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Chapter 7: Why was his love story incomplete?

In the middle of the city stood a tall building, one of the tallest buildings in the country. This building was the headquarters of the Su corporation which was among the best five corporations in the country.

This building was home for more than five thousand employees. This building was the dream of a lot of youth. Many people had tried their luck to work with Su corporation. They knew that their life would change if they get a chance to work in Su corporation.

Many employees had earned a lot of success in the last few years while working with Su corporation and every employee thanked their current boss Su Yuchen.

Su Yuchen had arrived in the country only two years back. From the moment he stepped inside the Su corporation, he had changed the way it was. He had brought the Su corporation to new heights due to his hard work.

Employees who were working for Su corporation had seen their boss working hard, they had seen their boss working even when he was sick, they had seen him working day and night without any sleep. Many times, they had found their boss asleep in the office due to immense tiredness which had increased their respect for their boss.

They also feared their boss. It wasn't hidden from anyone how cold Su Yuchen was. If they by mistake came under his anger radius then only god can save them. They knew how strict Su Yuchen was towards work. He wanted every office related work to be perfect, for which they were getting paid handsomely.

It wasn't long back that they were all given an amount equal to their salary as bonus. Everyone knew that if they kept working under the leadership of Su Yuchen then their families would live comfortably for the next seven generations.

In the same building, at the top floor, in front of the floor to ceiling window stood a handsome man. That man emitted a special aura which told everyone that he was someone very powerful.

He was wearing a black custom made three-piece suit. His hair was set perfectly, not a single strand out of its place. His hands adored the latest Rolex watch. There was a small smile on his lips which was making him more handsome.

He was looking at the city in front of him while hearing the report from his subordinates. He was non-other than Su Yuchen.

After completing his studies in Harvard, Su Yuchen had returned to his country only to find Su corporation at the verge of an end. He knew that Su corporation was doing badly after the death of his father but he never thought that the condition was worse than his imagination.

His grandfather was working hard day and night to revive Su corporation. Su Yuchen could see the love which his grandfather held for the Su corporation. That was the time Su Yuchen made it a motto of his life to make Su corporation one of the top corporation of the country.

And here he was, standing at top of the tallest building in the city, hearing his subordinates about the success which he had achieved in last quarter itself, looking out at the city, half of which only belonged to him.

After hearing about the report from his subordinates, he dismissed everyone. He sighed heavily before making his way towards the mahogany table which was placed in the centre of his large office. His table was decorated with a photo of his grandparents, a laptop and a lot of files.

Without wasting any second, Su Yuchen started to look through the files. His eyes were quickly skimming through the content of the files.

Huang Chu, his assistant cum secretary for the last four years, entered his office without making any noise. He quietly stood in front of the office table.

Su Yuchen, who noticed the presence of his secretary, tilted his head upward. His simple tilt was enough to make Huang Chu report to his boss.

"Boss, your doubt was right. Miss Mian isn't really Miss Mian. Her real name is Ning Tiana. She was never an orphan girl as she claimed; her parents are still alive and all fit and fine. Here is the report about her."

Huang Chu placed a report in the front of Su Yuchen. Su Yuchen only nodded his head before sighing. "You know what you have to do, right?"

"Yes, boss. I have already made a reservation in the Thai restaurant and have even called Miss Ning. She will be there by sharp seven."

Su Yuchen only nodded his head. Huang Chu, who could understand the mood of his boss, silently left the office.

Su Yuchen leaned against his chair and looked out of the window. His heart was in turmoil. He could feel itching pain in his heart. Oh, only he knew how badly he wished if this Miss Ning was his Mian. He thought that finally, he had found his love, but like again he came across nothing.

From the last five years, he was searching for his Mian. He had appointed so many private investigators only to come across failure. It was like his Mian had vanished in the thin air.

"Where are you, Mian? Your Chen misses you badly." He said in a very sad and broken voice.


After completing his work at the office, Su Yuchen arrived at the restaurant which was booked by Huang Chu. The staff immediately directed him towards the private room where Miss Ning was waiting for him.

There was a shy smile on her lips. Usually, Su Yuchen loved that shy smile on her lips but today, he hated it. He felt disgusted on seeing that smile. He felt disgusted about thinking that she was his Mian. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/why-was-his-love-story-incomplete_38243854293458370">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/why-was-his-love-story-incomplete_38243854293458370</a> for visiting.

"Chen, you have come. You know I was waiting for you from last one hour. Like always you have made me wait," Ning Tiana walked toward him with a pout on her lips. She wrapped her arms around Su Yuchen which was shrugged off by him, not even a second later.

