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4.7% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 19: Wasn't your dress sponsored by me??

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Chapter 19: Wasn't your dress sponsored by me??

"Didn't I warn you to not call me again? Do you want me to cut off your family jewels? Don't forget about my fighting skills!"

"Meimei, what wrong have I done that you want to take away my right from producing heirs?"

With wide eyes, Xin Mei looked at her mobile screen to realize that the caller was none other than He Ye.

How could she speak to him like that, especially when she knew the questions which he was going to ask her afterward?

'Stupid, stupid Xin Mei, can't you check the caller id before picking up the call?' Xin Mei scolded herself.

"Gege, I wasn't talking to you. I thought that someone as has called me."

"And who was that person who dared to piss you off in such a way that you were going to snatch his fatherly rights from him?"

"It was Qian Fan," before He ye could comments anything, Xin Mei quickly added, "And please no lecture on him. I am already pissed due to his single call."

"Ok." He Ye wanted to know the reason as to why that jerk called his sister. But he dare not ask as he was well aware of her anger.

"So tell me, what did you talk with Mr. Gong?"

Xin Mei told He Ye about her conversation with Mr. Gong. He Ye asked forgiveness that he wouldn't be able to accompany her for the dress rehearsal as he himself was busy with his artist. Xin Mei consoled him that she didn't mind his absence and hung up the call.

In the evening, Xin Mei informed her family about her dress rehearsal and about her travel to city B, within a week. Her father wanted to do an arrangement for her travel but she clearly denied his help. She also denied her brother to accompany her to city B.

"Gege, you concentrate on your business. I can see that you and father both have a lot of work these days. So you don't need to accompany me. It isn't like I am going out for the first time. I have already accompanied Zhou Mingyu a lot of times. So chill!"

"She is right Yan'er. You don't need to worry about her." He Lin supported her daughter. "I have talked with brother. He said that there is nothing for us to worry about."


Next day, Xin Mei reached the location on the given time. It was a big studio under the banner of Heritage entertainment company. The studio was fully air-conditioned and was fully equipped with all the things needed.

When Xin Mei entered in the studio, she groaned on coming across Zhou Mingyu. Zhou Mingyu was currently surrounded by the other female cast of the movie. There was a proud smile on the lips of Zhou Mingyu.

Movie revenge had a lot of A, B or C listed or non-famous actresses. They were playing the role of concubine or the empresses or role of the maids. Many of such actresses were present that day for the dress rehearsal.

All of the actresses had surrounded Zhou Mingyu in a hope that they could curry favors from her. But if only they knew what a vicious snake Zhou Mingyu was!

"Isn't this second main lead?" Zhou Mingyu smirked and stepped toward Xin Mei.

Zhou Mingyu wanted to show off how the other actresses were following her like her minions. She wanted to show off her powers during the filming to which Xin Mei was already aware off.

Other actresses also followed behind Zhou Mingyu. They could feel that Zhou Mingyu didn't like Xin Mei so automatically they also generated hatred for Xin Mei.

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"And isn't this my so-called best friend?"

Xin Mei tilted her head and looked at Zhou Mingyu. With eagle-like eyes, Xin Mei scrutinized what Zhou Mingyu was wearing. A scoffing smile appeared on her lips.

"And what am I seeing! Aren't you wearing the dress which was sponsored by me?" A mocking smirk appeared on the lips of Xin Mei.

Zhou Mingyu paled upon hearing her. Only a few seconds ago, she was lying to other actresses about how expensive her dresses were and how she had purchased them with the earnings from her last movie.

"Let me remember, I have brought this dress when we had visited the global mall, right?" Xin Mei acted like she was really trying to remember the incident but in truth, she already remembered the incident. She only wanted to degrade Zhou Mingyu in the eyes of her other co-stars.

"If I remember correctly, Brand channel had released their new collection. So you have selected a lot of dresses, bags and other things. But when you've tried to make a payment, didn't your cards stopped working? You tried three…no four cards but still, you were unable to pay. So in last, haven't I paid for your shopping? I had paid nearly a million for your shopping but still, you haven't paid me back."

