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1.41% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 5: Gege, What are your true views about Qian Fan?

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Chapter 5: Gege, What are your true views about Qian Fan?

With slow and careful steps, Xin Mei entered in the living room of mansion of Qian Fan. Didn't know why she was feeling a bit fearful from the moment Qian Fan had called her that day.

Once she reached the living room, she felt that the whole room was surrounded with a dark aura which made Xin Mei gulp hard in fear. She gulped hard when she caught sight of Qian Fan, sitting on the couch. He was emitting a dangerous aura.

"From where are you returning Xin Mei?"

"I went to visit the grave of my father. Today I was missing him a lot."

"Really?" There was a hint of mistrust in the voice of Qian Fan. "Were you really at the grave of your father or with your secret love? I knew that you are a whore who have a lot of boyfriends. You act like an innocent girl but in reality, you are worst then those sultry girls."

Xin Mei looked at Qian Fan with shock upon hearing the hateful words directed toward her.

"What are you talking about? How can you say I am a whore? You know that I have always loved you. I love you, no one as. So how can you....." before she could complete, a hard slap landed on her cheeks, sending her off-guard.

"Stop lying, you bitch." Again a slap landed on her cheeks and this was just a start. That night, Qian Fan slapped her, kicked her, punched her, he tortured her badly. He ignored her pleas of innocence. He was in a rage and that night Xin Mei was a punching bag for him.


"Stop, please stop, I didn't cheat on you. Stop, please....please stop." Xin Mei murmured in a daze of sleep.

"Xin Mei, what happened? Xin Mei, wake up."

Xin Yan looked at his sister with concern. He shook her body hard in an attempt to wake her up. Cold sweat was running down from the face of Xin Mei who was shivering badly.

"Little sister, wake up. It's a bad dream. Wake up. See your gege is here sitting beside you."

After a lot of struggle by Xin Yan, Xin Mei finally woke up. She was feeling disoriented. Her throat was completely dry.

When she looked around at her surroundings she realized that she had seen yet another horrible dream. At present, she was in her hospital room and sleeping on the bed.

She turned her face to find Xin Yan looking at her with a skeptical gaze.

"What are you doing here?" She asked in a very weak voice.

"Didn't I tell you that one of our family members is going to stay with you due to your dreams? Huh? Want to tell me about your dream?" Xin Yan asked even though he knew that his sister wouldn't tell him anything.

"No." Xin Mei shook her head. "I want to sleep. Gege, you should also fall asleep. It's still dark outside."

Before Xin Yan could say anything, Xin Mei turned her face away from him. Xin Yan sighed as he watched his sister. His sister was being different from the moment she had woken up. He didn't know how but he could feel that something was different in her.

Xin Yan watched his sister falling asleep before he went to the spare sofa and laid down on it. He kept looking at his sister before falling asleep.

Next morning, when Xin Mei woke up, she found that Xin Yan was already up and was talking with doctor. Seeing that his sister was up, Xin Yan walked toward her and asked her about her health.

"Gege, I am feeling good. Only a little tired and lazy." Xin Mei told him truthfully.

"Don't worry about tiredness Xiao Mei, Doctor has said that you will feel tired because of laying on the bed for so long. Nurses will make you do some excessive then you will again feel like your useful self. Hmm?"

"Ok." Xin Mei sighed and placed her head against the bed. An image from the dream of last night appeared in front of her eyes.

"Gege, can I ask you something?"

"Xiao Mei, how many times have I told you that you don't need any permission to ask a question from me?" Xin Yan knocked on her head. "Can't your little brain remember such a little thing?"

Xin Mei pressed her lips in a thin line for being scolded by her brother.

"Now don't act like you are angry with me. Ask, what do you want to know from me?"

Xin Mei turned and looked at her brother. Desperation was clear on her face.

"Gege, what are your true views about Qian Fan?"

"He is a good man." Xin Yan chuckled and averted his gaze from her. He had to say Qian Fan as a good man even if Xin Yan didn't like him a bit.

Xin Yan remembered it clearly, once he had dared to badmouth against Qian Fan, then he was bullied by his sister. His sister had broken his nose and left hand for saying bad about her bro Fan.

