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100% Hades Helper / Chapter 2: Paradise Rising

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Chapter 2: Paradise Rising

Since everything began, Hades introduced him to his employees and friends, and told them what was going on and they swore an unbreakable oath spell to never tell anyone who did not know or not allowed to be informed by Hades about their situation just in case. This was the start of the changes they wanted to make. David knew from Hades memories that he was an ambush and stealth attacker like an assassin, but he had the body of a swordsman warrior type. David was a soldier in his past life and loved learning modern and traditional martial arts and weapons. He was a scholar and a lover of knowledge as well, gaining many degrees and was hired as a strategist in the military until his love for battle made him join the frontline.

He knew Hades was never educated in politics, economics, law, and other things leaders like Hades needed to thrive. Still he was a god and with his unnatural instincts he was able to make decision to succeed a little bit. Still he could be better, and David not familiar with this world and not knowing how it worked he and Hades talked about this and decided they both needed to change themselves first. They hired Hecate and other trainers and teachers for just that. Now only time will tell if they will truly be ready to change the world.


It had been years of hard study and insane training being immortal and having the ability to regenerate any injury made the studies and training harder, rougher, and longer than any mortal or immortal were used to. Still both never gave up, or gave in, even using magic and regeneration to reverse their ageing to get the best possible results. Then a change happened, one day on one of Hades and David's days off

Hades in his adult form had to attend a meeting in Olympus and David had a craving for his favourite beverage, tea. Knowing there might be a chance it exists in this world David explored the forest near the Underworld's entrance still in his child form to look for a tea tree and found nothing, then the world's wilds and forests with an assistant and still nothing and then finally the forest in the Underworld itself having little hope there was any. Then out of either fate or dumb luck he found a tea tree, but it had a different colour that had a magical feel to it, he used magic that he learned from his lessons and found out it wasn't poisonous or harmful.

Craving Tea so badly that he felt like a drug addict who was desperate for drugs he took some of the leaves and with the assistant who came with him helping they made some tea very quickly. He then drank it after being rejected by the assistant who didn't want any. It was like an explosion of energy and flavour with David loving every single part of it. He then laid down on the forest floor as the assistant watched him fall asleep.

He then awoke feeling a bit taller, did he accidentally return to his adult form, he wondered in his head. The assistant looking at him in a weird manner, David then asked," what is it is there something on my face?" The assistant shook his head know and told him," no sir, I just didn't know you had such a form?" David then responded with," wait what form?" The assistant then answered with," this one sir," as he summoned a full body sized mirror.

David then saw his new form and was shocked at how beautiful he looked, his dark brown hair turning pure white, his brown eyes turning a gem like blue, his lean yet muscular body becoming smoother yet stronger and more beautiful, he got a bit taller, his average looks became beautifully handsome, and his tanned Caucasian skin became more beautiful and paler. He looked like a beautiful anime ghost boy. He then realised that this had something to do with the tea he drank, as well as the tea tree. He then ordered the assistant to store away the tea for later and seeing the damage on the tea tree from other plants like nymphs and dryads he and the assistant put the still small tree in a plant pot and took it with them storing the tree, the tea, and the rest of the supplies they used earlier to make the tea into a storage dimension made by their magic. Then both went back to Hade's palace.


Hades just returning from such an exhausting meeting as his family did not make things easier as they were not educated in politics or anything leaders needed to succeed like he was a few years ago, and being gods and immature ones as that it was not easy for him to deal with them. On the plus side he saw how far his lessons and training has taken him, and since he kept it all under wraps and hid himself under a cloak his siblings did not notice how much he had changed or how much he had improved. That was one annoying and difficult meeting, but at least they got some work done, and had solved many problems. That was when David returned with an assistant, Hades was speechless at how magnificent David looked, he knew David did not have a form like this being connected and honest to one another.

Hades asked David and the assistant what happened, and both explained their whole day and what happened. Hades then teleported himself and David along with the assistant to Hecate's for a check-up. Seeing David, Hecate was also speechless and very much attracted to David at that point, she agreed to do the check-up, blushing the entire time and trying to hide peeks at David. She let both Hades and David in her cave, but not the assistant telling him to wait outside after helping David and Hades get Hecate up to speed. She found out not only was David healthier, and insanely more powerful than before, he was emitting a strange new power stronger than the gods, titans, primordials, and other beings' powers from the past and present.

