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Chapter 2: Dream??

Xin Mei woke up with a jolt and looked around herself in fear.

'What was it I just saw? How could I see that Qian Mei and Zhou Mingyu were cheating on me? How could I see that they both tried to kill my baby? I am sure that Zhou Mingyu will love my baby more than me so how could I see her as an evil!!'

Xin Mei could feel, her head was a mash. A lot of things were running in her mind. What had she seen just now? And what the hell was she doing in the hospital? She could feel a headache forming.

Soon haziness cleared from her eyes and she saw smiling faces of her parents and brother. Tears filled her eyes when she saw them but the very next second horrific image of her parents' dead body appeared in front of her eyes. Image of her father shoot dead, the image of foam coming out from her mother's mouth, poor image of her brother, smirking face of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. All these images made Xin Mei panicked. She failed to know what was happening with her.

Her horrific dream felt so true. She could feel her heart clenching in pain. Her breath turned shallow and her body started to shiver.

"Quick, she is having a panic attack."

"Nurse, take her parents out."

Xin Mei could hear loud yells. Painful voice of her parents could be also heard. She could also hear the ear-piercing beep of the machines before again falling into unconsciousness.


"Mingyu, don't be afraid. I am sure that no one will be able to recognize you with your disguise. So chill."

Xin Mei tried to make her best friend calm. After a wait of a week, Xin Mei had finally come to watch a Hollywood movie with Zhou Mingyu. But Zhou Mingyu was worrying that someone would recognize her.

"Mingyu, you sit here in the VIP room. I will go and bring some popcorn for us. Then we can enter the hall." With that said, Xin Mei made her way toward the theatre canteen from where she brought two trays of a combo pack.

With trays in her hand, she made her way toward the VIP room. A charming smile appeared on her lips upon seeing Qian Fan.

"Bro Fan," like a butterfly, Xin Mei started to flatter around Qian Fan. Stars appeared in her eyes. "You come. I thought you would miss our movie time."

"I come. How could I miss the movie time when you have so sweetly invited me? Now come, we should go. We wouldn't like to miss a scene."

Xin Mei grinned unaware of the eye lock between her boyfriend and best friend. They three together made there way inside the movie hall where Xin Mei lagged behind. She alone was handling two trays of snacks.

They took their seats and within a minute, the movie started. Xin Mei really liked the actor of the movie so the whole time she was lost in it and popcorn unaware of how Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan were having their intimate moment. They weren't a bit interested in the movie.

"How was the movie bro Fan?"

"Truthfully, I didn't watch a scene, I was so lost in watching the beauty beside me." Xin Mei blushed and pocked Qian Fan. "You are becoming more romantic day by day."

The three came out from the hall and came across a large crowd. Zhou Mingyu froze making Xin Mei worried for her.

"Bro Fan, you take Mingyu with you. I will try to divert the crowd. I will see you in the parking."

Qian Fan nodded to her. He with Zhou Mingyu made their way toward the back door where Xin Mei spread the rumor that a movie star was watching the movie in the hall number two. Within a minute crowd dispersed toward the hall 2.

Xin Mei grinned in victory and made her way towards the parking. She was searching for the familiar car of Zhou Mingyu or Qian Fan but didn't find them.

She tried to call them but they didn't pick her call.

Xin Mei was waiting to be picked up where on otherside, in a corner of parking, inside a car, two people were intimately kissing each other. After making out, the same car left the parking. The riders had forgotten that someone was waiting for them.

"Why aren't you picking up my call?"

Xin Mei cursed and looked at her phone when a car zoomed in her direction at a fast speed.


Within a second, body on Xin Mei was flying across the road.


With a loud yell, Xin Mei opened her eyes. She was breathing heavily. Sweat was running down her face. Her hands on which tubes were attached was trembling badly. Her breath was raspy.

"Doctor, Miss Xin has opened her eyes." The nurse who was on duty of Xin Mei rushed out of the room to alert everyone and within a minute doctor was in the room. He injected relaxing doze in Xin Mei to make her calm.

