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Chapter 34: Su Yuchen, my name

Xin Mei had never thought that a man like Su Yuchen would prefer to ride in a horror house. But apparently he did and here he was, riding beside her or we can say below her.

Xin Mei blushed red in embarrassment and jumped off from the lap of Su Yuchen where she was sitting from the last ten or more minutes. She blushed harder when she saw his crushed sleeves.

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All this while, Su Yuchen was intently looking at her expressions with an amusing smile on his lips.

Su Yuchen didn't love to ride the rides of the amusement park, the way Xin Mei had predicted. He didn't even remember the last time he had enjoyed some ride in the amusement park.

He didn't want to enter in the horror house but when he saw Xin Mei and the expression on her face, he remembered one particular face. That particular face forced Su Yuchen to follow Xin Mei inside the horror house.

'My Mian was afraid of ghosts. What if she is also afraid of ghosts?'

Without thinking twice, he brought ticket of horror house and took his seat beside her.


Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen with wide eyes before spiriting out of the cart and away from his sight. She padded speedily towards a random direction. She wanted to be away from Su Yuchen because she was feeling hell embarrassed.

"How can you do this Xin Mei? How can you sit on his lap? Don't you know how intimate that is? Already that rich man has a wrong impression of you. Now you have made your impression more degraded in his sight." Xin Mei scolded herself and made a crying face.

"What am I going to do now? How am I to face that man in the future? I still have to thank him but how can I? Why was it him to sit beside me? Why wasn't he some complete stranger?"

Xin Mei angrily pulled her hair. She didn't know why she was feeling so bad on embarrassing herself in front of Su Yuchen. They weren't close but still, she was feeling very embarrassed.

"I can save my face only if I stay away from that rich man. I should forget about thanking him."

Xin Mei huffed and made her way towards the parking. She had only ten minutes left before three and she seriously didn't want to miss her ride.

Xin Mei reached the parking and started to search for the taxi but didn't find it anywhere.

"Where had uncle parked his car?" She murmured to herself. She scratched her head. She pulled out her mobile and dialed the number of driver.

"Uncle, where are you? I can't find your car."

"Daughter, didn't I inform you that I will leave the city B at two in the afternoon. It's already three."

"Uncle, you haven't said two but three and I remember it clearly."

"Not possible daughter, I remember correctly. I have said two only." Driver smoothly lied. "I am hanging up now. I have to concentrate on driving."

Xin Mei looked at her mobile with dark eyes. That driver dared to leave her in an unknown city he dared to lie to her before hanging up on her.

"You…rude uncle…I will see how are you going to get your payment from me. You are not getting a cent from me. I will also complaint against you. How irresponsible of you!"

Xin Mei cursed while looking at her mobile. She scratched her head, planning what she should do.

She opened the cab app on her mobile but no one provided a cab service from City C to City B. She cursed every cab owner. What should she do now? She had to return back to city B that day. She had an important scene the next day.

Xin Mei was still thinking of alternatives when a black Audi stopped in front of her. She looked at the tinted glasses of the car which soon slide down, displaying the handsome face of Su Yuchen.

Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen with wide eyes. Only few moments ago, she was planning to run away from him but now here he was, in front of her.

Why had her day turned out like this? Xin Mei cursed. First, she had to land herself on the lap of Su Yuchen, then her taxi driver cheated on her and now she was again in front of Su Yuchen, feeling hell embarrassed.

"What are you doing here?" Su Yuchen asked.

"I am waiting for a taxi."

"A taxi? what about your taxi?"

"He ditched me." Xin Mei murmured with an ugly face but Su Yuchen was able to hear her.

"Enter in the car." Su Yuchen ordered in a serious voice.

"Excuse me?" Xin Mei looked at him with shock, not able to believe her ears.

"I said, come and sit in my car. We are going to the same destination. So I will give you a ride."

"I don't need a ride with you." Xin Mei immediately rejected.

She couldn't sit in a small car, with him, especially after what had happened in the horror house.

"I am sure that I will find a taxi. You should go. Moreover, I don't want to be a burden on you. I know you don't like me much. You have helped me once I don't need your help again."

"You have already taken my help once, so you shouldn't mind taking my help again. Moreover, I don't think you will find a taxi from City C to City B. you must have seen the roads. No cab driver prefers to drive on those roads. So come and sit inside."

Xin Mei sighed. She also had a hunch that she wouldn't find a cab. So, she decided to take the offer of a free ride. She walked towards the Audi and opened the back door. At the moment, she heard the voice of Su Yuchen.

"I am not your driver. Come and sit on the passenger seat."

Xin Mei shook her head and made her way towars the passenger seat.

The moment she took her place, Su Yuchen pressed hard on the accelerator. The car sped on the roads with a high speed.

Xin Mei curled herself towards the door and looked out of the window. She was feeling edgy upon sitting beside Su Yuchen. She had never sat on passenger seat if her father or brother weren't driving, not even with Qian Fan!

Sun Yuchen, who was driving, was continuously stealing glances from Xin Mei. His eyes were continuously going towards her. He knew very well that tonight he was again going to have dreams of Xin Mei.

Something bugged Su Yuchen when he saw that Xin Mei hadn't said a word to him. Otherwise, she was always trying to chat with him, whenever she saw him.

"Why are you so silent?" before he could control, the question was already out of his mouth.

Su Yuchen took a deep breath and closed his eyes, 'What are you doing Su Yuchen? She is not Mian. Why are you giving so much attention to her? She is only an artist for you. Nothing else.'

"Huh?" Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen with doubt. Maybe it was her imagination that Su Yuchen asked her why wasn't she speaking.

Two of them completed their one and a half-hour of the journey without talking with one another. Su Yuchen had plugged Bluetooth in his ear and called Huang Chu, to divert his attention away from Xin Mei. That was how he completed his journey.

"Leave me here only."

Xin Mei asked Su Yuchen to leave her a few distance away from the hotel where they were saying.

"Why?" Su Yuchen asked. He had already hung up on Huang Chu.

"There are many people in the hotel. I don't want anyone to spot us. You know about the entertainment industry. No one lags behind from making rumors…So."

"Ok," Su Yuchen expertly parked the car on a corner and pressed the break.

"Thank you so much for a free ride and thank you for thinking a plan of developing city B."

Xin Mei thanked Su Yuchen before stepping out of the car.

"Once again thank you." She was about to the left when she heard the voice of Su Yuchen. "Su Yuchen."


"My Name. You were asking about it in the morning. Now you know, my name is Su Yuchen." And with that, Su Yuchen speed passed her, leaving a shocked Xin Mei behind.

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