Hearing this Hades and David were speechless, as they were both thinking how that was possible. David then gave Hecate the tea and she studied it like a chemist and scientist for a few hours as she made Hades and David await outside on a bench they created via magic. She then came out with the results telling both of them," well this tea you made is like ambrosia, but not only can it be any flavour you want and restore youth, but has healing effects and unlocks powers in the soul affecting the body. Still I learned it only affects the dead, the gods of it like you and Thanatos, beings tied to them like David, Cerberus, and Charon, and beings who are born in or lived in the underworld long enough to be influenced by it like me, Hypnos, and the gods of the underworld rivers. This is truly an amazing find David, and I want to try some myself, do you as well Hades?"

Hades shocked by what he heard got excited screaming in joy," Heck yes, and David plant the tree by my garden and it will be raised and protected by my caretakers, gardeners and guards, this tree will change everything." David agreed as Hecate and Hades poured themselves each a cup of tea and soon drank some themselves. That's when both Hecate and Hades began glowing and transformed and changed. Hades dirty blond hair became a shiny black, his blue eyes became deeper and more spiritual, his skinny yet muscular body became gracefully lean yet beautifully muscular, his already handsome face became more beautiful, and his pale Caucasian skin became a beautiful snow like white. He looked like an dark haired anime hunk of a god.

Hecate on the other hand, became taller, her average short nerdy girl look transformed. Her dark grey eyes became an animalistic and nature coloured green, her messy brunette hair became a straight beautiful and wavy black, her skinny childlike body became voluptuous and sexy with goddess like curves yet matched beautifully with muscle, her short self became tall, her average looks became drop dead gorgeous and her pale skin became an exotically tanned, then her nails became sharper like human like claws and her canines became fang like and she grew cute and beautiful cat ears and tail. She looked like a fusion of Kuroka from high school dxd and Blake from RWBY. She became a genuine cat girl goddess. After she and Hades transformed she asked," how do we look?"

David and the Assistant beside him were speechless as instead of saying anything they summoned two large body size mirrors for the two gods to see. Hades and Hecate were speechless as how different and beautiful they both looked. That day everything changed. After another check-up Hades and David asked Hecate what she wanted as payment for the check-ups, the info about the tea and tea tree, and finally for the lessons and training that they still owe her. She told them she was already paid for the lessons and training, but she wanted to help on the training and experimentation of the new powerful energy they all received from the tea as payment for the research, finally for the check-ups she wanted to borrow David for the night as she admitted how attracted she was to him.

That night Hades went home with the assistant and the tea tree, as David experienced what it felt like to do it with a goddess and Hecate learned how good David was at the activity. They became a couple ever since. Still the events and training were kept secret and hidden as the tea tree grew in Hades's garden.


-David POV-

When training continued there was changes, our improvement increased in an insane amount. We grew mentally, physically, mystically, and spiritually in an insane speed as well as discovering new powers. I soon realised the power was a bit like the reiatsu and reiryoku in the anime Bleach, but fused with this world's mana and magic. Fusing this world's magic and Bleach's reiatsu and reiryoku we could use both dimensions techniques, powers, and fuse them together as well.

I soon told my best friends Hades, as we have spent years together and my sexy and brilliant girlfriend Hecate. Hades understood it, and I shared my memories with Hecate making her understand and soon we were creating Kido and Spell fusions and doing Hoho like in the anime. We soon saw the tea tree grow unbelievably in size becoming taller then Hades's Palace, and as soon as it stopped growing we began doing tests on the tree to see if it could do anything else. We didn't find much that we didn't already know as we decided to spread tea to the Underworld in a controlled way as we finally will soon finish our training and re-education.


-Third Person POV-

When the training ended David was the strongest growing his already huge library of skills and knowledge. Hades is still a god and packs a lot of power, so when they fought it always ended on a tie. After completion of their training, they both decided to release the information of the tea tree and tea itself in a controlled way, so they can share it with the leaders, give those leaders training, then do the same thing to the forces of the underworld, then finally start the underworld's changes and establish them before releasing the tea publicly. With Hecate standardizing the training, and all the riches from Hades being god riches as well as the dead, the underworld, souls, death itself, and the afterlife the preparations were complete for Hades, David, and Hecate to begin the changes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

First, Hades invited the gods that lived in the underworld, like Hypnos, Thanatos, Hecate, and the river gods like Styx, Acheron, and more along with his loyal leaders like Cerberus, Charon, and David, with David, Hecate, and Hades underneath cloaks to hide their appearance. They were all discussing the problems with souls crossing to different sectors of the Underworld, Monsters coming out of Tartarus to raid, pillage, and attack the world of the living, and giving the underworld a bad reputation, how the underworld was too dark and too dreary, and how the soul sector assignment was narrow minded, like how can people who made mistakes in life and committed sins by living for themselves are put together with the trues of evil and villainy that caused genocides, despair, tyranny and war for greed, or just shits and giggles. Plus how the pure and heroic that saved millions of lives and cured major diseases and make lives better for all of humanity are put in with people who did nothing with their lives except be polite, be safe because they were afraid with the world and just give out to charities. Hades and David heard all these problems, and they gave everyone something to drink to calm them down before announcing their plan, this drink was tea.