With one injection, Xin Mei became all calm. Her mind became all clear. She looked at the doctor with clear eyes.

"Miss Xin, do you remember how you come to the hospital?"

Xin Mei thought for some time, the accident in front of the theatre came in front of her eyes.

"Acid... dent." She said with much difficulty. Her voice was weak and hoarse.

"Good, now we will like to do some examinations on you. Please corporate."

Xin Mei obediently nodded her head. She let the doctors do her checkup. Same time, a lot of things were running in her mind.

"Miss Xin, you really are very lucky. In three weeks of your coma period, you have panic attacks a lot of time. We thought we had nearly lost you. It's really a miracle that you are fine and all fit." The doctor informed her.

After checking her carefully, when the doctor was assured that Xin Mei will not be getting any more panic attack, he asked her family to come in.

"Xin Mei."


Xin Mei looked at her father and fresh tears filled in her eyes. Her heart broke when she saw that sad and painful expression on the face of her father.

"How are you feeling now princess? You have given your old father a big fret. How was I going to survive without you princess, huh?"

Xin Jin looked at his daughter with a painful smile. Only he knew his suffering from last three weeks. His soul was stuck with his daughter. He had died million times in last weeks.

"You don't know little sis but father nearly had a heart attack when Qian Fan called and informed that you were in an accident."

Xin Yan touched the cheeks of his little sister with so much tenderness like he was touching a proclaim doll.

"We all were worried about you. House was so silent without you."

"Food was also tasteless without the touch of your hand." Xin Jin commented and Xin Mei giggled. Xin Jin felt relief upon hearing the laughter of his daughter.

"By the way, why is mother pouting like that?"

Xin Mei looked at her mother who was standing by the door with arms wrapped around her chest. A little angry pout was visible on her lips.

"She is angry with you. Your mother had fallen sick when the doctor informed that your condition was critical."

Xin Mei smiled a sad smile. She pouted and looked at her mother. "Mother darling, will you not talk with your princess? Your princess has woken up after a sleep of three weeks, will you not give her a single kiss like usual."

"Look at your daughter, Mister Xin. How can she joke about her coma? There her mother was dying of worry and here she is joking."

Tears filled in the eyes of He Lin. Xin Mei also felt bad for her mother.

"Mother please don't cry. You know I can't see you sad like this. Your sad face is hurting me. Please forgive me for making you worried. Now come and give me a hug."

He Lin rushed toward her daughter and hugged her tight. Soft sobs left from her mouth.

"You will never change Xiao Mei. Always so naughty. You love to trouble your mother, don't you? You have made all of us so worried."

Mother Xin started to scold Xin Mei who smiled in her warm hug. Xin Mei felt that it had been decades that her mother had last hugged her.

"Missus, let her go. Don't make her more tired with your scolding." Xin Jin lovingly pulled back his wife. "Xin Mei, you rest. We three will come to meet you in the evening."

"No, I don't want to rest. I want to talk to you three. I have already taken a long rest of three weeks."

"I can understand princess but rest is important for you. Moreover, once you return back to your health, your father will personally teach you bike driving."

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"Really?" Xin Mei asked in an excitement filled yet weak voice.

"Really. Now have some rest."

Xin Mei nodded her head and closed her eyes.

Behind her closed eyelid, appeared the flashes of her dream. She saw the dead body of her parents, she remembered the torture done by Qian Fan. She also remembered her baby. A painful tear left from her eyes and subconsciously she placed her hand on her belly.

'Xin Mei, why are you thinking about that nightmare? It was a nightmare, nothing as. Don't get emotional over it. See mother and father, both are alive. Stop thinking about rubbish.' She consoled herself before closing her eyes.

Soon, she fell into the lap of nightmares!

Vrinda13 Vrinda13

Important: What Xin Mei saw in the last chapter was a dream. She hasn't come back in time or hasn't reincarnation.

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