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13.64% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 57: I have a crush on you.

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Chapter 57: I have a crush on you.

Face of Xin Mei turned completely white when she read her chatting with Su Yuchen

The person to send her the message, 'The man to whom you have proposed for marriage' was none other than Su Yuchen.

She felt goose bumps when she received messages one after another. Her mind was completely blank. She was trying to remember when the hell did she propose him?

She reread her conversation with Su Yuchen, again trying to confirm that what she read was true, not her imagination.


'Who is it?'

'The man to whom you have proposed for marriage.'

'Excuse me. I think you have messaged on the wrong number.'

"I have messaged on the right number, Xin Mei. And don't tell me you have forgotten about your drunken proposal to me.'

'Drunk proposal, when? To whom? I don't remember anything.'

'To Su Yuchen and you proposed me at the celebratory party in city B.'

Xin Mei didn't know what to reply after his last message. She bit her nails and there was a trace of fear in her eyes. Had she proposed him in her drunken state and didn't remember doing so?

"Xin Mei, try to remember that night. What have you done on that night? And when the hell did you propose to Su Yuchen?" Xin Mei scolded herself and forced her brain to remember something.

She sat on the bed in medication pose and forced her mind to remember. She could remember that Qian Fan had trapped her outside the toilet but she couldn't remember anything after it. She forced her mind a little more before it clicked her, her savior was Su Yuchen and she was about to kiss him.

Soon, like express, the memories of that night hit her hard. Her kisses to him and the marriage proposal!



Su Yuchen looked at Xin Mei with disdain eyes. He couldn't believe that this girl had become unconscious after giving him hopes and dreams of his first kiss.

He sighed and shook his head. He took her clutch from her hand and hung it around his neck. With ease, he carried her in his arms, in bridal style.

"Arghh! This girl looks so skinny but she is heavy in reality." Su Yuchen groaned and looked at Xin Mei. She was sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Su Yuchen wanted to carry her on his back but then he remembered her skirt which could ride up and give a view of her white thighs to others. So he decided to carry her in the bridal style only.

Su Yuchen adjusted Xin Mei in his arms and made their way towards the elevator. They entered in the elevator and Su Yuchen pressed the button of the floor where Xin Mei's room was located.

Elevator started to move down when Xin Mei woke up and looked at Su Yuchen with hazy and dreamy eyes.

"How was the kiss handsome? Am I an expert kisser?"

Su Yuchen groaned inwardly when he saw that Xin Mei was up and was asking about the kiss which never happened.

Did she fall asleep to avoid kissing him?

"Why are you not saying anything? Didn't you like my kiss? Or did you not like that I kissed you? Am I ugly in your eyes? Or you think I am not of your standard to kiss you? Why aren't you saying anything? Don't you like to talk to me? Do you hate me and don't want to talk to me?"

Xin Mei fired questions one after another. It was like she was mumbling to herself.

"Su Yuchen, say something?" Xin Mei yelled and pulled the collar of Su Yuchen. Su Yuchen nearly lost his footing due to her pull.

"You women, I will speak only if you will stop talking. You are talking like a chatterbox. It is like you haven't drunk wine but some chattering medicine."

Xin Mei giggled upon seeing the frustrated expression on his face. She then commented, "You look more handsome when you are frustrated. Now tell me, am I beautiful?"

Xin Mei looked at him and smiled widely, showing off her white pearly teeth. "See, I also have dimples on my cheeks. Aren't they beautiful?"

Su Yuchen couldn't stop himself from smiling when he saw the cheeky smile on the lips of Xin Mei. She was looking like a star at that moment. Her bright eyes and smile were so beautiful, just like her.

"You are beautiful Xin Mei. You are beautiful like a pearl. You are the most beautiful women which I had ever seen. You are beautiful from inside and outside... You are like an angel." His eyes held so much love and tenderness when he spoke these words. These words were coming out from his heart.

"Really? You think I am so beautiful?"

"I think so." Su Yuchen nodded his head. The same time the elevator stopped on the floor of her room. Su Yuchen stepped out of it and made his way towards her room.

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"I am beautiful like a pearl. I am an angel." Xin Mei smiled brightly and repeated the words of Su Yuchen. Su Yuchen smiled when he saw the happy smile on her lips. She was smiling so beautifully.

Su Yuchen reached her room and put her down on the floor. He had his one arm securely wrapped around her waist, in a fear that she could stumble down. Xin Mei also had her arms wrapped around his neck, not letting him go.

Su Yuchen searched for her room keys in her bag and opened her room door. He again carried Xin Mei in his arms and entered in the room. With his right leg, he closed the room. He reached towards her bed and slowly placed her over it.

"Aren't you going to leave my neck now? You are already sitting on your bed." Su Yuchen asked when Xin Mei denied to let go of her arms which were around his neck.

"No, I am not letting you go. I can't leave such a good man like you. I am not a fool." Xin Mei blinked her eyes and smiled brightly. "I have read on the internet that you shouldn't let go of your crush when he is around you."

A smile appeared on the lips of Su Yuchen when he heard the word crush. He didn't know why but he felt happy. It was the first time that he didn't remember his Mian while getting so close to another girl.

He didn't want anyone to come in-between him and Xin Mei. He wanted to enjoy his time with her. He loved this Xin Mei who was talking and smiling so carefree.

"So you have a crush on me?" Su Yuchen asked teasingly.

Xin Mei looked at him with wide eyes and covered her mouth with one hand. Her one arm was still around Su Yuchen.

"I think I can't control my mouth when drunk. What should I do now?" She murmured from behind her hand. Su Yuchen chuckled and shook his head.

"So it's true that you have a crush on me."

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