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Chapter 50: Love you 3000...!

Filming started today in studio which was set on the outskirt of the city. The studio consisted of two large palaces, one big village and some forest area. The set in itself was giving the look of royalty.

Anyone could say that Heritage entertainment had spent a large chunk of money to set up the studio at such a large scale.

In studio, every main lead was given their own room, own makeup artist and hair designer. Their room consisted of everything, to give them a comfortable environment after or before the scenes.

The first scene to be shot was the scene of marriage bouquet of Chunhua and emperor Kai. The marriage party was at a large scale so every minor to major cast was present to shoot the scene. The actors playing the role of ministers, the actresses playing the role of concubine of emperor Kai and some actors playing the role of some other emperors were also present.

In first scene, the role of Ruyi was very small. She acted like an ornament sitting next to Emperor Kai. Even if the role was small, wearing a lot of layers of tradition clothes on a hot day wasn't easy for Xin Mei. She was really missing the chilly weather of City B.

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Her clothes were not only thick but she was also wearing a heavy crown which wasn't there during the first schedule. She was feeling suffocated in her attire.

"Cut, well done Zhou Mingyu. You have really impressed me with today's performance. Keep it up. From now onwards, I want to see such a performance from you."

Director Zhang couldn't stop himself from praising Zhou Mingyu who had completed her scene in within two takes. He was very impressed with her. This was the level of acting skills which he required from her.

Zhou Mingyu smiled to the director and made her way to her chair which was assigned especially for her. Zhou Mingyu waved her hand and three assistants came rushing toward her. One fanned her while another gave her a bottle of cold water where the last one removed sweat from her face.

Xin Mei rolled her eyes on watching that scene. Zhou Mingyu had surely asked for more assistants from her management company.

Xin Mei waved herself with her fan when Fang Lin rushed toward her. She had a water bottle and a fan in her hand. Xin Mei drunk the cold water meanwhile Fang Lin fanned her.

Xin Mei couldn't remove her dress because the next scene also required the same dress. So, she removed her heavy crown and undone the collar of her dress to give herself some relief.

"Studio should have air conditioners." Xin Mei commented while moaning in pain.

"Xin Mei, air conditioners are already running. It's you who is feeling warm due to heavy dress." Fang Lin informed with a chuckle. "By the way, Xin Mei do you want some kind of cold drink?"

"From where will you get one? I don't think production staff has any arrangement for cold drinks."

"They haven't but I have. There is a small refrigerator in the changing room and I have already filled it with a variety of cold drinks. So, you want one?"

"No, not for now." Xin Mei moaned and closed her eyes. She let the air from the fan, waved by Fang Lin, give some relief to her.

At that very moment, an actor shouted, "Senior Zhou, your boyfriend is here to meet you."

Dressed in his usual office attire, Qian Fan walked toward Zhou Mingyu. He bent down a little and pressed a kiss on her lips. He then stood straight and motioned to the men who were following after him.

"Distribute the ice-cream to everyone. I am sure everyone is in need of it." He ordered with his own style. All this while, in secret, his eyes were searching for Xin Mei.

"Wow! Ice cream. Senior Zhou, your boyfriend if so thoughtful."

"Senior Zhou is so lucky to have a smart and caring boyfriend like Mister Qian."

"Senior Zhou is so blessed her boyfriend came on the first day to meet her."

"Oh my god, they are so lovey-dovey. A couple made in heaven."


On the other side, Fang Lin was feeling bad upon hearing the praises of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan.

"Xin Mei, isn't it your bad luck that you are no longer together with Mister Qian? Look at him, he is a doting boyfriend. If only you were still together then everyone was going to praise you like this."

"Fang Lin," Xin Mei scoffed. "I don't want such kind of praises. It doesn't matter to me if someone is bringing stuff for me or not."

Fang Lin sighed and looked in the direction of Zhou Mingyu who was flattered by the other cast and crew members.

Zhou Mingyu couldn't stop herself from gloating. She was feeling so proud. Today was her lucky day!

First, she had talked with her management team. They would provide her with every comfortable thing needed, which included her three new assistants.

Second, her scene went well and she received praises from the director. Third, Qian Fan arrived to meet her. Now everyone was going to praise her.

From the corner of her eyes, Zhou Mingyu looked at Xin Mei. At the same time, a crew member rushed toward her. "Miss Zhou, someone has sent this bouquet of flower for you."

Zhou Mingyu took the bouquet in her hand and smiled politely. The bouquet consisted of hundred fresh roses and there was a card in it.

'All the best goddess Zhou, I am looking forward to seeing your brilliant acting.

Your loyal Fan.'

"Oh my god, fans of Zhou Mingyu are so loyal. They sent her a gift on the first day of announcement itself."

"These roses are so beautiful. Someone must have spent a lot of money for his goddess Zhou."

Zhou Mingyu felt proud upon hearing the words of her co-stars. Never had she felt so proud. Finally, she was getting leverage over Xin Mei. Xin Mei may be a good actress but she couldn't get gifts like her.

Zhou Mingyu was celebrating her victory when production-assistant yelled. His voice sounded very excited, "Xin Mei, someone is looking for you."

Hearing his excited voice, everyone turned and looked at the door. Their eyes turned bright in shock.


Hundreds of different imported flowers were being slowly brought in.....

Camellia, scorpion glasses, saguaro, orange blossom.... these flowers were never seen or heard of in city A!

Before anyone could react, thousands of flowers were covering the set making in a colourful Rainbow!

Xin Mei froze upon seeing so many flowers. The delivery boy walked towards her and gave her a card.

'Love you 3000. So 3000 flowers for you.'

Everyone was looking at Xin Mei, flowers and the card in her hand. Everyone started to gossip upon seeing the card.

"Xin Mei, your admirer seems to be a big Hollywood fan. Love you 3000, how romantic!"

"Oh My God, senior Zhou received only 100 roses and look at Xin Mei, she received 3000 different kind of flowers!"

"Xin Mei is so lucky to have an admirer like this mystery man."

"These flowers seems to be imported. I haven't seen such a variety in the country, especially not in city A. Sender must have spent a huge fortune in collecting all these flowers."

Zhou Mingyu fisted her hand tight upon hearing the praises of Xin Mei. Not only a second ago, she was enjoying her victory but now… everything was snatched away from her.

Xin Mei was looking at the now covered set with the shocked filled eyes. Who could send her so many flowers and that too without disclosing his name?

Xin Mei rubbed her head in a try to remember if she had an admirer in the past or if she had seen one in her dreams…but she came out blank.

"Who can be my mysterious admirer?"


Somewhere far away

Chuckles of a man could be heard. He was laughing hard thinking of the reaction of Xin Mei.

"Xiao Mei, I hope you liked the gift of your Romeo."

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