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15.52% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 65: Did you find out the identity of SZ?

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Chapter 65: Did you find out the identity of SZ?

Xin Mei looked at the cheque in her hand with shock. Why had Su Yuchen given the first installation earlier than decided? And why had he increased her pay? There was nearly an increase of forty percent in her pay! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/did-you-find-out-the-identity-of-sz_39158991548372595">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/did-you-find-out-the-identity-of-sz_39158991548372595</a> for visiting.

Was this all because of her talk to him last day? Did he remember her mentioning that she was waiting for her first pay to buy the bikes?

Xin Mei shook her head. She didn't want to mull on this topic for longer.

"Xin Mei," Tang Mei addressed her and smiled at her.

Tang Min was still fascinated with Xin Mei. Probably, he was the only person on the sets who acknowledged Xin Mei. He eagerly looked after his scenes with her. He had also warned his fellow cast mates to not say any false word against her.

Truthfully, he was waiting for the next schedule. He wanted to enjoy his scenes with her. He had talked with the director, to increase their last day screen time. He wanted to have more scenes with her instead of Zhou Mingyu!

"Tang Min, you wanted something?"

"Yeah, I wanted to know what you will do during the next week?" he asked. "If you haven't made any plan then you can join me. I and some of the other cast members have decided to visits Bali for three days. It will be fun if you also join us."

Tang Min looked at her with hopeful eyes. He wanted Xin Mei to come on this trip with him. That way he could get to spend some time with her. He could know her and hopefully, get closer to her. He liked her and wanted to have a relation with her.

"I am sorry Tang Min but I must decline your offer. I want to spend my week with my family. I am not spending much time with them, from the time the shoot had started." Xin Mei declined with politeness.

Understanding dawned upon Tang Min and he nodded his head. "Then maybe next time. But I would have liked it if you have joined us in. You can have a lot of fun in Bali."

"Tang Min; please don't try to force me. I will not be joining you, no matter what."

Tang Min sighed and nodded his head. "Ok then, see you after one week." He smiled before asking the question which was running in his mind.

"By the way, did you find out the identity of S.Z.? I must hats off to that guy. He is sending you gifts without lagging and all the gifts are unique."

"Please, don't take the name of that man in front of me," Xin Mei pleaded. "I am fed up with his gifts. I don't know who he is and why he is such a big admirer of me but I don't want to have another gift from him."

Tang Min chuckled when he saw that frustration filled expression on her face.

"It is the first time I am seeing someone getting frustrated over the gifts. I have met a lot of girls who die to receive such expensive gifts from their admirers. They don't think twice before having a relationship with such a man."

"But I am not them." Xin Mei groaned. "I don't want these gifts from my mysterious admirer."

"You know, you are unique, very unique, and different from all others." Tang Min looked at her with admiration filled eyes.

They both were talking when a man, dressed quite well, entered inside the sets.

"Xin Mei, he is here to see you. He has another gift from Mr. SZ." production assistant yelled. By now he was well aware of the gifts which came for Xin Mei.

Everyone who was still present on the set came in her direction to see what gift she would get this time. Xin Mei rolled her eyes and walked towards the man.

"Miss Xin Mei?" the man to deliver the gift asked.

"Yes, it's me."

"I have a gift for you from Mr. SZ." the man retrieved a jewelry box and placed it in front of Xin Mei. "Mr. SZ had strictly instructed us to give this box to you."

The man, who probably was the owner of a jewelry shop, placed the box in the hand of Xin Mei. Before Xin Mei could react, he left the studio.

Xin Mei looked at his running figure with a frown before she opened the box. A gasp left her lips when she saw a watch in the box. The watch wasn't any ordinary watch but it was a diamond and jade studded watch.

Xin Mei had always admired jades the most in all the jewelry items and looking inside the box she could say that the jades were very expensive. In short, the gift in her hand was very expensive.

Tang Min couldn't help himself from laughing when he saw the flabbergast expression on the face of Xin Mei.

"That jeweler knew that you will not accept this expensive gift. So he quickly ran away before you can even get a chance to see it. I think S.Z. had asked him to do so. He knows you very well."

Xin Mei could only pull down her lips in distaste. She looked at the box, to find the name of jewelry shop but didn't find the name anywhere. She didn't have any other option but to accept this gift.

"Accept this gift, Xin Mei. You have no other choice," Tang Min patted on her back. "If you don't want this then give it to me. I will give it to my sister. She will get very happy. You see a girls love expensive jewelry."

Xin Mei glared at him. She knew Tang Min was trying to make fun of her.

She opened her bag and placed the box carefully inside it. She didn't want to lose such an expensive gift. She was sure, one day or another S.Z would come in front of her. That time she could return the gift.

After greeting everyone adieu (means goodbye), Xin Mei made her way back home. She reached home by six in the evening.

When she entered her home, her mother looked at her with surprise. From last week, due to a busy schedule, she was returning home after midnight only. So her early return was a surprise for her mother.

"Xin Mei, what happened?"

"Mother, nothing happened. Today, we completed our second schedule. So the director had given me and other cast members a break for one week. Now I am returning to set after a week only. Till then, I will be spending my time with you."

Xin Mei lovingly wrapped her arms around her mother.

Xin Mei went to her room where she had her shower and got changed in a light pair of clothes. She then made her way towards the kitchen and helped her mother cook the dinner.

Xin Mei was a great cook. To impress Qian Fan and his family, she had learned how to cook. She learned every dish her mother knew. She also used the internet to learn some western dishes. She also joined several classes and now she was an expert cook.

During the night, Xin Yan and Xin Jin also returned early from work. He Lin had already called them beforehand. The family of four had their dinner while praising Xin Mei for her cooking skills.

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