That's when all the gods and leaders felt themselves changing and transforming, but didn't hate it, and somehow how knew this felt righter than anything else before. When the transformations finally ended, Hades made mirrors appear before each of them and they were in shock and awe at their transformation, they felt healthier, stronger, faster, smarter, and looked more gorgeous then they could imagine before, as well as feeling a great power deep within themselves. They were all confused, but then Hades, Hecate, and David threw off their cloaks and showed their new forms and the rest of the room realizing the three were responsible for this amazing changed, thanked them and asked what was going on. Hades, explained what happened from when he met David, to how they found the tea tree, to their training, and their intentions with the underworld.

The other god's and leaders understood, and soon David began to tell them the plan, how they want to do this plan, and what they want them to do. First was for the gods, and leaders to be trained in the pocket dimension where one year inside means a minute outside, which were all created by Hecate's inventing using magic, and spiritual energy, and they want them to finish the program along with Hades, Hecate and David. Next is to establish central and make protections around the tea tree and the garden around it, but also be able to produce tea off the tea tree. Then establish forces and prepare for changes. Then move the rivers, so the river of Styx is the border around all and between some of the five new sectors, the river of Acheron becomes the roadway of the underworld and to the underworld, the river of Lethe is the border of Central, the river of Phlegethon is the border of Heaven and Hell, the river of Cocytus is the border of Asphodel, and the river of Oceanus will stay as the border of the Underworld.

Next we will hire souls, monsters, and other beings to be our forces and train them to grow and expand our military, special, and law enforcement. Next the Underworld will become five sectors excluding Central and Tartarus, Elysium will be split between the pure and heroic which will be called Valhalla and the good called the Soul Society, but paradise island will still be those who chose to reincarnate and has been good three times in a row, for both Valhalla and Soul Society. Next Purgatory will be separated into two as well and become Purgatory for the evil and villainous, and Hell for the bad and sinful, and some changes Hell will be only a temporary thing for souls, because after serving their sentence they have the chance to reincarnate and try again, which introduces a new place I call Diablo where if a soul has been bad three live in a row they are kept there and will never reincarnate again. Finally, there is Asphodel which will stay the same, but will now keep souls who bear great despair and longing for their last life, until they are ready to be judged or decide to reincarnate. Finally reincarnation, good get to decide to reincarnate when ever they want as they cause the least ripples in the world of the living, the bad have to finish their sentence before they can, but those of Valhalla and Purgatory who cause insane amount of changes and ripples in the world of the living and cannot release many at once, will compete for the right to reincarnate and change the world against one another and only when the last reincarnation's life has ended or has become immortal can the competition to reincarnate begin once again.

Everyone seemed to agree and if they didn't, they were soon convinced as they saw no flaws, or the idea was cleared up to them. Next, they will install Underworld Glass which will allow light, weather, and more to be experienced in the underworld, and hide and protect the underworld from outsiders by using illusions to hide the underworld's changes and future beauty, while the tea tree and forces are used to create barriers, detectors, and walls to keep people from crossing borders, escaping, or breaking into the Underworld. Next wall, seals, and barriers would-be put-on the entrance of Tartarus to keep them inside and Tartarus will be heavily guarded to make sure nothing, or no one escaped unless allowed upon. They would then build necessary buildings, places, rules and laws while making many changes to the structure of the underworld. After many discussions, changes, and arguments, the meeting ended.


Training and negotiations with the leaders of the monsters and beings of the underworld were completed, and soon the tea was spread within their new military, special forces, law enforcement, and branches. While the Tea Shield was complete a building used to help people protect, worship, harvest, and care for the tea tree. Next, leaders were assigned, David became head advisor, and head of staff for Hades, Cerberus who was a three headed monster dog, which was turned into a man with dog features and three personalities, one for each head. His three dog heads became a dog helmet, and two dog heads as shoulder armour, as he was armoured from head to toe. Still he has very dark black hair, deep blue eyes, a strong lean body, he was tall, quite handsome, and tanned Caucasian skin. He became the leader of the Underworld guards, special forces, and main military as he can split into three people and use mana to create clones and weapons.

