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20.7% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 87: I will leave you for her.

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Chapter 87: I will leave you for her.

The maid was looking at Xin Mei with peculiar eyes. Curiosity was killing her. She wanted to know the identity of this lady!

She was shocked when she saw Xin Mei had entered the room of his master without any hesitation. She knew her master didn't like anyone in his room. She herself was allowed to clean his room on his permission and presence only.

Xin Mei entered in her room and found Su Yuchen wasn't on the bed. She then heard the sounds of shower from the bathroom and realized that he was probably taking the bath.

She entered in the walk-in closet and decided on the clothes for Su Yuchen. She had seen her mother doing so for last so many years. It was always her mother who decided the dress which her father wore to his office.

When she was selecting his dresses, she was shocked to see that he had a huge collection of shirt, waistcoats, pants and formal suits. He didn't have any informal dress like jeans, t-shirt except for the one which he had worn during the orphanage.

She shook her head and sighed. He was a typical businessman who wore only formal dresses.

She selected a suit for him, for the day. She placed it on the bed. She then selected a formal tie and belt which matched with the dress. She placed it on the bed.

After placing his dress, she again made her way towards the kitchen where she gave final touch to the breakfast.


Su Yuchen woke up from the best sleep of his life. He was feeling so refreshed. He opened his eyes and stretched his body. He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the wall clock which displayed eight.

He was shocked to find that he had overslept. It had been so long that he had slept for so long!

He removed the blanket from his body and made his way towards the bathroom. He washed his face and brushed his teeth before entering inside the shower cubicle.

He leaned against the shower glass wall and let the cold water wash over him. He was planning his day in his mind when realization dawned upon him. He cursed himself for nearly forgetting that now he was a married man!

A smile left his lips when he remembered his beautiful wife who was missing from his bed in the morning. He also scolded himself for being so foolish, to forget that he was married.

He quickly had a shower and stepped out of it. He was now eager to greet his wife the first morning of their married life.

With a towel wrapped around his waist, he stepped out of the bathroom. Warmth filled in his heart when he saw a suit was neatly placed on his bed.

When was the last time someone had decided clothes for him? Never.

He smiled brightly and picked up the suit from the bed. He looked at the navy coloured suit.

Su Yuchen was habitual of wearing black Armani suits whenever he had some important meeting like today, but today he was going to make an exception by wearing this navy suit. It was selected by his wife after all.

While whistling happily, Su Yuchen wore his suit. He tied the tie around his neck and wore his watch on his wrist before making his way down in the living room, in search of his wife.

When he neared the kitchen, he could smell the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. His stomach grumbled out aloud.

He entered in the kitchen and came across the back of Xin Mei. She had earphone plugged in her ears and was dancing on the beats of music which was humming in the ears.

Su Yuchen leaned against the kitchen door and watched his beautiful wife who was dancing beautifully like a snake.

Unaware of the presence of her husband, Xin Mei was listening to the music coming from the earphone. In-between, she was also singing the song at the loudest pitch.

She spread her legs and twisted her waist from time to time. She hosted her hands up in the air and rocked with the music.

"Ho, ho, ho, ho, I love you, I love you, I love you, hey, hey," she sang out aloud.

Su Yuchen smiled brightly when he heard the words I love you. He wanted to hear those words from her mouth for him.

He looked at his wife and wished to see this scene for the rest of his life. He wanted to see his wife dancing in his kitchen, so carefree and barefooted. This sight was enough to give him the strength to spend the rest of his day.

"I love you, baby, I love you, I love you." she again yelled.

Su Yuchen smiled and walked toward her. Without thinking about anything, he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Xin Mei jumped when she felt arms around her waist. She removed her earphones and turned in the arms of Su Yuchen. She placed her hand on his shoulder and looked at him with wide eyes.

What was he doing here in the kitchen? And from how long was he standing here? Had he seen her sing and dance? A lot of questions ran in the mind of Xin Mei and she looked at Su Yuchen.

 "I never thought to be greeted by your beautiful singing in the morning," Su Yuchen mocked.

Xin Mei knew he was mocking at her. She felt embarrassed. She poked on his chest. She didn't want him to hear her sing but what could she do, she was so lost in the song.

"Don't you know its bad habit to eavesdrop on others? How dare of you to hear me sing in my beautiful voice?"

She looked at him with accusing gaze and tried to break free from his arms which were wrapped around her waist. Su Yuchen understood her intentions and tightened his grip. He acted ignorantly to her actions to break free.

"I wasn't eavesdropping. It's your voice which is so loud that it was impossible for me to not hear it."

Eyes of Su Yuchen shined with humor. He looked down at Xin Mei with teasing smile on his lips.

"Stop teasing me." Xin Mei pouted and pushed him hard. "Now leave me. I have breakfast to prepare."

Su Yuchen chuckled and poked her nose. He then left her waist. Xin Mei turned and looked at the food over the stove. Su Yuchen stood beside her and watched her doing her work. There was amusement in his eyes.

"You should never make fun of others. So what if my voice isn't beautiful? No one is perfect, everyone is terrible in one thing or another and I have singing as my weakness so what?" Xin Mei scolded him while glaring at him.

"Such an emotionless fool! He made his wife angry on the first day after their marriage." She murmured under her breath and glared at him.

Su Yuchen sighed and looked at his angry wife. He couldn't help himself from again wrapping his arms around her waist. He pulled her closer to himself. He leaned against her ears.

"Wife, truthfully I love your voice. If possible, I would love to hear you sing each day in the morning. I like the way you sing the song at top of your lungs, without any worry. I liked the way you danced while singing." I love the way you yelled I love you he wanted to add but constrained himself.

"Your voice is very beautiful and I will feel lucky if your singing belongs to me and my only."

Xin Mei looked at him and found his eyes were full of sincerity. He liked her voice. She smiled slightly before again frowning.

"You are not going to mollify me with your sweet talks mister. You wife is angry with you on the first day of your marriage itself." She wrapped her arm around her chest and glared at him.

"So, will my wife forgive me if I give her a black card with a grant of unlimited shopping?"

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Su Yuchen pulled out his black card from his pocket. He placed it in front of Xin Mei. Xin Mei looked at the card with wide eyes. Who wouldn't love to shop? And who wouldn't love to shop from the huge bank balance of Su Yuchen?

"You know how to mollify a girl."

Xin Mei nodded her head in satisfaction and pulled the card from his hand.

"This way, I am sure we will always live in harmony."

"You are so easy to mollify." Su Yuchen pulled her nose lovingly. "I never thought you are like other girls who love to shop."

"Who doesn't love to shop?" Xin Mei shrugged. "By the way, what is the password to use the card?"

"3009." He replied.

"Your birthdate?"

"Nah," Su Yuchen took a deep breath. "My best friend, Mian's birthdate."

"The same best friend about whom we had talked during the car ride?"

Xin Mei held the card in her hand and looked at it with insecurity in her heart. That day, during car ride he was talking a lot about his best friend Mian. Now after knowing that he had her birthdate as the pin-code of his black card, she started to feel insecure.

"Yup, she is the one." Su Yuchen agreed.

"Su Yuchen, do you love her?"

"Yes, she is the first love of my life." Su Yuchen replied, without hiding anything from her.

"What will you do we she comes back one day? Will you leave me for her?" Xin Mei asked in a heavy voice. Her heart was beating fast, waiting for the reply of Su Yuchen.

"I don't know if she will return or not, but if she returns then yes, I will leave you for her."

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