"Can we talk Miss Ning?"

Ning Tiana froze upon hearing her surname coming out from his mouth. From where the hell did he get to know her real identity. Ning Tiana dared to look in his eyes only to gulp in fear. She shivered when she noticed the velocity of anger in his eyes.

She very well knew that she had dared to lie him. She kept lying to him even when he had made it clear that the consequences of him finding that she wasn't Mian were going to be worse.

"So tell me, Miss Ning, how dare you lie to me that you are Mian? What have you taken me for? Did you think that I wouldn't find your real identity? Huh?"

His voice was icy cold which could make anyone shiver and Ning Tiana was no exception. Even the restaurant staff stepped back on hearing the anger in his voice.

"Why are you standing here like a mutt? Tell me, why the hell did you lie to me?" he yelled. "And from where the hell did you get so much information about me and Mian?"

Su Yuchen felt so furious at that moment. Ning Tiana started to sob upon seeing his eyes which were literally flaring fire in her way. What not she hadn't thought so far? She thought her life would change if she would act as Mian but now her life was over.

"Answer me dammit," Su Yuchen again yelled. He pinned Ning Tiana against the wall. "Answer me now. Otherwise, I will be forced to call the hospital where your father is getting his treatment."

Ning Tiana froze upon hearing the challenge in his voice. She looked at his face and knew that Su Yuchen could do the same.

"I got to know about you and Mian on the company's anniversary," She finally spoke in a very weak voice. "You probably don't remember but that night you were drunk. You were badly drunk and out of my good intentions, I helped you to your room. There you cried and told me about yourself and Mian."

Ning Tiana looked up at Su Yuchen with tear filled eyes. She took her lower lips in-between her teeth and chew on it.

"I have always liked you, Chen."

"Dare you to call me Chen. You aren't close enough to me, to call me Chen." Su Yuchen cut her off.

Ning Tiana looked down at her hands and tried her best to control her sobs.

"When you told me about Mian, I felt jealous of your love to her. You love her so very much. I wanted to be loved like that. So I thought what if I become your Mian. So…."

"So you decided to make a fool of me? Huh!" Su Yuchen spat before chuckling. "You know Ning Tiana, I was aware of your presence in my company and I was quite impressed with your progress. But I never thought that under the face of an innocent and hardworking girl, you were a con artist."

His voice was full of disgust. "And what did you say, you like me huh? We can't like and deceive a person at the same time." Su Yuchen looked at her with cold eyes.

"This was the last time that I am seeing you Miss Ning. From now on, I don't know you and you don't know me. And about your punishment for lying to me, you are fired from my company. Not only that I blacklist you. No one will be giving you a job."

And with that, he turned to left the private room.

"No, please no. Please don't blacklist me. My life, my career will end if you blacklist me. I have a family. I have to look after them. You must know about my father and three little siblings. Please don't punish me like this. Please think about my family. They are innocent."

"You should have thought about them before conning me." With that Su Yuchen shrugged off Ning Tiana. He made his way out of the private room and directed towards the awaited car.

"Boss, where to?" Huang Chu who was driving the car, questioned to his boss.

"Home," on getting the order, Huang Chu started to car.

"Huang Chu, make sure that the family of Ning Tiana doesn't suffer due to her. Make a proper arrangement for them to live."

"Noted boss."

"And you should continue the search for Mian."

"Already on it Boss."

Su Yuchen sighed and looked out of the window. For once, he really thought that Ning Tiana was his Mian. He had taken her on so many dates, thinking of her as Mian. He had nearly planned his future life with her only to find the last month was a ploy.

Su Yuchen reached his home and entered inside the silent mansion. Sometimes, he felt so lonely in the four walls of his mansion. He wanted someone to wait for him whenever he returned from work.

Su Yuchen walked toward his room and changed himself after a shower. Feeling tired, he fell down on the bed and closed his eyes. Behind his closed eyelid, he saw an image of a beautiful nine-year-old girl. A girl with brown eyes and black hair like night. There was a dimpled smile on her lips, the smile which Su Yuchen liked very much. That was the last time he saw her.

Tears slipped out from the eyes of Su Yuchen on remembering the face of his lover. He loved his Mian so very much. Only he knew, for the past eleven years, how badly he was missing her. He missed her each day.

"Where are you, Mian?"

That night, within the closed walls of his room, Su Yuchen cried his heart out. His body shivered with pain which he was feeling in his heart.

"I miss you, Mian. I miss you so much. Your Chen is incomplete without you….he is nothing without you, Mian."

Why was his love story incomplete?


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