly back and that some hoped we won't disappeared again and that nobles wanted to 'meet' them we knew that if we did then they would do anything in their power to take away our weapons.

And that we even heard that the Countries Border wanted to meet us but sadly for them we already know their true intentions and thus we won't ever be meeting them.

But still we need more allies in this world because in Mini's world we had tons of allies and that was when we worked together to defeat the corruption I and everyone had to face but here it would take more effort to gather more allies.

We soon reached the throne room as we saw the queen looking through papers.

We didn't see what it was but we sorta knew it was important.

We just don't really know what it really was.

When she noticed us she smiled as if she was expecting us.

Qrazy: "Welcome back everyone I wonder when you will come visit but I never thought it was too soon but that's what I get for saying that."

She said as she stood up as she walked to us.

Qrazy: "Is there something you want to know? Is there something that I can help with?"

I took a deep breath.

Lea: "Yes actually you see...I became a Guardian in another world but I was teleported here well I was actually from another another world it just I got myself to another world then to this world."

I said just trying to make sure they understood as I did the queen and Amanda had their eyes wide in shock especially Amanda as she was thinking of something but I couldn't tell what it was.

Qrazy: "Wait, so you're from another world but gone to a different one than ours?"

She asked, trying to think of what I said.

Lea: "Yes that what I'm saying and I was wondering if you know something about teleporting to another world?"

I asked hoping if she does if not...then we have to try the Waves.

Qrazy: "I'm...not sure if I can help Lea...what your saying is beyond us because this is about traveling through worlds we don't have the technology to even do that sadly so...I can't help you with that I'm sorry."

So...only one option left then but still I should try to calm the queen since I can already feel Amanda glare at me so I have to fix this quickly.

Lea: "It okay Qrazy I just wanted to know it okay we'll just find another way so don't feel bad because I know we can find a way so don't blame yourself."

That seems to make Qrazy happy and that also calms Amanda lucky for me.

Lea: "That was all I wanted to come here for so we'll be on our way thanks for helping we appreciated."

We all smiled for her trying to help us as we were about to leave as Qrazy just remembered something.

Qrazy: "Wait! Hold on, I just remembered something."

We stop as we look at her.

Lea: "Is it something important?"

She looked at Amanda as she nodded as she left then minutes later she came back with six weapons that were similar to our weapons...and a single Brooch.

Lea: "Wait what happened?"

Qrazy: "You see long ago people tried to replicate the Vassal Weapons and the Legendary Brooches but sadly they did but not every ability was on it lucky we confiscated those weapons and are being kept here."

We took a look at it as we noticed it was exactly like our Star Weapons and Legendary Brooch except the weapons are not fully the same and the Brooch was only white with no gem.

Qrazy: "And I hear that the Guardians have a copy system that can copy any weapon that is the same as their own weapon."

Wow she knew the Weapon Copy method was impressively nice but these weapons.

Qrazy: "You can keep them once you're done. I believe that it is safer with you guys." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

We nodded as we grabbed them as I also grabbed the Brooch as we activated the Weapon Copy.

Weapon Copy activated!

Replica Star Sword: conditions met!

Replica Star Brooch: conditions met!

Replica Star Sword 0/20 E: ability locked: equip bonus: spell - Fire Star Sword <Unmastered>

Equip effect: fire up, strength up, mastery level: 0

Replica Star Brooch 0/20 E: ability locked: equip bonus: skill - Fire Star Brooch <Unmastered>

Equip effect: stats up, magic up, mastery level: 0

Wow these two are really something I should equip them and use them often perhaps but I'll think about it.

But the rarity is epic like the rarest weapons I've seen.

Lea: "Hey, the two weapons look really great! And it came with a skill and spell called 'Fire Star Sword' and 'Fire Star Brooch'. Here the Brooch copied that and told me if you guys got the same things but have different names."

I said as I gave them the Brooch as I waited for them.

Soon they finish copying their weapons and the Brooch.

They looked at me as if they still had their status screen on.

Jax: "I got the same thing I got the Star Shield and Star Brooch but my spell and skill is called 'Ice Star Shield' and 'Ice Star Brooch' and it helps my ice magic."

As I thought about my strength and his defence I bet the others had the same but with different effects like with Zoey boost of magic, Lucas boost of special strength, Amy boost of special defence and Mia boost of special magic..

Zoey: "Really I got the Star Rod. My spell and skill are called 'Thunder Star Rod' and 'Thunder Star Brooch' and it helps my thunder magic."

Lucas: "Huh I got the Star Hammer. The spell and skill is called 'Magnet Star Hammer' and 'Magnet Star Brooch' and it helps my magnet magic."

Amy: "Ah I got the Star Mirror. The spell and skill is called 'Water Star Mirror' and 'Water Star Brooch' and it helps my water magic."

Mia: "Hmm I got the Star Staff. The spell and skill is called 'Wind Star Staff' and 'Wind Star Brooch' and it helps with my wind magic."

Nice those weapons will surely come in handy but still we are still with the queen at the moment.

