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Chapter 79: Lunch for him!

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Su Yuchen yelled angrily the moment his eyes fell on Xin Mei. He then glared at Huang Chu who dared to bring this girl to his office, the girl who rejected him.

"Huang Chu, your bonus for this month is deducted. Now leave." Su Yuchen yelled.

Without waiting for a second, Huang Chu left the office. His heart was beating at a very fast speed. He was also feeling sad for washing his hand off of the month's bonus.

"I hope boss wouldn't scare away Miss Xin with his anger," he prayed and took a deep breath.

Inside the office, Su Yuchen was glaring at Xin Mei. He couldn't get his mind off that she rejected him because of some other male. He didn't care about the other reasons but he cared a lot about her ex.

"Why are you standing there like a dumb? Tell me what are you doing here? I don't have enough time to attend you?"

Xin Mei gave him a nervous smile before raising up her lunch box.

"I brought lunch for you as a thank you gift for helping my father." She beamed widely. "This lunch is also an apology treat. I shouldn't have rejected you like this. Please have this food. I have cooked it with my own hands."

Su Yuchen felt his anger was melting away when he saw the smiling face of Xin Mei. His heart got filled with warmth that she had brought lunch for him. It had been so long that someone had brought lunch for him.

"Place it on the side table," Su Yuchen pointed toward the side-table.

Xin Mei sighed when she saw the change in his temper. Guess, he was angry at her for rejecting him. Lucky her, she brought lunch for him.

Su Yuchen quickly finished his work in hand and walked toward the attached bathroom. He washed his hand and came back. His stomach grumbled when he inhaled the delicious aroma of food.

"I am sorry that I rejected you so bluntly. I don't know why but I am not ready to get married. So I said whatever came into my mind to reject you." Xin Mei spoke when she saw Su Yuchen.

"You don't need to apologize," Su Yuchen said in a bitter voice. "I can understand you still love Qian Fan. He is your first love after all."

"No, I don't love him," Xin Mei shook her head. "I lied to you last day. I wanted to pursue you that I really can't marry you now. Otherwise, I have moved over Qian Fan a long back."

Su Yuchen smiled when he heard the words of Xin Mei.

'So she had already moved over Qian Fan.'

She wasn't ready now but he was sure she would be ready one day!

Su Yuchen took a seat on the couch and pulled out two sets of cutlery. He served a plate for himself before serving a plate for Xin Mei.

"What are you doing?" Xin Mei looked at him with wide eyes. "This lunch is for you, not for me."

"I am not going to eat my food while you watch me like an alien." Su Yuchen gave her a pointed look. "Besides, all this food is so much for me. So share the food with me."

He pushed the plate and bowl in front of her. He placed a pair of chopstick in her hands and motioned for her to start eating.

Xin Mei started to eat the food while looking at Su Yuchen. Su Yuchen had the food and smiled when the delicious taste dissolved over his tongue.

"Thank you for this lunch treat Xin Mei." Su Yuchen couldn't help himself from speaking in between eating. "It has been so long that I had homemade food."

"You don't have homemade food?" Xin Mei asked with surprise.

"I don't have someone at home to cook food for me. So, I rarely have homemade food. And if I have, I make it myself."

Xin Mei nodded her head and somewhere felt bad for him. Now she knew the reason as to why Bai Yue was so eager to get him married. He was alone and she was worried about him.

"Su Yuchen, I am sorry that I can't marry you now. You want to fulfill the last wish of grandma." Xin Mei apologized from her heart. "You know once I marry you, my career in acting will be over. Not only that, I will be tagged with many other names and I don't want this. I hope you understand."

'I have a crush on you Su Yuchen. I am lucky to have this marriage proposal but I can't get married to you for now. If only we were given some more time!' She thought with sadness in her heart.

"I understand." Su Yuchen nodded his head. He wanted to say something more to make her agree but didn't know what.

They both completed their lunch in silence. After finishing her lunch Xin Mei stood up to leave.

"Su Yuchen, I again thanks you for helping my parents." Xin Mei showed him proper gratitude. "Now I should leave. I wouldn't disturb you from your work."

"Xin Mei, maybe I have helped your father but still my grandma is boss. If she gets to know that you are not marrying me then I don't know what she will do." Su Yuchen lied. He knew his grandma wasn't going to do anything.

He only wanted to use this as a chance, what if Xin Mei agreed to marry him in a fear that his grandma would take back the investment!

"Ok, understand."

Xin Mei nodded her head and left the office. Su Yuchen looked at the retreating figure of Xin Mei. He wanted to hold her back. He didn't want to let her go but he didn't know what he could do? Hopefully, she would take his bait!


Few days went by from the time Xin Mei had treated Su Yuchen with lunch. He couldn't forget the taste of food which Xin Mei had made him taste. She was a good cook and he so wished to have food from her hand, for each day of his life.

Every day, he was running his mind to find an excuse to get closer to Xin Mei, to make her his wife. His grandma was also bugging him, asking him the same question. When was he going to get married? When would he fulfill her last wish?

On other side, Xin Mei felt something heavy in her heart when she thought she had rejected Su Yuchen. She couldn't forget that she had a crush on him, she probably liked him. And when she had a chance of getting closer to him, how could she let go of it so easily?

Not to forget what if Bai Yue ordered Su Yuchen to take away the investment that she wasn't marrying him now. Her mind was a mess and she had a lot of things to think about at the same time.

One day, Gu Nan had come to meet her and she discussed the same with her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/lunch-for-him!_39380956263535531">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/lunch-for-him!_39380956263535531</a> for visiting.

"Gu Nan, I don't know if my decision is right or not? I know he is helping me now without marriage but sometimes I think I should have married to him. You know he is the perfect man which I could ever have as my husband."

Xin Mei took a deep breath and shrugged her shoulders.

"If you know he is the best man then what's the problem? Why can't you get married to him? I was afraid for your heartbreak when you informed me that he was your crush and now when you have the golden opportunity to marry him then why to let it go?"

Gu Nan yelled loudly and looked at Xin Mei with unbelievable expression.

"You know I am only twenty-two and I have my career and revenge to look after." Xin Mei pointed out.

"So what if your age twenty-two? You will not get a golden opportunity like this in your lifetime." Gu Nan yelled. "And about your career, why can't you both marry in secret? I know many stars who are married in secret. Then why not you? I am sure Su Yuchen also prefers a low profile like you."

"And about your revenge, marrying him is the best way to get your revenge. He will help you at each step. He will finish that Qian Fan with one click of his finger. Marry him, Xin Mei, you still have a chance. You have strong feelings for him. Don't ignore them because of your stupid notion that you are still twenty-two."

"I have learned it from you only, Gu Nan."

"Xin Mei, my and He Ye's case is different. He can wait for me but Su Yuchen would not. I don't want you to regret in future that you lost such a golden opportunity."

Xin Mei fell on the bed with a loud huff. She placed her hand on her head, not knowing what to do!


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