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9.64% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 40: Accident or planning?

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Chapter 40: Accident or planning?

Xin Mei and Fang Lin both made their way towarda the top floor of the hotel where the ballroom was located. Both of them were about to enter when a waiter (accidentally, note the sarcasm) stepped upon the dress of Xin Mei.

No one knew what happened but the next second, dress of Xin Mei ripped open with a loud noise. A long ripe appeared on the right side of her leg. The zipper of the dress also ripped open causing the upper part of the dress to fall down, exposing her chest.

Xin Mei instinctively held upon the upper part of her dress, to save her dignity. Fear appeared in her eyes as she realized what was happening with her.

She was again framed. Someone wanted to make fun of her dignity and that waitress was the part of the plan.

"Xin Mei what should we do now?" she heard a panicked voice of Fang Lin.

Xin Mei tightly clutched her dress and walked backward, to not come in sight of anyone. She was thinking about what to do when she felt a coat on her shoulder. She turned around to find that Qian Fan had placed his coat on her shoulder.

Xin Mei wanted to reject the coat. She didn't need anything from Qian Fan. But Xin Mei was smart she knew the importance of coat. So she didn't reject it.

Xin Mei quickly wore the coat, to cover herself with it.

"Xin Mei, how can this happen? How can such an expensive dress tear up like this?" Fang Lin placed her hand on her forehead.

"Don't worry Fang Lin? It must be a defected piece. Now come, we should return back to the dressing room. I need to change my dress. I can't attend a press meeting like this, can I?" Xin Mei smiled. Even though she was feeling quite worried. What if someone saw her like this?

"What don't worry?" Fang Lin yelled in panic. "You are lucky that no one caught you when the dress was being ripped. Otherwise, it would have created a big scandal. Now the second problem in our hand is that we don't have a proper dress."

"No one saw us, Fang Lin, so relax. And about dress, can't I wear jeans and top?"

Before Fang Lin could scold Xin Mei for thinking something foolish as to wear jeans and top, Zhou Mingyu arrived at the scene. A smile was there on her lips which disappeared for a second when she saw the coat of Qian Fan on the shoulders of Xin Mei.

"What happened junior Xin? Why are you standing here like this?" Zhou Mingyu faked innocence. "Ah! Your dress ripped open. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What are you going to do now? Don't tell that you are planning to enter the ballroom in this dress or rather jeans and top. You know media right they will eat you if they find you in such dresses."

Zhou Mingyu wanted to laugh at her victory. Finally, she was getting victor over Xin Mei. Today was really her lucky day.

Zhou Mingyu had bribed the designer of dress of Xin Mei. The dress of Xin Mei wasn't stitched with good quality threads. The zipper was also not reliable. Only fabric of the dress was of good quality which made it look costly.

Zhou Mingyu had also bribed the waitress who had stepped on the dress of Xin Mei. The threads and stitches were so weak that they ripped open due to the force of step on her dress.

Plan of Zhou Mingyu was a success. She had only one regret that no one caught that scandalous scene of Xin Mei.

"Senior Zhou, you don't need to worry about me. I will manage." Xin Mie replied to Zhou Mingyu. She didn't want to give any satisfaction to her.

"Meimei, do you want me to buy a dress for you? I can call someone."

Both Xin Mei and Zhou Mingyu looked at Qian Fan with shock when they heard his suggestion. Zhou Mingyu clutched her fist tightly when she heard his words. Was Qian Fan going out of her control?

Xin Mei was first shocked upon hearing his suggestion but later on, realized that it must be some plan of Qian Fan. She couldn't believe that he could become so helping like this.

"No need Qian Fan. I don't need your help. Come Fang Lin. Help me in visiting the dressing room without any harm."

Before Xin Mei could make her way toward the dressing room, she was stopped by a waiter.

"Ma'am, sir has sent this coat and box for you."

Xin Mei frowned upon hearing the words of the waiter. She motioned to Fang Lin who took the box first. On opening the box, they realized that it was a brand new black formal skirt.

"Problem solved." Fang Lin grinned when she saw the dress in the box. "Xin Mei, you can get changed in this dress. This dress will suit you and the occasion. Come, we shall hurry and make you change."

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Xin Mei looked quizzically at the coat and gift box but she didn't say a thing. She needed this help and she wasn't naïve enough to reject it.

Xin Mei took the coat from the hand of the waiter. She carefully removed the coat of Qian Fan and covered herself with the coat from the stranger.

"Thanks for your help Qian Fan. But I guess there are many more people who help others without any hidden interest." She gave the coat back to Qian Fan.

Qian Fan glared at the waiter who dared to bring the coat. He then glared at the coat around the shoulders of Xin Mei.

Xin Mei wore the coat and immediately unknown warmth spread in her heart. She wanted to know the person who helped her. She personally wanted to thank for his help.

"Fang Lin, come we should go."

"Miss," waiter interrupter them. "Let me show you a changing room here on this floor. Follow me."

The waiter took them towards the changing room which was only a few feet away from them, that way Xin Mei didn't come in sight of anyone.

Zhou Mingyu looked at the retreating figure of Xin Mei with blazing eyes. She thought that her plan had finally worked. How could it go wrong? Who dared to help Xin Mei?

"Xin Mei, I think you have an angel saving you. See how you got a dress on time. I hope that it fits you. Otherwise, we will need to think of something else." Fang Lin sighed.

Both Xin Mei and Fang Lin entered inside the changing room which was more of a VIP room with an adjoining bathroom.

"Fang Lin, give me the dress. I will go to the bathroom and will get changed."


Xin Mei changed into the black dress which fit perfectly on her except it was a little short from her knees. The dress which should reach below her knees was reaching above her knees.

"Will this dress work Fang Lin?" Xin Mei asked, unsure if the dress really suited her or not.

Xin Mei looked at herself in the mirror and looked at the dress. It was a little tight at her breast but nothing to worry about. It had a frill skirt which was a little short, unlike her liking.

"This will work Xin Mei. This is the benefit of skirts like this. They can suit any person. Now we should plan your hair and makeup. Makeup suits this dress but hair....."

"Fang Lin, do you have a black hairband with you. I have seen you wearing it the last day."

"Yes, I have it. I always keep it with myself." Fang Lin produced a hairband from her bag and gave that to Xin Mei.

Xin Mei opened up her hairs and combed them, to make them straight. Then she wore the hairband, leaving her hairs open at back.

"Perfect," Fang Lin grinned.

Xin Mei looked at her footwear's which were coincidently black. They suited her dress very well. Once satisfied that she was ready, with Fang Lin on the toe, she made her way towards the ball-room.

Fang Lin gave the coat and discarded dress to the waiter and ordered him to return both to the room of Xin Mei.

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