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19.29% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 81: The girl sleeping on his bed was his wife!!

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Chapter 81: The girl sleeping on his bed was his wife!!

Su Yuchen couldn't believe on his fate, the girl sleeping on his bed was his wife. He was feeling so happy in his heart. He didn't know how to describe his feelings.

He was feeling like a kid on Christmas who got his favourite gift.

He leaned towards the sleeping Xin Mei and admired her beauty. Her face was free from any makeup and she was looking so beautiful without it. Her skin was so flawless.

Su Yuchen softly combed her long brown hair with his fingers. He took a lock of curl in his finger and twirled it. He softly ran his knuckles on her face, trying to make himself believe that she was here, so close to him.

Su Yuchen placed his thumb underneath her lower lip. Sudden urge to kiss her burned in his heart. He softly caressed her lips and smiled when she unknowingly took his thumb in her mouth.

"Xin Mei, I promise, you will never regret marrying me." Su Yuchen murmured. "I will help you in fulfilling your dreams. I will help you in getting your revenge. I will be the stepping stone for you to reach the pinnacle of your career. I will make you a big star."

Su Yuchen spoke softly. His voice was full of sincerity. "I know I will burn with jealousy whenever I see you with some other star. I am ready to gulp down that bitter medicine, only for your success, my wife."

Su Yuchen smiled at the way in which the word 'wife' rolled out of his tongue. He looked at her with mesmerizing eyes.

Su Yuchen laid down on the bed and looked at the sleeping Xin Mei on the other side of the bed. Not able to take the distance between their bodies he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

He smiled when her smell filled his senses. This was how he expected to spend the rest of his life with her, her in his arms.

Su Yuchen looked at Xin Mei and couldn't help himself from remembering how he had made her his wife in within two days!


After the bidding party, where Xin Corporation got the project, Xin Mei announced to her parents that she was going to get married to Su Yuchen.

Her family was sad at the thought of sending her off but they were also happy that she was going to marry a man like Su Yuchen, who in their eyes was the best husband for her.

That night, Su Yuchen couldn't fall asleep. He was feeling happy that Xin Mei was finally ready to marry him. He would finally have a family, someone whom he would call his family, someone whom he would pamper and love.

Now he had to think of a way to get married to her as soon as possible. He was afraid that she might change her mind.

Next day, he informed his grandparents that he was getting married and that to very soon. He also took permission from his grandma to use her name to force Xin Mei to marry without any delay.

That day, in the evening, Su Yuchen called Xin Mei.

"Xin Mei, let's go on a date." He announced the moment Xin Mei picked up the call.

"What?" Surprise was audible in the voice of Xin Mei.

"Now that we will be getting married very soon why not go on a date? Grandma called me today and she asked me to hurry. The trust suggested by you is taking grandma seriously. We can expect her operation in within a few days and before her operation, she wants me married."

He lied, praying for Xin Mei to believe him. His grandma was no longer in a hurry. She was happy that at least they decided to get married. It was Su Yuchen who was in a hurry.

"Oh…so when do you expect us to marry?"

"Today, tomorrow, as soon as possible." Su Yuchen declared.


Su Yuchen ignored the surprise in her voice and continued to speak, "That's why we are going on a date tomorrow. We can discuss our marriage arrangement there. We can also get to know each other. So meet me tomorrow at the Royal restaurant, at eleven in the morning."

Without waiting for the reply of Xin Mei, he hung up the call.

"Wait, wait, wait, Su Yuchen…..hello? Hello? Su Yuchen..?" Xin Mei yelled over the phone before she looked at its dark screen. Su Yuchen had hung up the call after declaring his decision.

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Next day, Xin Mei got ready for her supposed to be date. She didn't know what to wear, so she decided upon simple jeans and shirt which she had to change later on the command of her mother.

After wearing her blue long skirt, due to force of her mother; with a contract in her hands, Xin Mei made her way towards the royal restaurant. It was a famous restaurant in the city so Xin Mei didn't find it hard to find the restaurant.

She covered her face with a mask before stepping out of her car. On simply saying the name of Su Yuchen, she was shown the direction towards the private room where Su Yuchen was waiting for her.

"I am sorry for making you wait." Xin Mei apologized guiltily and looked at Su Yuchen who was sitting opposite to her.

"You don't need to ask for forgiveness. I arrived not a minute ago." He smiled.

Xin Mei smiled upon hearing him completely unaware of the reality. Su Yuchen had arrived half an hour back. He was afraid that he would make Xin Mei wait due to some unforeseen reasons and he didn't want it.

"You want me to order something for you?" Su Yuchen asked, he took the menu and looked at her.

"No need," she denied feeling nervous. "I want to get done with this date as soon as possible."

"You are in a hurry, I see," he nodded his head. An amusing smile adorned his lips. "I am also in a hurry, my soon to be wife."

Xin Mei looked at him with dumbfound expression when she heard soon to be wife. She didn't know why but her heart started to beat fast at the mention of being his wife.

'Soon, she was going to be his wife.' She thought to herself and warmth spread on her heart.

Xin Mei cleared her throat and placed a file in front of him. "So, here are some conditions on which you have to agree before we can get married."

Su Yuchen opened the file and looked at the agreement present in it.

"Give your consent to the conditions and then we are ready to get married. You can ask me to modify any condition if you don't like one."

Su Yuchen smiled and nodded to Xin Mei. He read out aloud the first condition. "We will be keeping our marriage a secret from the public."

Su Yuchen raised a brow and looked at Xin Mei.

"You see, I want to become a star and it will not do any good to me if our marriage is announced officially. So..."

"Agree to it." Su Yuchen nodded his head. Though, he wanted to announce his marriage with her to the world but he also understood her point of view.

"You will never ask me to leave my acting career, agreed."

Xin Mei smiled when she heard him. At least, he was agreeing that she could continue with her career.

"You will never use your influence or power to affect my acting career. If I have an intimate scene with other sex, you will never act like a possessive male."

Su Yuchen raised a brow and looked at Xin Mei. Was she asking him to stay calm when she get mingled with some other male?

"Not accepted. I will always use my power in case you have some intimate scenes. I can't watch my wife getting cozy with someone else." He said in a very serious voice.

"No, you will not do so. It's my career. Besides, you should trust your wife. I will never do a scene in which I have to cross my lines. So you will not be a possessive husband. Now agree to the term or forget about getting married to me."

Xin Mei said in a very dominating and serious voice. Su Yuchen looked at her with cold eyes before agreeing to the condition.

He would see if this piece of paper would stop him from being a possessive husband!

There were some other conditions about her career to which Su Yuchen agreed before another condition came into his sight.

"We will not share a bed or a room."


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