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Chapter 24: Who are you?

"Huang Chu, find the culprit. I want to know the name of the person who dared to plant an innocent girl."

Su Yuchen ordered Huang Chu. His voice was colder than the North Pole. His eyes were blazing with fire.

"And I want you to find each and every information about that girl, from her birth till now. Maybe she is Mian."

Huang Chu nodded his head in understanding.

"Right away boss. I will ask my investigators in the city to search for her."

He made his way towards the door of the room only to be stopped by Su Yuchen.

"Huang Chu, You can take your time to get information about her. I want each detail without any mistake. Ok?"

"Ok boss."

Once Huang Chu left the room, Su Yuchen walked towards the refrigerator in his room. He pulled out a bottle of cold wine and filled a glass of wine for himself.

He walked towards the open window and started to take slow gulps of wine. His dark eyes were enjoying the scenery in front of him.

After finishing a glass of wine, he again refilled his glass. He also called room service, ordering for more bottles of wine. Tonight, he would need wine to get asleep. He would need wine to get Xin Mei out of his system.

From the moment he had left her room, his heart was itching to return back. His body was burning with desire. He had taken a cold bath already but still, his body was burning. An image of her face was enough to make him hot.

Damn it!

Su Yuchen cursed under his breath. He threw the glass away and took long swigs directly from the bottle of wine.

"Who are you? Why do you have such an effect on me? Are you really my Mian?"

Su Yuchen threw the empty bottle away. He leaned against the window and looked out of it. Cold and natural air of City B was passing through his hair. His hairs were blowing wildly.

Standing at the window with only his pants on, Su Yuchen was looking very tempting. He was looking like a man who was desired by every girl.


Outside the room of Xin Mei

Two girls were gossiping among themselves. They had received a message on their mobile from an unknown number that Xin Mei had come to a VIP room.

"If the news is true then we will be able to throw out the second female lead."

"But how to check if Xin Mei is really in this room or not? What if the news is wrong?"

The two of them were gossiping among themselves when they saw a waiter coming toward their way. A smile appeared on their lips when they saw the waiter.

The waiter was there to serve Su Yuchen with the wine for which he had ordered. After completing his duty, the waiter was about to leave when the two girls, the extra cast of the movie stopped him.

"We have work for you. We want to know who is inside room number 2501."

The girls nodded to themselves before bribing the waiter. The waiter looked at the money which he was offered. With twinkling eyes, he knocked on the door of room number 2501 at the excuse of drinking water bottle.

Xin Mei groaned when she heard the knocking at her room door. She tried to ignore it but the knocking didn't take the name of ceasing.

"Who is it?"

"Room service madam, I have brought water for you."

Hearing the name of water, Xin Mei felt thirsty.

After wrapping the blanket around her chest, Xin Mei made her way towards the door. She opened it slightly and let the waiter give her the bottle.

The two girls who were hiding behind the door looked at Xin Mei with wide eyes. Dirty images started to flow in their minds when they saw how Xin Mei was covering herself with a blanket.

Without waiting for a second, they rushed toward the room of director Zhang. They wanted to create a big show.

"Director Zhang, believe us, we have seen Xin Mei in a VIP room with our own eyes. Haven't you informed us before that the cast is given simple room? Then what is she doing in the VIP room if not for warming up the bed of a stranger?"

Those two girls pleaded their case in front of the director Zhang. They were successful in bringing director Zhang at the door of 2501.

"I am again warning the two of you. I will fire you both if what you are saying is not true."

With that said, director Zhang knocked on the room 2501.

Xin Mei who heard the knocking groaned loudly. Was no one going to let her sleep today?

Tomorrow was her first day of the shoot. She needed full sleep. But one or other person was disturbing her from time to time.

Xin Mei wanted to ignore the knocking when she heard the voice of director Zhang, "Open the door. Xin Mei, if you are in, then open the door."

Xin Mei immediately understood what was happening. A smile left her lips. He jumped off the bed and walked toward her luggage. She pulled out her sleeping gown and wore it over her shirt. She then made her way towards the room door.

"Director Zhang, what are you doing here? Is there any shoot in the middle of the night?" She asked innocently and faked a yawn.

"Xin Mei, what are you doing in this room?" Director Zhang asked angrily. He couldn't believe that this girl was really sleeping with some VIP.

"What do you mean director? Isn't this my room?"

Before director Zhang could say anything, the two girls behind him spoke up.

"Stop acting innocent Xin Mei. We now know your real face. We thought that you were innocent but the reality is something else."

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"Director Zhang, I am really not understanding what you and seniors mean. Can you be elaborate?"

"Xin Mei, this is not the room which I had allotted for you. This is a VIP room which is allotted to some stranger."

"Not possible director. This is my room. The receptionist has given me the keys to this room. My luggage is also present in this room. If you want, you can check."

Xin Mei moved aside and let the director in. In her heart, she was thanking that rich man who had arranged for her luggage to shift in this room.

Director looked at the luggage with ceased brow. He then reached to the conclusion, "I think the receptionist has made some mistake. Maybe they have allotted this VIP room for you."

Zhou Mingyu who was hiding outside the room curled her fist upon hearing the director. She could not see her plan going wrong.

In her understanding, the plan was foolproof but now it was going all wrong.

She had thought that the VIP would throw Xin Mei out of the room hence tarnishing her reputation but nothing like that happened. Then she thought that she could expose Xin Mei in the room of a stranger but now that room turned out to be of Xin Mei.

"Xin Mei, I will not let you go." Zhou Mingyu muttered under her breath before making her way towards the director and two girls.

"You two, think before accusing anyone. This is the last time I am warning you. Next time I will not think about anything before kicking you out." Director Zhang was yelling at two girls when Zhou Mingyu approached them.

Xin Mei rolled her eyes upon seeing the mastermind making her appearance.

"Director, what happened? Why are you yelling like this? And What are you doing outside room number 2501? Doesn't this room belong to one of the investor?"

"These two fools were falsely accusing Xin Mei without any proof. And no, room 2501 doesn't belong to any investor but to Xin Mei."

"Really? Then why have I seen a man entering the room 2501."

Two girls smiled when they heard Zhou Mingyu.

"Director, I think you should have a proper inspection. With my own eyes, I have seen a man entering room 2501. I don't know if Xin Mei was present in the room at that time or not."

Zhou Mingyu spoke very innocently before smirking in the direction of Xin Mei.

Director Zhang rubbed his forehead. He knew that he had to set an inquiry, otherwise, rumors would spread. It would not be good for his actress or the film.

"No one of you is going back to sleep before the truth is found out." He announced, getting a smirk from Zhou Mingyu. "First we will go to the CCTV room to check who has entered this room."

'Let's see who is going to save you, Xin Mei? I have spread this web very smartly. No one can save you from it!'

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