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8.7% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 36: Again a face slap??

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Chapter 36: Again a face slap??

Today was the last day of schedule in city B. Everyone was excited to get done with the scenes for the day. Everyone was praying for Zhou Mingyu to act without any cut. They were also praying for Tang Min and Xin Mei to act like usual, without a cut.

"This actress can never change. She can never complete her scenes before five cuts." An extra, who was responsible for creating music effect, chided Zhou Mingyu.

"I hope she will take the advice of director seriously and will join some acting classes. She really needs acting skills. Don't know how she won the best actress award in the last three years. Look at her and look at that newbie Xin Mei, she is performing so well." Another extra added in and looked at Zhou Mingyu with disappointment.

Xin Mei also didn't forget to shoot a small video where Director Zhang was shouting on Zhou Mingyu.

A small scene which was to be played by Zhou Mingyu took half of the day. Everyone was feeling irritated with her. Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan also realized that. On the command of Zhou Mingyu, Qian Fan made the arrangement of packed food from the city C.

"Everyone," Zhou Mingyu shouted to gain the attention of others. She wrapped her arms around Qian Fan and smiled brightly.

"You must have gotten the news that my boyfriend, Qian Fan is also an investor of the movie. And as an investor, he has decided to treat everyone with special food from city C. Please have the package and enjoy the food."

There was a collective howl around Zhou Mingyu. The one who were earlier complaining also got a warning that Zhou Mingyu was the girlfriend of the investor, saying ill about her could snatch their job.


"Junior Xin, why haven't you taken the package? My boyfriend has specially ordered them from city C." Zhou Mingyu smirked and looked at Xin Mei. She was waiting for some reaction from Xin Mei but Xin Mei remained cool with her all the time.

"I don't need it. Please give it to someone as."

"Please have it, Xin Mei. I insist." Qian Fan also joined Zhou Mingyu. "At least for our old friendship. I know you......" before he could complete, Xin Mei interrupted him.

"I don't want to talk about that topic. And I don't need your package because I have already ordered my packed food. Here comes my assistant."

Xin Mei pointed toward Fang Lin. She arrived with two packages in her hand.

"Sorry for getting late Xin Mei." Fang Lin breathed hard and placed the packages on a small stool in front of Xin Mei.

"Don't worry Fang Lin. I knew that you will take time." She patted on the shoulder of Fang Lin before turning her attention on Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu.

"Why are you still standing here? I don't need a package from you. I have my own food and I will not like to throw it." She threw a cold smile on their way. "Come Fang Lin start having the food of package. You will love it."

Xin Mei then completely ignored Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. They had a funny expression on their faces. They had personally come to give the package to Xin Mei where other packages were taken by the staff itself.

They both were waiting to see the pain on the face of Xin Mei but she clearly ignored their presence.

After the lunch break, Tang Min and Xin Mei walked towards their dressing room to change for their scenes. The last scene was an outdoor scene. It was in-between emperor Kai and Ruyi and was to be shot in the forest of City B.

Once Xin Mei was ready, she came out from the dressing room. She was wearing a woolen coat, to save herself from the chilly wind. She then made her way to the forest where the set was already set. Fang Lin was closely following her.

Xin Mei reached the set and greeted director. She then removed her coat and gave it to Fang Lin. She made her way towards the horse and climbed on it. She steadied herself on it and greeted Tang Min who also stood beside her.

"Everyone ready?" Director Zhang yelled. "Action."

Today's scene to be filmed was the scene in which Emperor Kai and Ruyi were riding on their horses. They were on their way towards the Han kingdom. This scene was also the first kissing scene to be filmed so everyone was nervous.

Sure, an illusion of kiss was to be created but still, everyone was looking forward to it, especially seeing the acting skills of Xin Mei and Tang Min.

"Emperor, I am warning you. Don't get smitten by the beautiful princesses of Han kingdom. I have heard that princesses of Han kingdom are really beautiful, especially princess Chunhua."

"But they can never be beautiful than you. You are the most beautiful women in this world Ruyi. And this emperor is complete smitten to you. He can never cast his eyes on any other women."

Ruyi smiled and moved her horse closer to the horse of emperor Kai. A smile left from her lips.

"You love me emperor. Don't you?"

"Any doubt? I love you my Ruyi. Only you."

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Tang Min leaned towards Xin Mei. Xin Mei closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her first on-screen kiss was going to take place. She clutched tight on the reins of her horse.


Before Tang Min could kiss, director Zhang shouted cut.

"I am so sorry director. I know it was my mistake. Next time, I will try to give more accurate expressions." Xin Mei immediately apologized. She thought it was her inaccurate expressions due to which director shouted cut.

"No, it wasn't your mistake. Actually, there is a change in the script. Kiss scene is not taking place."


Not too far away from them

Su Yuchen was quite free today. So he decided to join the crew for the filming. Moreover, he wanted to spend some time in the beautiful forest. He was watching the filming from a little distance, away from the eyes of other people.

"Boss, everyone is very excited about this scene. It's not only the last scene of schedule one but also the first kiss scene of the movie."

Huang Chu informed his boss.

"Kiss scene?" Su Yuchen looked at huang Chu. His eyes turning dark at the name of the kiss scene.

"Yes, kiss scene boss."

"Change it." Su Yuchen ordered. "Change it to some other scene, hug scene, fight scene or whatever."

Huang Chu understood the mood of his boss. He immediately called director Zhang and informed him about the mini-change.


After the scene was completed, everyone celebrated it with a cake cut. Director Zhang wanted to invite Su Yuchen but he denied.

"Everyone, this cake is for the success of completion of schedule one. I hope for the success of the upcoming schedule." Director Zhang declared. Everyone howled around him.

Zhou Mingyu, with extra proud, took the knife in her hand to cut the cake when director Zhang stopped her.

"I think, more than you, Xin Mei and Tang Min deserves to cut the cake. They have worked hard on their performance in comparison to you."

Zhou Mingyu clutched her hands hard upon hearing the words of director Zhang. She so wished if director Zhang wasn't the director of the film. She had also talked with Qian Fan about the same. But he denied the change.

Qian Fan wasn't the main investor. He had invested only a small amount. Where the real investor was some major investor. He wanted to keep director Zhang as the director.

"Director, you also deserve to cut the cake. It is because of your guidance only that we are able to complete the schedule one, without any hurdle. Please." Xin Mei gave the knife in the hand of Director Zhang.

Director Zhang smiled and looked at Xin Mei. It was the first time that someone had asked the director to cut the cake. Otherwise, it was always the main cast who cut the cake.

"Yes director Zhang, you deserve to cut the cake." Tang Min also supported Xin Mei. "More than us, you deserve to cut the cake."

After the cake cutting, director Zhang announced, next day he was taking everyone to the tour of the city. Where Xin Mei announced that dinner treat was on her. She had arranged local food for everyone.

She had again answered to the trick of Zhou Mingyu (Treating everyone with packed food from city C) by treating everyone with delicious local food!

Later that night, Gu Nan called Xin Mei. Gu Nan filled the mind of Xin Mei with dirty thoughts. What she should do to attract her crush!

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