Lea: "Thanks but are you sure we can keep these?"

I asked even though she allowed us to but I still had my doubts.

Qrazy: "Yes you can say it's a gift to all of you. I hope these gifts will help you in some way."

We nodded as Mia handed me back the Brooch as I absorbed the replica Star Sword and the replica Legendary Brooch.

I absorbed them but nothing new came but hey got two epic weapons I should strengthen them later.

Lea: "Is that all?"

I wanted to make sure if there wasn't anything she forgot.

Qrazy: "No, the replicas are what I wanted to give you thanks for visiting me anyway. It's nice to have friends over."

Huh never knew she could talk like an ordinary girl.

Lea: "We'll be on our way now, we'll come back if we need something, see you."

We said our goodbye as Qrazy waved us goodbye and...I could have sworn I saw Amanda trying to wave at me goodbye but she could barely even lift her arm.

So I just waved at her and was a good sight to see her blush.

We then left the castle as we soon made our way back to the warehouse and Vandal saw where we were living.

Vandal: "Wow to be honest I thought you guys were living in an actual house. I really didn't expect a warehouse."

Boy what is going on about?

Lea: "Hey we got this for free you know so we took it now we live here."

Mia: "But at least we got a roof on top of our heads."

Vandal: "I see I see but only have an option left and we both and possibly everyone here know that there are only the Waves we haven't tried."

Right the Waves I check the timer for the one we register and damn it three weeks away the other options for the only option to travel through worlds is to find the other hourglasses either in this country or in another country.

But we don't know what to expect of the other countries.

They either have only humans who really hate demi-human.

But I want to show my friends all the friends I've made in my journeys and I really want to see everyone back in Mini's world.

Lea: "Hey can you guys help find the other hourglasses in this country or if it comes to that then we have to go to other countries' hourglasses."

Mia: "Oh yeah...wait a minute there are more hourglasses in one country!?"

Right...she doesn't know.

Lea: "Yeah...apparently there are more than one hourglass in a county. I found that out back in our world and in another world."

Jax: "Guess you really miss those two worlds huh?"

Well...he isn't wrong.

Lea: "Yeah I really miss them, they are like my second family even though I did leave them...I didn't want to disappear from them at all, I don't want to keep making them worried."

All I could hear was silence but it didn't bother me at all until...

Lea didn't expect Zoey to hug him as she comforted him.

Zoey: "Lea...we'll help you to find a way to go to other worlds, we'll do this together right, everyone?"

I can see my friends nodding in agreement as I saw every one of their smiles as they comforted me too.

Jax: "No matter what Lea we won't give up."

Amy, Lucas: "That's right!"

Mia: "We'll find a way that what we are we're Guardians."

I felt a tear come out of my eyes as I hugged them.

I'm glad I met them in this world.

Lea: "Thank you everyone."

Even though it felt like I really knew them, I really care for them and everyone wherever they are.

Without any warning I saw a message pop up as I took a look at it.

You have unlocked the Legendary Brooch strengthening method!

Caring: By caring anyone you meet will boost your abilities and main stats by a percent as well as the person you care for.

Wait, that wasn't there...nor that I knew about it...did the Brooch have a method hidden inside?

Guess...really caring for someone can become a method.

And all of a sudden I felt myself and all of my abilities had increased as I checked the method to see what percent I'm at.

Caring LV: 5 (5%)

Huh...guess the need for caring needs a whole lot more if I want it to keep leveling it up but hey the method is working.

Then everyone stopped hugging as if they felt something was off.

Mia: "Hey...did you guys..."

Jax: "Yeah...I feel it too..."

Zoey: "It...almost like..."

Lucas: "We're becoming stronger for some reason..."

Amy: "Lea...what just happened?"

Everyone looked at me as I looked at them as I showed them what I've seen when they saw the method they had questions about the strengthening method.

Amy: "Lea are you just telling us this method?"

She asked as I shook my head much to her and everyone was surprised.

Lea: "This method was hidden inside the Brooch and after I deeply cared for everyone I knew it was unlocked even holy weapons have a method of their own."

I just look at it to think even holy weapons have a method but does that mean everyone Brooches have the same method or something.

Before I could say anything Jax spoke.

Jax: "Wait I see it too!"

Suddenly everyone was unlocking the Caring method before I could say anything.

I was feeling like they were becoming stronger.

I can already feel myself hugging myself.

I could barely say a word.

Mia: "So feel like how we felt Lea?"

I chuckled.

Lea: "Yep I do wow...for now let's just live our days here and wait for the next Wave or find another hourglass I think we have time for anything."

I told them as they smiled.

Zoey: "So you don't mind waiting?"

Lea: "To be honest I don't but at the same time I do because sometimes the wait is worth it so I'm just going to wait and if it does happen then we need to have a conversation about it."

Maybe just will lead me to another world.

I'm putting all my luck to that as I hope it does.

I just look at the sky just thinking of those shattered sky of the Waves as we head back inside.

I was thinking of how everyone is going to turn out but I do hope that everyone is alright.

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