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Handsome President : The Pursuit Of Love Handsome President : The Pursuit Of Love original

Handsome President : The Pursuit Of Love

Author: ikhaqueen

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A CEO named Juan Yin who had a cold attitude like an ice.

Juan was one of the youngest entrepreneurs in E city, at the age of 21, Juan has been able to develop his family business very rapidly and at the age of 24, Juan succeeded in making the Yin family company rank first as the best company in town E.

Juan was forced by his family to marry a girl named Hey Kha who was beautiful and also kind.

Hey Kha was also forced to marry Juan Yin to repay to her grandfather who had raised her and paid for her studies at medical universities abroad.

Lots of good and bad things that happened, can Hey Kha be able to deal with it?

Her name was Hey Kha Tan, she was the only granddaughter of Tan family who was one or the famous family in the town E, but she lived abroad to finished her medical studies.

That's not the only reason, but also because of Aunt Sherly who always disliked her and bothered her, that's why her grandfather sent her abroad to finished her medical studies.

That night ....

Hey Kha was sitting with her friends, suddenly her phone rang, one of her friends said, "Hey Kha, isn't that your cellphone sound?" Hey Kha's friends told her.

"Yes, thanks. I'll leave for a while to pick the phone up."

Hey Kha looked at her phone and it turned out that it was her grandfather who called her.

"Hello grandpa, how are you??"

His voice sounded hoarse, her grandfather then replied, "Hey Kha, how is your studies? Are you okay in there?"

Hey Kha said to her grandfather, "Hey Kha is fine, grandpa. You don't need to worry and you have to take care of your health."

Hey Kha asked again because she was curious, "Grandpa, why did you call? Is there a problem at home?"

The grandfather told Hey Kha, "No, Child. Grandpa just missed you, it's been a long time since you're home. Then you should rest, grandpa will rest either."

Hey Kha replied, "Alright, you must take care of your health."

In the house of Tan family, Sherly Tan, the second daughter of Gong Yo Tan heard that and felt irritated. She said, "Father, why don't you said to that girl that our family having a problem and she's the only one who can solve the problem? Did you want to see our company collapse?" Aunt Sherly kept talking because of irritation.

"Hey Kha also have the responsibility towards this family, because her college fees are paid using money from the company!!"

The grandfather who heard that was very angry and said, "Shut up!!! Since when did you admit her as a family? Aren't you always made things difficult for her when she lived in this family? Even you never admit her as part of our family. But now you want me to made a trade with sending her to be a daughter-in-law from a family she doesn't know just to save the company? Although our company just lost a litte, it won't collapsed."

Aunt Sherly who heard that felt irritated.

"Father, I was the one who managed the company since my brother died, so I'm the one who knows the best about the company's condition. If dad can't tell her, I'll talk to her on the phone."

Aunt Sherly went to her room then called Hey Kha.

Hey Kha's cellphone vibrated and Hey Kha saw it. It turned out that Aunt Sherly was the caller.

"Hello, Aunt?"

Aunt Sherly replied with a little angry tone. "No need to talk nonsense, there's something very important that I want to tell you."

Hey Kha said, "Tell me, Auntie. I will listen to you."

After listened to everything that Aunt Sherly said, Hey Kang was very sad. But Hey Kang couldn't refused Aunt Sherly wishes, especially this also concerns the company and also the grandfather who always loved her, she was forced to accept this marriage.

Hey Kha locked herself in the room and sobbing as she said, "I won't be in a relationship with anyone, especially getting married, before my dreams come true."

After a week, Hey Kha came home with disappointed but she didn't show it to her grandfather. Hey Kha arrived in the family Tan's family and see her grandfather.

"Grandpa ... Hey Kha is home, Hey Kha really missed you."

The grandfather said, "Naughty girl ... Don't hug me too tight, my body will hurt." The grandfather smiled widely then continued his words, "Alright ... You should go to rest because tomorrow we will have guests."

Hey Kha asked because she felt confused. "Guests? Who?"

The grandfather replied, "They are Yin family, their family is very famous in this town and also has a massive influence in this town. They're are highly respected by the people in this city, They are a respectable family they will definitely treat you well."

Hey Kha who saw her grandfather looked very happy couldn't say anything anymore.

"Alright, grandpa."

Hey Kha muttered to herself, 'Hey Kha you have to be strong! Tomorrow is the day your life will change, wether will be a hell or heaven!!'

Hey Kha didn't even know how the person who will marry her looked like, her grandfather and Aunt Sherly never mentioned that person characteristics, even they have never seen the person's face. They just heard that he wouldn't want to get exposed, even every time there was a party or meeting only his personal assistant who represented him.

There's also people who said that he was a very handsome and stunning man, but have the cold and harsh attitude.

Hey Kha let out a deep breath and muttered. "I don't even know his name and his age? Was he in the same age as me or older? Really a bad luck. Never mind, rich people always invisible and full of mystery!"

