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Chapter 37: Swimming or ogling?

Next day, Xin Mei got late in waking up. She hurriedly went to the bathroom and cursed herself for being late. She wanted to be a part of the trip organized by director Zhang.

She knew, during the trip, she could spend some time with cast and crew. She could get closer to them and change their perception towards herself.

Xin Mei took a quick shower. After getting ready, she packed a small handbag.

She made her way towards the bedroom door only to find it blocked. She panicked and tried to open it but the door didn't make a name of opening. She did every attempt to open it, only to face failure.

She pulled out her mobile from her purse and immediately called director Zhang.


"Xin Mei, how are you feeling now? Zhou Mingyu informed us that you are sick. So I didn't call you to disturb you."

Realization dawned upon Xin Mei. Zhou Mingyu had blocked her so she could not attend the trip.

"I was feeling a little off in the morning but now I am fine director. Where are you now?"

"We are already on the road Xin Mei." She could hear the regret in his voice. "Do you want me to turn around the bus?"

"No need director. I have already seen the city. I will stay at the hotel. Meanwhile, you enjoy your trip."

"Enjoy your day Xin Mei." And with that, director hung up the call.

Xin Mei sighed and called the reception to open the door of her room.

On other side, Zhou Mingyu smirked when she heard the words of director Zhang. She never thought that her plan to stop Xin Mei from attending the trip would get successful. She had accidentally blocked her room door.

Zhou Mingyu knew the importance of such friendly trips. She could use this trip as a chance to become closer with other cast and crew.

"What should I do now?" Xin Mei wondered after having her breakfast. She was left all alone in the hotel.

After wondering for some time, she decided to swim. She looked out of the window to find it a sunny day. Moreover, she had heard the water in the pool was warm all the time.

She wore her blue bikini, after carrying a towel with herself she made her way towards the pool area of the hotel. She placed her towel on the lounge chair. She stepped towards the pool and checked the temperature of water by placing her toe inside it.

Once satisfied with the temperature, she entered the swimming pool. Her body loved this feeling of warm water around her. Xin Mei took deep dives in the water to ascertain the water level.

She then started to swim around the pool in various forms. Xin Mei was a born expert in swimming. She nearly knew every type of swimming form.

Xin Mei reached the edge of the pool and looked at the view with awe. The swimming pool was located at the edge of the cliff, it opened at the cliff. She placed her hand on the edge of the swimming pool and looked out at the beautiful scenery. She could see each type of colorful tree.

Like Xin Mei, Su Yuchen also decided to spend his morning by swimming. He hadn't worked out from the last one week and now his body wanted some workout and what could be better than swimming.

He reached the swimming area. He removed his bathrobe, leaving himself only in his boxers. He walked towards the stairs of the swimming pool when his eyes fell upon Xin Mei.

He was able to see the back of Xin Mei in the clear water. Water was so clear that Su Yuchen could see the white body of Xin Mei.

Xin Mei stopped looking at the scene in front of her. She again started to swim unaware of the eyes of Su Yuchen which were following her.

He watched her swimming like an expert. She was swimming without making any loud noise or without splashing any water. Her body inside the water was looking like a mermaid.

Su Yuchen watched her doing freestyle stroke, dolphin stroke, butterfly stroke, and many other strokes. Su Yuchen hadn't seen some of them before. He himself was swimming from last so many years but he knew that his skills were nothing in comparison to Xin Mei.

"Who taught you swimming?" curiosity got better of Su Yuchen.

Xin Mei who heard the voice of Su Yuchen felt surprised. In her surprise, she gulped mouthful water and coughed hard. Coughing hard, she came on the surface and looked at Su Yuchen.

"What are you doing here?" She asked the criminal who disturbed her in-between her lap.

"If you don't know, this pool belongs to every customer in the hotel, not only to you. Now you answer my question."

Su Yuchen looked up and down at Xin Mei. She was standing straight in the pool. He was able to see her exposed cleavage and a little area of the breast. He could also see her long milky legs which were making him hard.

Xin Mei felt that the eyes of Su Yuchen were on her legs. She blushed hard and swam towards the wall of the pool, to hide her body from his sight.

"Why do you ask?" She asked and raised a brow. Su Yuchen sat down on the same side of the wall where Xin Mei was standing.

"I am really impressed with the way you were speaking. You are really a good swimmer."

"Thank you for the compliment." Xin Mei blushed. She blushed extra hard on remembering the words of Gu Nan from the last night.

'Meimei, wear some sexy dress and go in front of him. I am sure that he will become crazy for your sexy figure.'

Xin Mei took a deep breath and averted her eyes away from him. "Swimming comes naturally to me. We can say, I am a born swimmer. Even my swimming teacher was shocked when I went to learn swimming for the first time."

"Really? You aren't bluffing with me?" Su Yuchen questioned.

"If you don't trust me then you can call and confirm from my gege. I can also give you the number of my trainer."

Su Yuchen nodded his head and jumped inside the water. Xin Mei stepped back due to a sudden splash of water. She looked at Su Yuchen who was taking long and fast laps in the water.

Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen who was also a good swimmer. His speed was definitely faster than her. Xin Mei felt something churning in her when she saw his strong physic.

She kept watching Su Yuchen. Blush appeared on her cheeks when she realized that she was openly ogling at him. She shook her head and followed behind Su Yuchen, taking long strokes.

All this while, Su Yuchen was lost in old memories of his Mian.


"Chen, why can't I learn swimming? I also want to learn swimming." A little girl cried loudly and held on the swimming pants of her best friend.

"Mian, you are only four. You are very little. You can't learn swimming now." Chen tried his best to console his stubborn friend.

"No Chen, I don't know anything. I want to learn swimming and that's final." Mian wrapped her arms around her chest. She pouted cutely.

"Chen, what's going on here?" their coach arrived and looked at little kids in front of him.

"Coach, she is Mian, my friend. She is being stubborn that she wants to learn swimming. Please make her understand that she can't swim at this age."

"Little girl, you want to learn swimming." The coach looked at Mian and questioned in a very soft voice.

Main eagerly nodded her head upon hearing him.

"Then come with me. I will teach you."

"But coach."

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"Leave her to me." Coach turned and smiled at Chen. Chen sighed. He could trust his couch with Mian. He thought that Mian would stop being stubborn when she would find swimming tough.

To his and his couch's astonishment, Mian was determined to learn swimming. Even after sinking a lot of times, she wanted to swim like Chen.

"I will become a great swimmer like you, Chen." He had heard her words a lot of times.

With his own eyes, he had seen Mian becoming an expert in various swimming forms. She had won many swimming competitions. He still remembered that she loved to experiment with various swimming forms, just like Xin Mei.

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