"Gege, I want the truth. I really want to know if you like bro Fan or not. I remember once you have told me that Qian Fan isn't a good man."

Xin Yan took a glass of water from the side table and gulped water down in a single sip.

"I was just joking at that time. Don't you remember?"

Xin Yan chuckled. He was trying to hide his fear.

Why was his little troublemaker sister asking about his views on Qian Fan? Sure, she was on the hospital bed but with her capabilities, Xin Yan knew that he could also land on the hospital bed if he dared to say any wrong word against Qian Fan.

"Gege," Xin Mei sighed.

She also knew that her brother was afraid of her. In the past, she was never ready to hear anything bad against Qian fan. But now she wanted to know about the real view of her family toward Qian Fan.

"Gege, I promise that I will not get angry with you. I really want to know if Qian Fan is a good man or not. This is a question about my future. I am no longer that immature Xin Mei who had beaten you up."

Xin Yan looked at his sister with skeptical eyes. He couldn't trust her words. But upon looking at her face, he knew that she really wanted to know what kind of man Qian Fan was.

For a precaution, Xin Yan shifted his chair away from the bed of Xin Mei. Once he was at a safe distance from Xin Mei, he started to speak.

"You want to know what my real thoughts are toward that jerk Qian Fan, then listen. He is the biggest jerk that I have ever known. I so wish to murder him whenever I see him at home or with you. I don't know what the hell you see in the jerk like him."

Xin Yan paused and looked at his sister, to see her reaction to his outburst. When he saw her calm expression, he continued further.

Today, he was going to vomit out all his thoughts about Qian Fan. Maybe it was his chance to open the eyes of his sister.

"Even a stray dog in the streets is better than Qian Fan. In my life of twenty-five years, I have never seen such a big hypocrite like him. He claims that he will make his business powerful on his own but on the other hand, he always needs the support of our family business. I am sure that if it wasn't for our father then Qian Fan was going to be begging in some streets for money."

"He is a big player who is using you, Xiao Mei. It is not a big deal if he has many other girlfriends including you. He is a cheater and is using you for his own benefit. I will not be surprised if one day you find him cheating with another girl. You will be lucky if you decide to remove your blindfolds now instead of waiting for the day when he will destroy you completely."

After his outburst, Xin Yan looked at his sister and found her lost. Maybe his words were bitter toward Qian Fan but Xin Mei gulped them down. In the past, she would have fought with her brother for thinking so badly about her Qian Fan but now, for unknown reasons, she trusted her brother. She felt that Qian Fan was really not a good man, especially due to what she had seen in her dreams.

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"And what do you think about Zhou Mingyu?" Xin Mei asked and gulped down the lump which was forming in her throat.

"I don't like her either. Truthfully, as a teenager, I had a crush on her. I thought her to be an angel. But later on, I realized that she was a devil in disguise of an angel. She uses her smile as a tool to make everyone believe that she is good but the fact is something as. I am only bearing her because she is your best friend!"

Xin Mei felt like her heart was sinking in her stomach. The two people on whom she had trusted were not liked by her brother.

Xin Yan looked at the conflicted expression on the face of his sister. He sighed and walked toward her. He patted on her head.

"Father and mother also don't like Qian Fan or Zhou Mingyu. They both bear with them only because you hold them important in your heart. They don't want to see you sad that's why they don't say or do anything. Open your eyes sister and look at them. They are not worthy of you. Think about what you have done for them and what they have done for you. You will find the difference."

After patting her head, Xin Yan left the room. He left Xin Mei alone with her thoughts. She leaned against the bed and as suggested by Xin Yan she thought about what she had done for Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu, and what they had done for her.

Vrinda13 Vrinda13

Important: Xin Mei had seen a dream that Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu are not good to her. Think logically, a person cannot blindly believe a dream. I had also seen a dream that my grandparents had kidnapped me and got me married to a stranger for money.....but it's a dream!!! I can't start hating my grandparents because of it. You all must have seen such dreams... You cannot blindly believe them and reach to a conclusion!

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