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Chapter 41: Stealing the limelight!

Zhou Mingyu looked at Xin Mei with envious eyes. She had thought to steal all the limelight but now the case was something as.

When she had entered the ballroom, everyone was praising her. They thought her photo would appear on the face of magazine covers.

But the moment, Xin Mei had arrived, all her glory was gone. Xin Mei was looking more hot and sexy in her short skirt. The skirt which exposed her long and slender legs. Her breasts were being pushed up which were making them beautiful.

The dress was very beautiful but Xin Mei had never worn such a dress. Now that she had worn it, she had taken away all the limelight. Every male was looking at her. They never thought Xin Mei was so gorgeous.

Qian Fan was also one of the males who was enchanted by the beauty of Xin Mei. In his whole life, he never knew that Xin Mei was so gorgeous, so beautiful. He had never seen Xin Mei in such an exposing dress. She was looking more beautiful than Zhou Mingyu.

During their school days, Xin Mei was a nerd, always wearing those hilarious big glasses. She also had braces on her teeth. Her school uniform was always fit on her, never too short or exposing. Her skirts were always longer than the knee.

Even during university days and when she was the manager of Zhou Mingyu, She always wore glasses and her dresses were always conservative and baggy. She had always kept her beauty hidden all this while.

Last night, Qian Fan had watched the filmed scenes. He was so shocked when he saw the scenes of Xin Mei. She was looking like a seductress all the while. Qian Fan had felt himself hard on seeing her. He had never done anything more than kissing with Xin Mei.

He had never seen her beautiful body and now he regretted it. Last night, when he was making love with Zhou Mingyu, he was imagining Xin Mei instead of her.

Qian Fan came out from his thoughts when someone unintentionally collided with him. He immediately averted his gazes from Xin Mei. He didn't want Zhou Mingyu to catch him while gazing at Xin Mei.

Xin Mei walked inside the ballroom and directly toward director Zhang.

"Director, I am sorry for being late. I hope I didn't make anyone wait." She apologized in a very polite manner.

"Ah, don't worry. You are not late. The media itself haven't arrived till now."

Director Zhang grumbled at the name of media. He didn't want to have media conference now. He was waiting to return to city A before officially announcing the revenge. Even the page for the movie wasn't ready yet. It was Qian Fan who had forced his ways to invite media.

"By the way, what happened to your dress? Wasn't it different?" Director Zhang looked at the dress with a frown in-between his brows.

Before Xin Mei could reply, Fang Lin peeped in, "Director, after returning to city A, we should visit the designer. Don't know what poor material she had used for the dress of Xin Mei. The dress nearly tore apart when tried on. Xin Mei is lucky that she didn't find herself in some scandal due to that dress."

"Is it so?" Director Zhang frowned. He looked at Xin Mei. "Don't worry Xin Mei. After returning back, I will investigate this matter. Now go and have your seat. Enjoy with your co-stars."

Xin Mei walked towards the only empty seats on the huge table. The empty seats were beside Tang Min. Xin Mei placed her clutch on the table and took her seat.

"Hi." Tang Min spoke. He was looking at Xin Mei with hazy eyes. Literally, stars could be seen in his eyes He was badly mesmerized with this co-star of his.

In his heart, Tang Min had declared himself to be the first fan of Xin Mei. He was waiting for the official announcement of the movie. Then he planned to officially announce his liking towards Xin Mei. He wanted to help her in creating her own fan base.

"Hi, senior Tang." Xin Mei spoke formally. She also bowed to him.

"Please don't be this formal with me, Xin Mei. We are co-stars. We should call each other with our names."

"Ok Tang Min." Xin Mei smiled and took a glass of wine. She slowly sipped wine from her glass.

Tang Min gulped and remembered their first scene where Xin Mei had mesmerized him with her beauty and acting skills.

Tang Min cleared his throat and looked at Xin Mei. "Don't you think that something is changed in-between us from the time we have met?"

"Yup, I think so," Xin Mei chuckled. "When we met for the first time, you were rude to me. You hadn't replied to my greeting and now, today, you have yourself started a conversation with me."

Tang Min chuckled upon hearing her. He shook his head.

"Very true. You have changed my perspective toward yourself. I never thought that a newbie like you can act so well. By the way, under which management company are you working?"

"For now, no one. I am not in contract with any management company. Though I was linked with Sunshine Entertainment Company due you Zhou Mingyu but we never had any official contract. So I am free."

"Oh, didn't you plan to join any company? Now that you have a movie in your hand, don't you think you should join a Management Company? It will boost your career in acting. You will get a lot of new scopes."

Tang Min sipped his wine. He looked at Xin Mei, waiting for her reply.

"For now, I don't plan to join any management company. Even if I join it, I will not announce it before getting some fame."

"Oh. I understand your perspective. But if you want, I can recommend you to heritage Entertainment Company. I am currently working there and I am sure that if I recommend you, they will give you a try."

"Thank you for your offer Tang Min but I will decline." Xin Mei politely rejected his offer. "I don't want to have dreams of joining Heritage Entertainment Company. It is for named actors like you. I am happy if I can work with glory entertainment (Her uncle's company)."

"Glory entertainment is also a good idea." Tang Min nodded his head.

Both Tang Min and Xin Mei talked for some time. They both were unaware of the eyes which were glaring at them.

Qian Fan had his glass of wine clutched in a hard grip. He was looking at Xin Mei and Tang Min with a murderous gaze. He so wished if he was the one to sit close to Xin Mei. He also wanted to talk with Xin Mei. He wanted to hold her hands, run his hand on her long legs.

He wanted to be at the place of Tang Min!

Zhou Mingyu looked at Qian Fan and immediately insecurity filled in her heart. She could understand that Qian Fan was getting attracted towards Xin Mei and why not, Xin Mei was always beautiful than her. She had only kept her beauty hidden away.

"Bro Fan, what happened? Why are you looking at Xin Mei like this? Are you regretting choosing me over her?"

Zhou Mingyu held on the hand of Qian Fan. With a very vulnerable expression on her face, she looked at Qian Fan.

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"Seven years back I have given you an option to return back to her. Today also I will say the same. If you love her then I will leave you. But remember that this Mingyu will always love you and you only."

Zhou Mingyu gripped hard on the arms of Qian Fan. Tears filled in her eyes. Her lower lips trembled when she looked at Qian Fan.

"What are you talking about stupid girl?" Qian Fan wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He smiled at the vulnerable state of Zhou Mingyu. His Mingyu maybe vicious to others but she was always vulnerable to him.

"I also love you and you only. I can never get attracted to Xin Mei. Xin Mei is nothing like you. Ok? And I was looking at her only for you."

Zhou Mingyu lifted her head and looked at him with a frown.

"Didn't we decide that I will again trap Xin Mei in my love? If I will not do such things then how is she supposed to fall in my trap? Don't worry Mingyu. Your Qian Fan loves you only."

Qian Fan gripped on the shoulder of Zhou Mingyu. She sighed in relief unaware of what was cooking in the mind of Qian Fan.

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