Xin Mei grinned internally when she saw the pale face of Zhou Mingyu. Other actresses were also looking at Zhou Mingyu with shock while murmuring among themselves.

After completing her work, Xin Mei walked towards the first male lead. Movie revenge had two male leads. The first male lead was to act as emperor of Kai kingdom while other male lead to play the role of emperor of Jun Kingdom.

Role of the second male lead was in the later part of the movie. So the actor to play his role wasn't selected yet.

"Xin Mei greets senior Tang." Xin Mei stopped a step away from the actor and bowed toward him with respect.

Tang Min was to play the role of Emperor Kai. Tang Min was also a big name in the entertainment industry. He hadn't received any best actor award to acknowledge his talent but still, his movies always had a hit collection at the box office. Movies of Tang Min granted box office collection due to his huge fan base. So, he was the first choice of many directors.

"So, you are the second female lead." Tang Min spoke with much arrogant. He looked up and down at Xin Mei.

"Weren't you the manager of Zhou Mingyu?"

All of a sudden, realization dawn upon Tang Min and before he could stop himself, the question was already out of his mouth.

"You are right senior. Once I was a manager but now I want to become an actress. I hope that the senior will help me in completing my role with perfection. This junior will always look forward to your advice."

Tang Min scoffed upon hearing her. "If a manager can become an actress than anyone can become an actress. What has the director find in this timid girl to make her Ruyi? I don't think that she can seduce even a little bee."

Tang Min mocked with much arrogant, he didn't think that Xin Mei had talent. Moreover, he was already brainwashed against Xin Mei by Zhou Mingyu.

"Tang Min is it a manner to talk with your junior?" Director Zhang who just entered in the studio scolded Tang Min.

In the eyes of Director Zhang, Xin Mei was a diamond and he wouldn't let her give up on the role due to misconduct by the other cast of the film.

"Ignore him, Miss Xin. Come with me. I will introduce you to your assistant."

With very much politeness, director Zhang led Xin Mei towards her assistant which was specially provided to her by director Zhang.

Everyone present in the studio looked at the scene. They were shocked upon seeing the treatment of director Zhang towards Xin Mei.

"Tang Min, I think that second female lead had some special background. That is why director Zhang is treating her in a special way." Assistant of Tang Min whispered in the ears of Tang Min.

Tang Min nodded his head where his eyes were trailing after Xin Mie.

Xin Mei was introduced to Fang Lin who was going to be her assistant. She was going to assist her with her dresses, makeup and other things. Fang Lin was working under director Zhang from the last decade. She was a multi-tasker who could handle the actor or actress under her without any help from the third party.

Fang Lin had also read the script before. So she knew what kind of dresses and makeup was needed by Xin Mei.

Together with Fang Lin, Xin Mei decided the dressed to be worn during the shoot of schedule one. They decided different looks of Xin Mei before showcasing the same to director Zhang, for his advice.

Director Zhang passed all the looks of Tang Min. He in the eyes of director Zhang was perfect. He gave some suggestion regarding the dress and makeup of Xin Mei. In the case of Zhou Mingyu, she was scolded badly by director Zhang from time to time.

"Miss Zhou, why haven't you worked on your weight? Haven't I specified it beforehand?"

"Miss Zhou, do you understand we are shooting historical film? Bring that grace to yourself. What has happened to your grace which you have emitted during your audition?"

"Miss Zhou, do you realize that you are playing the role of a princess? How can you wear such revealing clothes?"

She was scolded so many times that other actresses started to laugh behind her back. Everyone was criticizing her and had started to praise Xin Mei much to the displeasure of Zhou Mingyu.

Dressing rehearsal continued from morning to night. Xin Mei was tired of changing from one look to others. She had lost count of looks which she had tried. She wanted to go home but she also understood the importance of time.

It was nearly in the middle of the night when director Zhang let them go.

Xin Mei sighed upon hearing him before she made her way back home. After having dinner, due to force by her mother, Xin Mei walked towards her room. In her room, she fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow.

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