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Chapter 72: Her grandson is Tang Min!!!

Xin Mei directly went to the hospital after her shoot that day. She also informed her family about the same. Her father also gave her the address where aunt Bai was staying.

In her way, she also brought some fruits and flowers. It was in her values to give gifts to a person when visiting the hospital.

Xin Mei took a deep breath when she reached the hospital. "Xin Mei, don't be nervous. Aunt Bai will not eat you up. Treat this visit as if you are visiting a relative, forget about the marriage proposal."

Xin Mei took some long deep breathes before stepping out of the car. She covered her face with a mask. With fruits and flowers in her hand, she made her way to the reception.

"Excuse me can I know where Miss Bai Yue is staying?"

"And who are you miss?" the receptionist asked and looked at Xin Mei with wary eyes. "Miss, Bai Yue is a VIP patient and we can't tell everyone about her room number so…."

"Oh, I can understand." Xin Mei smiled under her mask and gave her name to the receptionist.

After taking her name, the receptionist called the room of Bai Yue. After taking the permission, the receptionist gave the room number and its direction to Xin Mei.


Xin Mei stood outside the said room and took a deep breath. She was feeling nervous. She was more nervous due to her dream. What if aunt Bai died due to her? She would die out of guilt then.

Xin Mei knocked on the door and entered in. She looked at the old couple sitting opposite to her. She could say that they were Bai Yue and her husband. They both were lost in one another.

Xin Mei removed her mask and cleared her throat to announce her presence in the room.

"Daughter Xin Mei, you came." Bai Yue smiled when she saw Xin Mei. She didn't lag in calling her toward herself. "Xin Mei, come here and take a seat beside me. Let me see my future granddaughter in law with delight."

Bai Yue called her future granddaughter in law with so much enthusiasm that Xin Mei became more nervous. Beside her, her husband shook his head.

"Wife, don't make the child scare away. You have imposed this marriage on her and her family. Do you think her to be comfortable to hear future granddaughter in law in such a manner?"

Xin Mei smiled in delight when she heard the uncle. She smiled and nodded at him.

The old man stood up from his chair and walked toward Xin Mei. He placed his hand over her shoulder.

"Looking at your face, I can say you are not ready for the marriage and trust me, I understand the reason. But please, try to understand the condition of my wife. It's her last wish to see our grandson married and you are the best wife in my wife's eyes."

"Meet my grandson I am sure you will like him. He is not an imposing man but is opened minded. You both can talk to each there get to know each other before reaching the decision. If you don't want this marriage then tell me so. I will make my wife understand."

Xin Mei smiled when she looked at the man who was of the age of her grandpa. This man was so thoughtful. He had solved her all problems in only some sentences.

"Wifey, I am going outside for a walk. You talk with Xin Mei, and dare you to scare her away before the arrival of our boy."

"Don't worry I will not scare her away. Come, Xin Mei. Come here and take a seat. Don't listen to this old man. I am not going to scare you away."

Xin Mei made her way toward the vacant seat beside Bai Yue and took her seat. In her way, she pleased the fruits and flowers on a side table.

Bai Yue looked at the face of Xin Mei and smiled cheerfully. "You are really beautiful. Your grandmother, Wang Fu hadn't lied to me when praising about your beauty. Sadly, she and your grandfather aren't present today on this auspicious day. She will be happy that her last wish is going to be fulfilled."

"You also know about her last wish?" Xin Mei couldn't help herself before asking this question.

"Yes, we had always shared things." Bai Yue smiled. "I know you are not ready for this marriage. I have expected this from a modern girl like you. You don't marry before the age of twenty-five and especially not to a stranger. But I don't have enough time to wait for you to get to know my boy and then marry him." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/her-grandson-is-tang-min!!!_39264277571360847">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/her-grandson-is-tang-min!!!_39264277571360847</a> for visiting.

"I don't know when I will die and before dying, I want to see my baby married. I want to ensure that he has someone to look after him when I die and I know you will be the best wife for him."

Xin Mei looked down and didn't say anything. "Xin Mei, don't be nervous. Say whatever you have in your heart."

Xin Mei looked at Bai Yue and felt her heartache for her. She was looking at her with a weak smile on her lips. Her eyes were full of hope. She couldn't deny the marriage after seeing her weak condition.

"Why me auntie? I am sure you can find some other girl for your grandson. Moreover, my career in acting has recently started."

"I can never find someone like you, Xin Mei. Besides, I want to fulfill the last wish of my best friend. I have already been waiting for four years and if I had enough time to live then I was ready to wait for longer. Xin Mei trust this old woman, you are best for my grandson and he is the best for you. You will never regret marrying him. About your career, I am sure my boy will support you. You don't need to worry about it."

Xin Mei nodded her head. "But can I get to know him before getting married? What if we are not compatible?"

"Sure, you can get to know him. But don't make me wait for long. You know…"

Xin Mei nodded her head.

"Enough of the talk about your marriage," Bai Yue said cheerfully in an attempt to cheer up the mood of Xin Mei. "Let me tell you about some funny incidents of your grandmother."

And with that Bai Yue told Xin Mei about a lot of funny incidents from their childhood. Xin Mei chuckled upon hearing the incidents. For a second, she forgot about the marriage proposal.

"You know, your grandma and grandpa helped me in running away from my marriage?" Bai Yue asked with a sly grin on her lips.

"You are joking! Running from your own marriage at that time! It's impossible." Xin Mei shook her head.

"But it was possible in my case. I didn't like the man selected for me by my family. I loved my husband but my family was against him. So on the day of my marriage, I ran away. I got married to my husband. It was your grandparents who witnessed our marriage and helped me in persuading my parents to forgive me and husband for our actions."

Xin Mei smiled when she heard the strong bound of Bai Yue and her grandmother. They always wanted to join their families but both had boys. Later, they decided to wed their grandchildren.

Xin Mei looked at her with a dreamy smile when Bai Yue told her about her strong love with her husband. Bai Yue was a bold woman, she troubled her husband but her husband never forgot to dote on her. They were lovingly married to one another from the last fifty years and their love was still strong.

Xin Mei also wanted a married life like them!

"Xin Mei, I am sure your marriage will be also strong like mine and husband. My boy has taken after his grandpa. He understands the importance of commitments in marriage."

Xin Mei nodded her head and at the same time, Bai Yue squealed.

"And here comes my boy."

Xin Mei turned around and looked at the door only to feel shocked when she saw Tang Min.


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