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16.23% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 68: You....Xiao Mei, I will kill you..!

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Chapter 68: You....Xiao Mei, I will kill you..!

Xin Mei sent a message to the airport authority and soon he heard the said announcement.

"Everyone, please make a way for Chen Bai. We know that you all love your star but few seconds ago, we received a news that his grandmother has a heart tack. His grandmother needs her grandchild at this typical time. So please let him go. His driver is waiting for him at parking. The car number is...…"

Xin Mei finger crossed upon hearing the announcement. She wished for everyone to trust her bluff. She was quite hopeful too because in many interviews Chen Bai had randomly mentioned that he loved his grandparents and brother.

Chen Bai who was busy giving autograph and photographs to his fans became shocked upon hearing the announcement. He believed that his grandmother got a heart attack.

"I am sorry my wives but I have to leave. You all know about my love for my grandmother. So please make a way for me."

On the announcement of Chen Bai, his loyal fans immediately made a way for him.

"Thank you, guys." He thanked them before running out of the airport. He wanted to reach the car soon so he could reach the hospital.

He reached the parking and started to look for the car. His fans were also searching for the said car number but didn't find it. Chen Bai became anxious and looked for the car. He ran his fingers in his hairs in frustration.

Xin Mei wasn't standing very far away from him. She grinned upon seeing his anxious face.

Tit for tat mister, she grinned and made her way toward him. "Sir, you are here. I was waiting for you beside my car. Please follow me. We must hurry."

When Chen Bai saw the face of Xin Mei, hidden by her watchman cap and that grin on her face, reality dawned upon him. His face became twisty and he glared at Xin Mei. "You…..Fuuuuuuu…"

He had enough sense to swallow the rest of his words. He couldn't curse in front of his fans and media.

"Sir, where are you lost? We should leave. Your grandma is very sick."

Xin Mei tucked on the sleeves of Chen Bai and pulled him toward her car. All this while Chen Bai was glaring at her.

'This girl, she always knew how to answer my prank. I try to trouble her but she troubles me in return!'

"Xin Mei, you just wait and watch. I will have my revenge." he angrily gritted his teeth beside her ears.

Xin Mei only flashed a smile in his direction before pulling him toward her car. The moment they had taken their seats and had buckled their seat belts, Xin Mei drove the car on the roads at a fast speed.


"Xiao Mei, stop driving like crazy. Otherwise, I will puck in your car," Chen Bai yelled at the top of his lungs.

For the past fifteen minutes, the girl beside him was driving crazily, the car was very fast and it was moving in a zigzag pattern. She had also taken some deep cuts which had thrown Chen Bai against the door.

"It's your punishment for planning my murder plan. Now bear with it." Xin Mei glared at him and increased the car speed.

Chen Bai looked at her with a pale face and again regretted calling her to pick him up on the airport. She had first given him a shock of his grandmother and now of this car drive.

"It wasn't my fault that the media and my fans arrived early in the morning. I didn't know that they love me so much to come to the airport before time."

"Liar," Xin Mei yelled.

"Ok, ok, it was my fault. I got spotted while leaving the airport in America. I think my fans got an idea that I was tricking them. Please forgive me my mother. I am begging you. Please slow down the car. Please!" Chen Bai pleaded. "I am ready to do anything for you but please slow down."

Condition of Chen Bai was becoming worse with each passing second. He could no longer bear her car drive. Xin Mei looked at his face before she slowed down the car. She also gave him a water bottle.

Chen Bai glared at her before finishing the water bottle in one sip.

"Now always remember my sweet brother Bai, you can never overpower me."

Chen Bai grunted. "Xin Mei, you didn't do well today. You shouldn't have used my grandmother. You know how sensitive I am toward her."

"I know. That's why I used her. Can't you understand the simple logic," Xin Mei rolled her eyes. Before Chen Bai could say anything, she interrupted, "Stop talking, you don't want me to increase the car speed, do you?"

Chen Bai fumed like an angry bull before turning his face toward the window.

"And your coffee, Sorry I forgot to give it to you on time." Xin Mei retrieved the coffee glass and gave it to him.

Chen Bai took the glass from her and took a sip only to cough hard. Xin Mei chuckled upon seeing his face. Chen Bai had at least two spoons of sugar in his cup but the coffee in his hand didn't have a single spoon of sugar.

Chen Bai glared at Xin Mei, "Xiao Mei, be ready for my revenge. I will take my revenge for today."

"Sure, sure, we will see." She grinned with delight.

Xin Mei dropped Chen Bai at his home before she made her way toward her home. Chen Bai glared at her car and swore to have his revenge from her. He had thought to trouble her but...…

Today was the worst day for him and he would have his revenge no matter what!

Chen Bai entered his house and made his way towards his room. He had a long shower to calm down his muscles from the dangerous drive of Xin Mei. He then made his way to the living room where he plodded down on the sofa.

He switched on the television and found every media discussing about him and his grandmother, everyone was predicting in which hospital she was a hospitalized and how her condition was!

"How troublesome!" Chen Bai groaned and closed his eyes.

When Xin Mei reached home, her mother immediately asked her for the photo of Chen Bai. She chuckled before showing her mobile to her mother.

"Why is my Bai'er looking so pale?" her mother asked with concern.

Xin Mei had clicked the photo when she was driving at the fast speed. In the photo, Chen Bai was looking no less than a sick patient. Xin Mei planned to use that photo some other day. She could blackmail him by using it.

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"Mother, the flight didn't sit well with his health. That's why he is looking so sick."

After giving a fake report to her mother, Xin Mei made her we toward her room. In the way, she also whistled in delight.

Chen Bai 0 Xin Mei 1


Last week we ranked 70th. I will start updating 2 chapters daily if we touch 50th rank.

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