Charon the former row man of the Underworld and long loyal servant of Hades was given a promotion. After drinking tea, his hair became a nutty brown, his eyes became a haunting green, he became lean yet muscled, very tall, good looking, and normally white Caucasian. He was now leader of the border guards who watches the borders of each sector, and leader of the water transportation who do his old job, but at a bigger scale. He likes spears, and still does rowing along with his job.

Hypnos change was great as well, his hair dark blue, like the sky at night, his eyes were a morning sky blue, he was lean yet muscled, tall yet not the tallest, he was a pretty kind of handsome, and his skin is Caucasian but a little tan. Still his mind is the thing that evolved making him very brilliant and ingenious, he became leader of support and hidden forces, the underworld police, and the land transportation branch, which he thinks is troublesome and wants to sleep. Next is Hecate leader of the mystical and medical forces, and head of the research and development branch. She started immediately in enjoyment.

Finally, there was Thanatos whose hair became deathly white, his eyes became a feared purple, he was muscled but looked skinny, he was very tall, and his skin was a deathly pale, he was very beautiful yet scary. He became leader of the soul reapers who helped do his old job of looking for souls, bringing them to be judged, and protecting and combating them if needed, he also leads the punishers of hell and the fire harpies, and leads the stealth operative forces. Those six along with Hades were soon dubbed as the Authority. After the formation of the forces and branches and the negotiation with the judges were complete an event called, 'The Great Change' happened.

The rivers moved, souls, monsters, gods, and other beings were evacuated, and everyone evacuated were given tea. Then something unexpected happened the Tea tree glowed and brought life to the Underworld, and now life and death were together in the underworld as plants, animals, and as the Underworld glass activated sunshine and weather began to enter and a magical fog hid the underworld while the tree created statues as detectors, and walls and barriers around and within the underworld. It looked like a paradise kingdom ready to be built. Then the souls and beings were assigned to one of the new sectors or went home after being educated of what just happened and what was going to happen from now on.

Soul Society was governed by the Soul reapers and Hell was governed by the punishers and fire harpies, both under Thanatos. Asphodel was watched by Styx herself. Finally, Purgatory and Valhalla were currently watched at the borders by Hypnos and Charon's men which Hades wants to put someone inside to guide them and govern them which he has not decided on, because he has not found the right person for the job. Then Tartarus was watched by Oceanus and Cerberus. The entrance of the Underworld was guarded still by Cerberus but with his forces this time.

Soon people saw the changes created by tea and the power given to them by the tree. They all worshipped it along with Hades and the authority. The worshipping made the tea tree grow and power and soon smaller tea trees began blossoming around it. Making the Tea shield expand as the Underworld expand as well.

Then days later the tea tree glowed and released such power Hades, Hecate, David, and the rest of the authority came to the tree with some men. It was during daytime so there were many worshippers there, that's when a female being emerged from the tree in such a beautiful way. She was gorgeous with hair green as a healthy tree, eyes shining as yellow as the sun, she was sexy and fit yet had muscle on her, she was so gorgeous and beautiful many others were speechless, she was a tall lady almost the height of Hades, and skin a tanned white like she enjoyed running around in the great outdoors. Still she was nude but released an aura so pure lust and envy were not present. She then saw Hades and David and smiled as if she recognized them, she went to them and greeted them saying," hello I am Tea and I have been waiting so long to meet you both.


Tea was brought to Hades's Castle she introduced herself and answered some question. Tea told the members of the authority of her past of being a seed of two dryads from different kinds of trees who fell in love they had many normal children, and had her seed her seed got caught on a monster form Tartarus's shirt, and was on him until her seed was shaken off his shirt and landed in that forest where she was planted by nature itself. When she started sprouting other trees disliked her and abused her not liking her beautiful leaves, and this went on for years until a young man came looking for a certain type of tree. She explained how David found her, to how she began growing because of love and care, and how she grew in power and used it as the authority asked, and finally to how she grew in power thanks to worshipping and now here they were.

She swore loyalty and love for her home and revealed how she always wanted to thank David and Hades for giving her the life she had now, and how said men blushed in embarrassment. She then asked," oh yeah what is the name of this new and improved underworld?" David then told her," we thought about it and we split the underworld in two, the lower half 'Tartarus' and the top half, 'Paradise', so Tea welcome to Paradise.

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I will do a chapter check and edit every ten chapters, so every ten chapters I will be gone for a while.

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