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Chapter 17: My sister is a witch!

Xin Mei contributed her everything to prepare for the role of Ruyi. In the start, she didn't like her character much but with the development of her character, Xin Mei started to feel lucky to play the role of Ruyi.

The character of Ruyi started with showcasing her as an innocent girl who soon would become the favorite concubine of an emperor. Many scenes were written in the script where she was to seduce the king of Kai kingdom and have to get intimate with him.

Then the character of Ruyi would be shown as a broken girl who was thrown out of the Kai empire. A fire of revenge burned in her and she reached Jun kingdom where she would be developed as a warrior. Again her love story was shown with emperor Jun.

Xin Mei was sure that if she was able to pull the various scenes of Ruyi with perfection then no one would be able to stop her success in the entertainment industry. The character of Ruyi was going to be a big test to her acting skills!

He Ye had also told her that if she was able to pull the character of Ruyi with perfection then there were chances that director would increase her screen time. Role of Ruyi was a big bet of her career.

So, Xin Mei was working very hard to portray the character of Ruyi. In her home also she tried to act like a girl from the old, historical period.

"Yan gege, Yan gege, can you please help me? I have practiced all the scenes of the script but now I need an audience. Can you become my audience, please?"

Xin Mei pouted and blinked her eyes numerous times while looking at her brother.

"Xiao Mei, you should ask He Ye for help instead of me. You know that I have no knowledge of acting."

"No, I need your help only." Xin Mei took the hand of Xin Yan and gripped it tight. "Ye gege is too professional but I need someone like you to judge my acting. I want you to see my acting like my real audience. Please become my audience gege, please!"

Xin Yan sighed at her puppy face. "Ok, I will see your acting tomorrow morning. Tonight, I have a lot of work which is calling for me. Ok?"

"Thank you gege. You are the best."

Xin Mei jumped in excitement and kissed his cheeks before making her way towards her room. Xin Yan shook his head upon seeing his sister who was bouncing towards her room.

Xin Mei entered in her room and once again went through the script to decide which scene she was going to act in front of Xin Yan.

"This scene will be perfect." She grinned. Her eyes sparked with mischievousness.

That night, Xin Mei ended up on the bed a little early from her regular time. She was practicing nonstop from last few days so she decided to sleep early that night.

She was in a deep sleep when her mobile started to ring. She groaned and looked at the mobile screen with disoriented eyes. She didn't hitch and pressed the red button.

"Who is disturbing my precious sleep?" she muttered before again falling into dreamland.

She hadn't slept for even a minute when her mobile again rung with the same number. Xin Mei groaned with displeasure before receiving the call.

"Hello, who is it?" Her voice was groggy.

"Juliet, oh my Juliet, it's your Romeo calling you in the middle of the night."

Xin Mei heard a very enthusiastic voice from the other side of the phone. The voice sounded deep yet sexy.

"Oh my Juliet, I so wish to enter your room through your room's window. But what to do, the window is so high and your Romeo is so lazy."

Xin Mei groaned upon hearing the voice from the other side of the phone. She checked her mobile screen to see who was playing a joke on her only to find it an unknown number.

"Oh my Juliet, this Romeo of yours cannot sleep from the moment he has seen you. He wants to spend each second of his…."

Before her caller could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by Xin Mei. "Are you drunk? What kind of man you are? Getting drunk in the middle of the night and then calling a random girl. Have your parents taught you something?"

Xin Mei scolded the caller very badly before hanging up on him. She also silenced her phone in case that shameless caller tried to call her again. After hanging up on him, she again went back into her dreamland.

Next morning, when Xin Mei woke up, she had a lot of calls and messages from that unknown number from the last night. Her social media account which was attached to her mobile number also had messages from him.

He had sent her a lot of quotes from Romeo and Juliet. Xin Mei felt a headache forming. She groaned before blocking the number of the caller.

"I haven't become a star till now and already I am receiving calls from Romeos. How troublesome!" Xin Mei thought before making her way towards the bathroom.

Later in the morning, as said, Xin Yan came to her room to become her audience. He was feeling a little nervous because he knew that any wrong comment from his mouth could make his sister sad.

He wanted to praise his sister no matter how she acted but he knew that his sister was no fool to get deceived by his fake praises.

"God help me. I hope to give correct comment on her acting, the same which she wants to hear from my mouth."

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"Gege, you sit here on the bed. Ok?"

Xin Yan obediently sat on the bed and looked at his sister.

"I will be playing the scene where Ruyi is present in front of her king and here you are the king."

Xin Yan nodded his head. Looking at the face of Xin Mei he found something odd but he didn't dare to say it out loud.

Xin Mei walked in the center of the room and stood there with lowered head. Xin Yan also became alert and looked at his sister with concentration. His sister standing in the center of the room was already looking different.

Xin Mei lifted up her face and looked at Xin Yan. She didn't say any word she only looked at Xin Yan with a captivating gaze. Her body emitted an aura as deep as forest, like a crafty fox.

For Xin Yan, her eyes felt like a magnet which attracted him towards his own sister. Her eyes were so clear and bewitching that it could force people to lose control over oneself.

Xin Mei started to move towards Xin Yan in slow steps. Her waist was waving with her each step. She gave off a mature and seductive aura, yet she seemed so innocent at the same time.

She stopped only a step away from him. She leaned towards him and placed her fingernail on his cheeks. All this while, her eyes were locked with his, trying to seduce him.

"Ah!" Xin Yan jumped in shock and stepped away from his sister who was nearly successful in seducing him. If only she wasn't his sister.

For Xin Yan, his sister had nearly captivated him with her eyes. When in her acting mode, she wasn't his sister but some trained seductress.

"Gege, how was my acting?"

Xin Yan grumbled when he looked at his sister, her eyes which were so different not a second ago.

"Acting? It was so real! If you weren't my sister then I would have taken you on the bed by any second."

Xin Yan commented before he abruptly left the room. A chuckle left from the mouth of Xin Mei when she watched her brother. His slightly red cheeks weren't hidden from her sight.

In the evening, she acted the same scene in front of Gu Nan who claimed that Xin Mei could turn on hormones of any man and could turn any girl into a lesbian.

Xin Mei demonstrated many scenes in front of Gu Nan but she never again got hold of her brother who after her first act was ignoring her like a plague!

'My sister is a witch. It's better for me if I stay away from her for the time being.'

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