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16.47% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 69: Who can it be except your Romeo?

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Chapter 69: Who can it be except your Romeo?

Xin Mei spent rest of her days lazing around the house. She watered her garden and went swimming in the pool in their society. Afterward, she cooked dinner for her family.

She was feeling all fresh after doing all these works. Later in the night, she decided to watch her favorite movie series. She was in the middle of her favorite scene when her mobile rang.

She groaned and paused the movie. She glared at the unknown number displaying on her mobile phone before picking up the call.

"Who is it? Why are you disturbing me in the middle of the night?" She yelled with gritted teeth.

"Who can it be except for your Romeo, my Juliet?"

Xin Mei slapped her head upon hearing the lustful voice from the other side. This Romeo!

"Don't you understand, I am not your Juliet? Why aren't you leaving me alone? Why fancying me so much? Besides, I know you are some prankster appointed by Zhou Mingyu, it irritates me? Isn't it? Tell your boss that I am not affected by a stupid jerk like you."

"I am not a prankster and not appointed by some Zhou Mingyu. I am your Romeo, sweet, sweet, sweet....." before he could say another word, Xin Mei hung up the call and blocked his number.

"This person has so many mobile numbers, always calling me with a different number." Xin Mei fumed and silenced her mobile. She again diverted her attention on her movie.

Next day she again received a call from Romeo, again from an unknown new number. She was about to cut the call when his words caught her attention.

"What do you mean by you are S.Z.?"

"S.Z. is my real name. Did you think my real name is Romeo? I didn't expect this from you my Juliet. Initials of my real name are S.Z. To add in, do you think you have a big admirer than me? I am your biggest admirer and I love to send you a gift every day."

Xin Mei pinched in between her brows when she heard the words of a mad man. She never thought she would come across a psycho like him. How could she get herself mingled with a man like this?

"And how can I believe that you are S.Z.? It is already posted on the official page of Revenge about the mysterious gift from S.Z." Voice of Xin Mei was full of suspicious.

"I can prove it."

Than her Romeo started to tell her about all the gifts which he had sent, he also told the exact date and brand leaving Xin Mei flabbergast.

"Who are you? Tell me about your identity. I am coming to meet you now." There was so much urgency in her voice. She wanted to meet him and return his gifts.

"Why so much hurry my Juliet? What's the fun if I tell you my identity like this?" the man chuckled and Xin Mei gritted her teeth.

"What do you want to tell me your identity? And why the hell are you torturing me from the start of this movie? Why aren't you leaving me alone!" she yelled. Her voice was full of frustration.

"How can I leave you alone? This Romeo is crazy for you...….."

The man on other side sung a lot of famous dialogues from Romeo and Juliet. Xin Mei wanted to hang up on him but she also wanted to know his identity. So she bore with him.

In last, that man agreed to disclose his identity on the condition that Xin Mei had to talk with him daily, for at least five minutes and after a month he would disclose his identity.


One week break flew away and it was time for Xin Mei to return to the set. When she reached on the set, the environment of the set was completely changed. Everyone was doing their work with more enthusiasm.

Minor changes were also done on set and her wardrobe was completely changed. Now her clothes were very light and simple from the last schedule.

The scenes to be filmed during this schedule were the scenes between Emperor Kai and Ruyi. The scenes were going to be the opening scenes of the movie, first fifteen minutes of the movie.

In these scenes, the journey of Ruyi and Emperor Kai was to be shown. Their first meet to the time before they decided to make their journey to Han kingdom. It was a journey of nearly five years so a lot of small to big scenes were to be shot.

Director Zhang wanted these opening scenes to be the best. He wanted the cast to wear different dresses, had different looks and different background for every scene.

"Everyone, I know we will be filming scenes for only fifteen minutes of the movie. But I want each scene to be perfect and different. I want to show their journey in different timeliness and that too with perfection. I hope you all will help me."

Director Zhang very politely asked for the coordination of his cast and crew members. Everyone happily agreed to him.

The filming commenced in a very smooth way. Everyone loved to shoot the scenes of Tang Min and Xin Mei. They all were so natural and perfect, their looks were also exact. In one scene they were to look like fourteen and seventeen-year-old teenagers and they were looking the same.

Director was also impressed with their seriousness for each scene. They gave an accurate expression for every scene. He shot many scenes which may not become a part of the movie, but for them they both gave their best shot.

Many new cast and crew members had joined in for the third schedule and every one of them praised Xin Mei. No one showed any distaste towards her, because of the absence of Zhou Mingyu, and Xin Mei was happy about it.

The only thing which bugged her during the shoot was her Romeo. She never thought he would literally call her every day. Not only that, he started to send a love card and a rose on the sets, as a gift, with a signature of Romeo!

Xin Mei so wanted to murder that man!

"Xin Mei, are you sure that man is S.Z.?" one day Tang Min questioned to her. He felt uncomfortable when he saw the card and rose delivered for Xin Mei.

"I am sure he is S.Z." Xin Mei nodded her head in confirmation. "What I can't say is the initials of his real name are S.Z. I think he is bluffing me by using fake initials."

"By the way, why don't you complain to cybercrime branch? They can find the identity of this mobile number." Tang min suggested.

"I can't do so. He hadn't committed a grave sin till now except for calling me daily. Moreover, his number is protected. I think he is rich and has maintained secrecy about his identity." Xin Mei sighed. "I have already tried all the method to know the identity from his number." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/who-can-it-be-except-your-romeo_39217753697077300">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/who-can-it-be-except-your-romeo_39217753697077300</a> for visiting.

"Give me the number. I will see if I can trace the number."

With that Xin Mei gave the number to Tang Min. Tang Min also tried to trace the number but only to find failure.


On the side of Su Yuchen, he was fed up with his confusion regarding Xin Mei and Mian. He didn't know what he should do! He wasn't ready to let Mian go and accept someone else.

He was so fed up that he decided to have an international tour. He decided to leave the county for some time. We wanted to be away from everything.

He got himself mingled with a large amount of work which didn't give him a chance to think about anyone. He didn't want to think about either Mian or Xin Mei.


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