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3.76% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 15: Maybe you are destined to be with him.

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Chapter 15: Maybe you are destined to be with him.

"Holy gosh Meimei! I can't believe that you have really done it. I am so happy for you girl!"

Gu Nan grinned and she threw her arms around the shoulder of Xin Mei.

"By the way, is father really in there?" He Ye questioned.

"Yup. He is among the panel of judges."

"That old man! He didn't even tell me that he was coming here for the audition."

Xin Mei chuckled on seeing the frown on the face of her cousin.

"Stop frowning and tell me, where are we going for the party? Your cousin has received her first role. Wouldn't you give her a party, gege?"

He Ye smiled and shook his head upon seeing the silly smile on the lips of Xin Mei. He had missed this smile. He knew that this smile was missing from her lips when she was working as the manager of Zhou Mingyu.

"How about the newly opened Thai restaurant? I have heard from my colleagues that the food there is delicious. We can try that out."

Gu Nan suggested and then looked at the two persons in front of her.

"Ok then."

It was then decided that they were going to celebrate the success of Xin Mei in a Thai restaurant. They were about to make their way out of the studio when the door of audition room opened and Zhou Mingyu with director Zhang stepped out. There was a victorious smile on her lips.

"Ah, Miss Xin. You are still here. Come, come here. Meet your female co-star. Miss Zhou will be playing the role of Chunhua. And Miss Zhou, Miss Xin here is playing the role of Ruyi. I have heard that you both have a close relationship. I hope to see the same on the sets of revenge."

Director Zhang made Xin Mei met with Zhou Mingyu. Zhou Mingyu froze when she heard that Xin Mei got the role of Ruyi. She fisted her hand and sweat appeared on her forehead.

Zhou Mingyu knew that Xin Mei had the capacity to overshadow her. Zhou Mingyu could never let Xin Mei have this role. She had to do something to snatch away the role from her.

Xin Mei didn't stay among the judges for long. With an excuse which was spoken with politeness, she made her way out of the studio with her friends.

"Meimei, that bi*ch also got the role. What now?" Gu Nan asked with concern.

"What now?" Xin Mei shrugged. "What better opportunity will I get from this? Now I can easily overshadow her. With this film, I can prove that my acting is way better than hers. With this film, I can bring a pause to her acting career before finishing it."

There was an evil smile on her lips which made Gu Nan chuckle and proud of her best friend.

He Ye pulled out his car from the parking. Then together, the three of them made their way towards the Thai restaurant to celebrate.

Xin Mei booked a booth where the three of them took their places before ordering their food. Amid their fun, He Jichen also called to congratulate Xin Mei.

"I can't tell you how proud I am feeling for you princess. You really are a princess. Now again I am feeling envious of your mother for having a daughter like you."

"Uncle, how many times have I told you that I am your daughter? I feel lucky that I have two father and two mothers, Ok. And yes, if in the evening you get some time, visit home with aunt. I want to celebrate my success with you also."

"You didn't need to say this kiddo. I ensure you that evening I will be at your home."

After hanging up with her uncle, Xin Mei called her family. In her family, everyone got excited that she got the role.

"Meimei, do you really not want me to be your manager?" He Ye questioned over the bite of his food.

"How many times have I told you that I don't want you to be my manager? You know how stubborn I am. I will not change my decision. I will become your artist only after making a name for myself."

He Ye sighed and shook his head.

"Don't worry gege. This Xin Mei assures you that soon I will become successful. Then I will join you and will become the most successful artist under you."

"By the way, do you want me to invest in revenge? You know dad is already planning to invest in some…." He Ye stopped talking when he saw the glare coming from the direction of Xin Mei.

"Ok, ok, I will not invest. I will not even think about investing in revenge. Happy?" He Ye raised his hands in surrender. "By the way, I have heard that some big company is investing in the movie, maybe Heritage Entertainment."

"Don't you know Yeye, CEO of Heritage entertainment had personally given this script? He has an open budget for the movie." Gu Nan informed before turning her attention towards Xin Mei.

"Meimei, I have heard that CEO of Heritage will himself supervise over the shooting of revenge. The script of the movie is somewhat close to him. It is expected that he himself will be present at the sets. You can try to seduce him. Maybe you are destined to be with him."

Gu Nan grinned which made Xin Mei roll her eyes. Xin Mei was well aware of the mind of Gu Nan.

"NanNan, don't forget that I recently have a breakup with Qian Fan. Moreover, I am not ready to be in a relationship. I had wasted a lot of time on Qian Fan, now no more. I want to focus on my career. Besides, I don't think CEO of Heritage will have enough time to supervise on the movie."

Gu Nan wanted to say something but a glare from Xin Mei shut her off. Gu Nan could only sigh and continue on her food.

'It will be great if that CEO has fancy on my Meimei. Then Meimei can rub the same on the face of Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu. Her life will change with that CEO.' Gu Nan thought.

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After finishing the food, they decided to visit the bowling area and then Karaoke. The three of them enjoyed their time before it was time for Xin Mei to return home.

Actually, from last hour, Xin Mei had received a lot of calls from her parents and brother. They also wanted to congratulate her personally for her small success.

"Congratulations baby sister. I knew that you will get this role."

The moment Xin Mei entered inside her home she was engulfed by the strong arm of her brother. The delicious aroma of food cooked by her mother teased her nostril.

Everyone in her family congratulated her one after another before she made her way towards the table which was filled with her favorite food items. Her mother had personally cooked her favorite to celebrate her success.

"Why aren't you eating Xin Mei? Have the food. Mother has cooked it personally."

Truthfully, Xin Mei was full of Thai food which she had eaten. There wasn't any space in her stomach. But still, she had food as to not disappoint her mother who had worked so hard. To add in, the food looked mouthwatering to her.

"Jin, haven't I told you that your daughter is a diamond? You just wait and watch, her name will be penned down in the history."

He Jichen who was a little drunk patted on the back of Xin Jin with happiness. He really was very happy for his niece.

"Princess, Do you want me to invest in your film?" Xin Jin questioned.

"No." Xin Mei groaned. "Please don't ever think of investing in this film."

Xin Mei didn't want her father to invest in this movie. The reason being, she didn't want any attention for being the daughter of an investor, not only that, she was well aware of the financial condition of her father.

She knew that her father would not lag behind in investing in her film. He wouldn't care about his financial condition only for her.

"Enough of your talking. Everyone focus on your dinner. I have cooked with so much hard work but no one is eating." He Lin pouted, making everyone chuckle.

Hearing her, everyone started to have their food to their fill.

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