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19.52% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 82: They were finally married!!

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Chapter 82: They were finally married!!

"We will not share a bed or a room."

Su Yuchen read out aloud. Xin Mei thought that he would agree to her condition but he disagreed to it.

"Not possible. We have to share a room and a bed."


"Because my mansion has only one-bedroom that is the master bedroom and it has only one bed. So we have to share it."

"You sure you aren't bluffing me so you can share a bed with me?" Xin Mei raised a brow and looked at him.

"100 % sure. My mansion has only one-bedroom. Other rooms are converted into my study room or some other room. You can check it by yourself." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/they-were-finally-married!!_39399709718145761">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/they-were-finally-married!!_39399709718145761</a> for visiting.

Xin Mei sighed sadly and nodded her head. "Ok then, we will share a room and a bed."

Su Yuchen inwardly whistled when he heard her. By the last day itself, his mansion had three bedrooms. But he got an idea about this condition of Xin Mei. So, he had sold out every bed from his house except for one. He had converted the now emptied room into the storeroom and music room.

He couldn't let Xin Mei sleep on a separate bed. If so, how was he going to get closer to her? How was he going to seduce her one day!

Xin Mei twisted her fingers in nervousness. How was she going to share a bed with Su Yuchen? What if she did something out of her limits due to her hormones? What if Su Yuchen got to know about her crush which now had turned into liking?

"You will always remain loyal to me. Otherwise, your seventy-five percent of property will get transferred on my name."

Su Yuchen chuckled when he read the above condition.

"I will always remain loyal to you, Xin Mei. Otherwise, you can have my hundred percent property. And I am a man of my words."

Xin Mei nodded her head in satisfaction when Su Yuchen read the next condition.

"You will never ask or force me to cut my hair short."

A smile left from the lips of Su Yuchen when he read the above condition. He looked up at Xin Mei and raised a brow, waiting for the reason for this condition.

"I love my hairs and I don't want to be forced to cut them." Xin Mei shrugged.

"You know, so far I am finding all your conditions to be useless. There is nothing in there which I wouldn't have agreed to." He chuckled and read the next condition.

"You will always maintain this strong and powerful physic."

"You see, I will get famous one day and then I want my husband to look like my better half. I want him to look compatible with me. I want others to burn in jealousy on seeing my husband. So you aren't allowed to get fat or ugly."

"Don't worry my future wife, I wouldn't like for you to fancy some other guys. So I will always maintain my physic to give others a tough condition."

Su Yuchen read the other conditions and agreed to all of them. He signed the contract and returned the file to Xin Mei who smiled in satisfaction.

"Any more conditions, soon to be a wife?" Su Yuchen tilted his head and looked at her with dark eyes.

"Yes, I want your help to destroy my jerk of an ex-boyfriend."

A sly smile appeared on the lips of Su Yuchen.

"With pleasure." How could he let his competitor stay unharmed? He would be having his fun in destroying the man who had made him taste vinegar a lots of times.

"Something else?"

Before she could even shake her head, he stood up from his seat and held her hand. "Let's go."

"Where are we going?" Xin Mei looked at him with dumbfounded expressions.

"Civil affairs bureau. Any time later and it will be closed."

Xin Mei looked at the man with wide eyes. "What do you mean?" she stuttered.

"You have agreed to marry me and I agreed to marry you then for what should we wait for? Let's get married."

Su Yuchen held on the hand of Xin Mei and helped her up. "Marrying in a civil bureau is the best way of getting married for us. That way we can keep our marriage a secret."

Su Yuchen ignored the dumbfounded expression on the face of Xin Mei and took her to his car. Huang Chu smiled at the couple before driving the car to the city bureau.

"We can't marry now." Xin Mei shook her head. "I have to talk to my parents. They should know that we are getting married."

She became hyper because of the sudden change in events. She never thought she would be getting married on her first date itself.

Like really!

"I have already taken permission from them and they are very happy to have me as their son in law." Su Yuchen informed and Xin Mei looked at him with shock. "Soon to be wife, are you changing your mind about marrying me?"

His voice was serious and cold. Xin Mei could hear a threat in it. She gulped in fear and shook her head negatively.

"Good, because now I am not letting you go. You will be my wife no matter what."

Su Yuchen whispered the words in her ear and Xin Mei could feel a shiver down her body.

Xin Mei and Su Yuchen both arrived at the civil bureau. Su Yuchen took her to a private room where the marriage documents were placed in front of them.

Xin Mei looked at the papers with wide eyes. Su Yuchen had done all the preparations in advance. She only needed to sign the certificate and get a photo clicked with Su Yuchen, then she would be married.

It was like he was planning to get married to her from so long.

"Let me talk to my parents before signing the certificate," Xin Mei informed to Su Yuchen. She pulled out her mobile and called her father.

She was shocked when her father informed that Su Yuchen had literally taken his and her mother's permission, the last night. He had visited their home after she had fallen asleep.

"Xin Mei, get married to him. He is a good man. He came to our home last night and promised us to be a good husband of yours. He also passed my fatherly test. He is a really good man. I am happy for you Xiao Mei."

Xin Mei was shocked when she heard the praises of Su Yuchen from the mouth of her father. She then talked with her mother who was equally happy for her marriage with Su Yuchen.

"Xiao Mei, he is a good man. He understands that you are still young and don't want to marry now but we also have to understand the condition of his grandmother. Marry him Xiao Mei and fulfil the wish of his and your grandmother. I am sure he will always keep you happy."

Xin Mei was shocked upon hearing her happy voice. Guess, Su Yuchen had already impressed everyone. For everyone, he was the best husband for her. If everyone trusted him so much then why wouldn't she?

Without any hesitation, she signed the marriage documents.

Then, they were directed towards a room for the marriage photograph. Xin Mei was about to apply makeup on her face when Su Yuchen stopped her.

"You don't need to apply any makeup. Your face looks beautiful without it."

His smile was mesmerizing and he tucked a hair lock behind her ears. Xin Mei smiled when she looked at his face and eyes.

Soon, Xin Mei and Su Yuchen had their photos done. They were announced husband and wife, and their marriage certificates were given to them.

They were finally married!

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