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Chapter 59: Erotic Dreams

When Su Yuchen turned, he saw Xin Mei was removing her skirt and before he could react, the skirt was already tossed aside. What came into his sight was her beautiful breasts.

They looked so tempting to Su Yuchen. Xin Mei moved slightly and they jiggled with her move. Unaware to Su Yuchen, his mouth had drop opened and droll was flowing out of his mouth. His lower part had turned harder.

"Handsome, help me change so we can continue with our kiss."

It was when he heard Xin Mei Su Yuchen came out from his daydreaming and immediately closed his eyes. What greeted his closed eyelid were images of her beautiful breasts.

"Dammit." He cursed under his breath.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. With a lot of might, he walked towards her and helped her in changing her dress. All this while, his breath was slow and raspy. His hands and neck had turned sweaty.

"Let's continue with our kiss," the moment Xin Mei was changed in her dress she pushed Su Yuchen back on the bed. She climbed on him and started to kiss him.

She sat on his lower half and rubbed against him so badly that his member grew harder and harder. He was losing his control by each second. He knew that if he stayed with her for any second more than he would be committing a sin.

"Xin Mei," he pushed her back and placed her on the bed. He placed his hands on hers and maintained a distance from her.

"You wanted to know how to make me have a crush on you, right?" he asked.

Xin Mei nodded her head and leaned to kiss him but he stopped her.

"I know a way to make me crush on you. Why don't we ask each other questions in an attempt to know one another?" He smiled. He crossed his fingers behind his back. He never thought her to be a killer kisser.

"Ok." Xin Mei agreed.

Su Yuchen sighed and threw a question.

That was how he spent some time with her. Xin Mei got so bored of playing this silly game that she fell asleep in the arms of Su Yuchen.

Su Yuchen sighed when he saw asleep her. With very much difficulty, he parted himself away from her. He stood up from the bed and looked at her. He wanted to stay with her but he knew that it wasn't a good idea.

Su Yuchen watched the beautiful face of Xin Mei before leaving the room. His body was completely disoriented. His mind was a mesh, his heart was in confusion and his lower part was very hard.

Flashback end


"How could I do such a shameful thing while drunk?" Xin Mei groaned and banged her head with the bed. "Mother, your daughter has done something very embarrassing. She got drunk and kissed a stranger like a whore. Not only that, she proposed him for marriage! Someone save me."

"Why have I embarrassed myself like that in front of him? What must he be thinking about me? Now I know why he was looking at my lips a lot of time during our car ride. Maybe he was afraid that I would jump on him, any second. God! What have I done?"

That night, Xin Mei kept groaning and crying on her fate. She also swore to not drink again.


Back then, when Su Yuchen had left the room of Xin Mei, he rushed towards his room. He had a long, cold shower to calm himself down. When he looked at himself in the mirror, his lips were completely swollen, proof of his first kiss.

He felt glad that he hadn't bitted on her lips but Xin Mei didn't lag from leaving her marks on his lips.

That night, when Su Yuchen tried to sleep, what he saw were her lips and beautiful breasts. He had to take a lot of cold showers throughout that night because every time he closed his eyes, he saw her and he was immediately hard.

Next day, Su Yuchen didn't wait for anyone to wake up before he left the hotel. He didn't want to face Xin Mei. He wasn't sure if she remembered about last night but still he didn't find it in himself to see her or to confront her about their behaviors from last night.

When he returned to city A, upcoming days were no good for him. He was seeing Xin Mei everywhere around himself. Instead of thinking about his childhood days with Mian, he was thinking about his time with her.

In nights also he had a lot of trouble in falling asleep. Every night he had a lot of erotic's dream of Xin Mei. He badly wanted to have her in his arms and kiss her.

When Su Yuchen gave a lift to her, only he knew how tough it was for him to control his urge to kiss her lips. That night, he could only see her lips in his dreams.

In the middle of the night, his condition turned so worse that he slept nude on the bed with the air conditioner running at the lowest temperature.

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Next day, in his office he was seeing her in place of his staff. He was seeing her everywhere. It was like he had gone mad. He didn't know what was happening with him. What was the demand of his heart!

On the day that he sent the message to Xin Mei, in the morning he had visited his psychologist for her consultancy.

"Welcome, Mr. Su." Psychologist welcomed Su Yuchen in her clinic, with a warm small on her lips. "What happened for you to miss your consultancy from the last month?"

"Don't ask," Su Yuchen pressed his fingers in-between his brows. "My heart and mind both are in a big mess."

"What happened?"

"I am having erotic dream." Su Yuchen confessed with much difficulty.

"With Mian?" the doctor asked, her voice was filled with unhidden shock.

"No, that's the problem. I am having erotic dreams with some other girl, Xin Mei." Su Yuchen groaned and threw his head back.

"I met her during my visit to city B and I found her very similar to my Mian, she's not Main though. I don't know how and why but now I am having her erotic dreams. I had spent merely ten days with her and I feel as if I am no longer myself. My life has been turned up and down. My motto to find Mian has changed into something else." 

Su Yuchen groaned in frustration.

"Tell me in details about the time which you have spent with her from day one." Psychiatrist ordered and leaned against her chair.

Su Yuchen started to tell her about his stay in city B and his time with her. He told about his every feeling, about amusement park and celebratory party. He also told about the kiss and about the night where he gave a lift to Xin Mei.

All this while, the psychiatrist was looking at him without creating any disturbance. She was continuously looking at his facial expressions whenever he talked of Xin Mei.

"Now doctor, you tell me. What should I do to throw that Xin Mei out of my mind? I can't concentrate with her in my mind."

The psychiatrist looked at Su Yuchen for the last time before giving him her judgment.

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