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16.94% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 71: Should I marry or not???

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Chapter 71: Should I marry or not???

Xin Mei had a troubled expression on her face. She looked down and didn't know what to do. She knew if she helped her family then they could cross this crisis but if she denied….she shivered even at the thought.

"Xin Mei, we know it's tough for you to get married. You recently had a breakup with Qian Fan. We can also understand about your feelings for Qian Fan but....."

"Father, I no longer have feelings for Qian Fan," Xin Mei cut him off. "I am a little troubled about this marriage because I don't want to get married at the age of twenty-two and not to a stranger." She placed her point of view in front of them.

She closed her eyes and placed her hand on her forehead. "Father, I am still twenty-two and who marries at this age. I don't want to get married now. I want to spend some more time with my family. We can't forget about my career. It will be finished once I get married."

"Xin Mei, I can understand your feelings." Xin Jin squeezed on her shoulder. "I too don't want to get you married so soon. I never thought I will have to get you marry away by the age of twenty-two, and about your career, I am sure, aunt Bai will have no problem with it."

"Father…." She looked at her father with a sad smile.

"Let me tell you a secret Xiao Mei," he took a seat beside her. "It was your grandma's last wish to get you married to the grandson of aunt Bai. She didn't say anything to you because of your fancy to Qian Fan. I haven't met the boy, but your grandma did. She liked him. She used to praise him very much."

"Xin Mei, don't think this marriage as a deal but think this as a marriage proposal which is found by us. I am sure he will be a good groom for you. Tomorrow, visit aunt Bai, meet her and her grandson. Then you can decide if you want this marriage or not." He Lin spoke in an attempt to motivate her daughter.

"Besides, she only wants to ensure that you will be her granddaughter-in-law. Who had said that the marriage will take place tomorrow only? Go and meet aunt, tell her you don't want to marry at the age of twenty-two but twenty-five. Maybe she will agree to your wish."

Xin Mei looked at the hopes in her father's eyes. Seeing the hope, she couldn't say no to this marriage proposal. Besides, if her father was agreeing to marry her to him then she could say that the prospected groom wasn't bad.

As her mother said, she would take the prospected groom to be the one chosen by her parents for her.

"Ok father, tomorrow I will go and meet aunt Bai. I will try my best to persuade her to invest in your company without marrying me off to her grandson. I will place my point of view in front of her."

Xin Jin patted on her head. She could see sadness and guilt in his eyes but she didn't comment on it.

That night, Xin Mei couldn't fall asleep. She didn't have any problem with this groom. She knew her grandma's friend must be like her grandmother. The problem was she didn't want to get married at such a young age. Her career had only started. She still had her revenge!

Not only that, a dream bugged her whole night, a dream which she had seen during her coma.

In her dream, she didn't hear about the reasons as to why her father was asking her to marry some stranger. She had thrown a big tantrum without hearing to the please of her father.

Next day, on the advice of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan, she went to meet the old lady in the hospital. She didn't care about her poor health and shouted at the poor lady. She had said many rude words to her and talked rudely about her grandson.

Before she could meet her prospective groom, she had left the hospital. Later that day, her parents informed that the old lady got a heart attack and died immediately.

This dream didn't let Xin Mei sleep for the whole night. She felt guilty and stupid. She could remember the poor condition of her family after that, it wasn't long after her father committed suicide and her brother ran away.

"I can't be selfish like in my dream. I will say yes to this marriage. I will help my father even if it means to sacrifice my happiness." Xin Mei determined to herself.

Next day, when she woke up, Xin Yan was sitting beside her bed. He looked at her with a sad smile.

"I am sorry little sister," he sadly ran his finger in her hairs. "It's all my mistake that now we have to sacrifice you to get some money."

"No, it's not your mistake," Xin Mei took a hold of her brother's hand and kissed over it. "It's my mistake to trust on Qian Fan. I knew his business was the one to invest the largest amount in your projects. Their betrayal has affected you the most."

Xin Yan sighed and didn't look at her. "Princess, no one wants to get you married off at this age, especially not father. If possible, he wouldn't get you married forever."

They both chuckled upon hearing him. "But he is forced. We have no other way to be out of this crisis."

He took a huge gulp of breath and looked at Xin Mei. "Xin Mei, if you are worried about your future groom then don't worry. I have sent a party to get me information about him, if he has any problem then this gege promise I will not let you marry him." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/should-i-marry-or-not_39264252892071452">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/should-i-marry-or-not_39264252892071452</a> for visiting.

"I trust you and father gege. I know you will not get me married off for some investment. I know you will inquire about the groom before getting me married. It's just...." Xin Mei sighed and shrugged her shoulder. "It's just I am not ready for marriage, the proposal is out of blue."

Both stayed silent for some time before Xin Mei asked, "gege, tell me truthfully about the condition of the company."

"Xiao Mei, our every project has come to a halt and workers have gone on a strike. Many investors have filed a case on us. We can go bankrupt any moment from now."

Her heart stopped beating upon hearing her brother. She smiled sadly and nodded her head.

"Don't worry gege I will try to do my best to help you and family."

After some time, Xin Mei got ready for her day. She decided to visit the hospital, to meet aunt Bai after her shoot. To impress the old lady, she decided to wear a Qipao which her mother had gifted on her last birthday.

While getting ready, a thought crossed her mind, why not take help from Su Yuchen? Then she wouldn't need to get married! But she immediately dismissed that thought. She didn't know if he would help her or not.

Besides, her family was in urgent need of money and she didn't have much time to talk with him and persuade him for the money. Agreeing to the terms of aunt Bai seemed to be a better way for Xin Mei.


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