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Chapter 90: First Fan.

After reading her book, Xin Mei decided to do some grocery shopping. She made her way towards the parking and was again ecstatic to see so many cars.

Her eyes also fell upon the bike parked in a corner and she took a long deep breath. Her father had promised her to teach bike when she had woken up from the coma but he had forgotten about his promise and she had forgotten about the same.

'Maybe Su Yuchen could teach me bike riding!' she thought.

She randomly selected a car key which turned out to be of Bentley. She pressed the unlock button of the car key and found her car. She grinned when she looked at the car.

She walked toward it. After admiring it for sometime, she entered in. Within a minute, she was out of the parking, out of the mansion and driving upon the streets at a high speed.


At the office of Su Yuchen

Su Yuchen was reading a report when he received a call from his guards whom he had appointed as the secret bodyguards for Xin Mei.

"Boss, missus has left the mansion in the Bentley. What are the further orders for us?"

"Follow her car, make sure she doesn't catch a sight of you following after her."

"Noted boss."

Su Yuchen sighed and hung up the call. He had already appointed guards for Xin Mei. He was afraid for her safety. Not only had he appointed secret guards for her but had also increased the number of guards around his mansion.


Xin Mei parked her car outside of the grocery store. She immediately cursed herself for being so silly. She had forgotten to bring her face mask. Now how was she going to step out of her car?

'Stop worrying Xin Mei, you aren't famous yet. No one is going to recognize you.'

Xin Mei consoled herself and stepped out of the car. She made her way inside the grocery store. She took a trolley and started to navigate through the various stands, searching for the items which she needed.

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She checked every item very carefully before placing them in the basket.

She brought a lot of things: vegetables, packets of readymade food, packets of spices, packets of candies and a lot more things.

Once done with her purchasing, she reached the billing counter and stood in the queue. She was waiting for her turn of billing when she heard the conversation of two ladies.

"Doesn't she look familiar? I think I have seen her somewhere." A lady pointed toward her and whispered in the ears of her partner.

"I also think I have seen her somewhere but I don't know where…..I think she is some sportswomen."

"I don't think so. Look at her face and figure. She doesn't look like someone from the sports."

"Maybe she is a star? What do you think?"

Those two ladies were speculating the identity of Xin Mei where Xin Mei gets done with the billing of her purchasing. She was about to leave the grocery store when a little girl, who was with the two ladies, walked toward her and pulled her skirt.

"Are you the girl in that magazine?" Xin Mei frowned and looked at where the little girl was pointing.

She looked at the stall and found a magazine. Indeed her face was on the front of the magazine, not only her but the face of Zhou Mingyu and faces of other cast members of the movie revenge were also there.

This magazine was released after their interview in city B. Its cover photo was the group photo of cast and crew of movie revenge.

Xin Mei didn't think that someone still had that magazine on their stand and she never expected that a little girl would recognize her from the magazine.

Could she call it her first success in the film industry!

"Yes baby, the girl there is me." Xin Mei smiled and patted on the head of the little girl.

"You are pretty. I like you. Father was also praising that you are very beautiful and will get a lot of fame." The little girl grinned and Xin Mei smiled when she saw her.

"Thank you, little girl." She pulled out candy from her package and gave it to her.

The little girl grinned and took the candy. Xin Mei smiled and patted on her head before making her way toward the parking.

The little girl rushed toward her mother who was still thinking about identity of Xin Mei.

"Mother, that aunt in the magazine is so sweet. She gave me candy."

Upon hearing her words, both the women realized about the identity of Xin Mei. They cursed on their bad luck that they had missed the chance to have a photo with a rising star.

They quickly rushed out of the grocery store and luckily they caught hold of Xin Mei.

"Excuse me, excuse me." They rusheds toward her and stopped her from sliding in her car.

"Can we have a photo with you? Please." They pleaded.

Xin Mei smiled nodding her head and allowed them to have a photo with her. It was her first photo with her fans and she felt giddy and excited.

Both ladies had a lot of photos with her. The little girl also got a chance to get a photo clicked with her.

After satisfying her fans, Xin Mei entered her car and made her way back to the mansion.

On other side, the ladies couldn't help themselves from praising their luck. It was their first photo with a star. Maybe she wasn't popular yet but they got a photo.

They didn't know but soon they would be celebrating that they caught sight of Xin Mei who soon was going to become a famous superstar!


After returning home, Xin Mei arranged the stuff in the kitchen. She smiled when she saw the empty shelves were now filled with various food items, now her refrigerator had a lot of eatable things.

She then decided to cook lunch for herself. While preparing lunch, she decided to call Su Yuchen.

"Hello, wife." She heard from the other side of the phone.

"Su Yuchen, what are you doing?"

"Working, why? Missing me? Want me to return home now?" there was a tease in his voice.

"It is nothing like that. I was making lunch and remembered you. Are you coming home for lunch or should I come to the office with your lunch?"

"Neither of the above. Within ten minutes, I am going to a lunch meeting with a client. So, I will be missing the delicious lunch from the hand of my wife."

Xin Mei chuckled when she heard the trace of sadness in his voice. Would he miss lunch from her hands?

After hanging up on Su Yuchen, Xin Mei quickly made her lunch. She had her lunch and made her way to the home theatre. She again gawked at the room which had a huge screen, just like some Cineplex.

The home theatre was equipped with fifty comfortable seats. It also had a small refrigerator where she could place some cold drink. There was also a popcorn machine.

She prepared some popcorn for herself and played a movie. She enjoyed the movie while having popcorns. She knew she was spending most of her free time while watching a movie in the home theatre.

After watching the movie, she decided to visit the game room. Her eyes twinkled with delight when she saw the latest games about which she had read not a long time ago.

Xin Mei looked at the supercomputer and downloaded her favourite PC game. She logged in with password and started to play the game. Her experience of the game increased with a huge screen.

After playing her old games, she tried all the new games at play station. She was yelling loudly when playing the game. She exerted all her energy in playing the games.

After winning one more game, she fell on the bean bag. She drunk a bottle of water and closed her eyes for some rest but she didn't know when she fell asleep.

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