The day was already morning, Hey Kha went to the guest room and greet her grandfather and Aunt Sherly.

"Good morning Auntie, Grandpa."

Aunt Sherly who saw Hey Kha said, "Hurry up and change your clothes and do a beautiful make up. Soon Yin family will come, you have to look pretty and don't let them see you like this and cancel the wedding right away!"

Hey Kha felt irritated hearing what Aunt Sherly said, then came back to her room with irritation feelings. "Hmmm am I that ugly? Auntie is so annoying!"

A few moments later Aunt Sherly called Hey Kha.

"Hey Kha ... Come down quickly, they're arrived."

Hey Kha replied. "Yes, wait."

A few moments later Yin family arrived in the Tan family's house. Aunt Sherly greet their arrival with pleasure.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Yin. We are very happy that you came to our house ... Please, welcome."

Aunt Sherly who didn't see any young men came with Mrs. Yin then muttered to herself, 'I didn't see any young men with her, is the person who will marry Hey Kha is the old men behind Mrs. Yin? How ironic that child's, but it's good, isn't that what I want?' She smiled like a devil.

The grandfather called Mrs. Yin, "Mrs. Yin, such a pleasure to meet you."

Mrs. Yin replied, "Mr. Tan, such a pleasure to meet you too. It turns out that you haven't change much, still the same like 10 years ago, still calm and charming."

The grandfather who hasn't seen Juan asked, "Mrs. Yin, where is Mr. Juan? I didn't see him."

Mrs. Yin felt a little bit ashamed then said, "Oh, Juan is on the way here. He has a little bit of business in the company and we came here first."

Mr. Tan understood with Juan's condition right now.

"I see, Mr. Juan is indeed a very great person, in his hands the Yin family's company has grown very rapidly in a short amount of time," He said, then smiled.

A few moments later.

Juan Yin arrived at the family Tan's house. When Juan arrived, from his car accidentally he saw a cat, the cat's legs was entangled with a rope. Then Juan helped to untie the rope.

From the balcony, Hey Kha accidentally saw the incident but Hey Kha misunderstood.

Hey Kha thought that Juan (the man who was her future husband) had a bad intention to her grandfather beloved cat.

Hey Kha thought of an idea. Hey Kha went to the bathroom then took some water then poured Juan with water from the balcony.


Juan was very shocked with what happened and said, "What the hell is this?"

While looking up and apparently there was a girl who deliberately poured water on him while smiling happily.

Juan who saw that very upset and screamed, "Hey, what did you do?? Can't you see someone down here?? Damn crazy girl!"

Hey Kha laughed happily when she saw Juan's condition that was like that and said, "I just saw a thief and tried to stop him by pouring water on him, so I could see the thief's shameful face. Hmm ... It's a pity that you have a very handsome face. But you use it to steal ...."

Juan was very angry to heard Hey Kha called him thief.

"What did you say? I'm a thief?" With an angry face, Juan continued his words, "I will make you regret of what you did to me."

Hey Kha who heard Juan said that now felt irritated.

"Alright we'll see."

Hey Kha shouted for the security.

"Security ... Please help there's a thief ... Help there's a thief, the thief is in the backyard."

Juan who saw Hey Kha shouted getting angry even more and Juan said to Hey Kha. "Shut up!!!!" His face was red with anger. But Hey Kha kept shouted.

"Help ... Help ... The thief is in the backyard."

Everyone who heard Hey Kha rushed to the backyard to see it.

Hey Kha also rushed to go downstairs.

Aunt Sherly who heard that said, "Who would dare to enter and steal at the Tan family house? He must be a great thief, having gotten in under such tight security."

Mrs. Yin who saw Juan who was soaking wet then asked Juan.

"Juan what happened to you?"

Juan looked annoyed with the situation at that time. "It was all because of the crazy girl on the balcony, she poured me with water. She even dared to say that I am a thief. How funny!!" He said with a very annoyed face.

Hey Kha just arrived at the backyard and shouted to Juan while pointing at him. "You!!!"

"You thief, security quick catch him!!"

Mrs. Yin who say Hey Kha asked, "Child, are you Mr. Tan's grandchild?"

Hey Kha was surprised to see a middle-aged woman who was standing beside her and replied with a smile, "Yes."

The grandfather who saw that then said to Mrs. Yin, "We are very sorry Mrs. Yin. It was just misunderstood. Let me introduce her, she's my granddaughter, Hey Kha, daughter of my first child, Lucky Tan."

Juan was surprised to hear that, he muttered to himself, 'Is this a girl that I will get married with? What a bad luck!'

The grandfather continued his words, "Hey Kha is a little bit naughty, but she's a good girl. I apologize for what she did today."

Mrs. Yin laughed a little when she heard that then said, "No problem Mr. Tan, it was an interesting meeting between them, a meeting that Juan will never forget. Because during his life no one dared to do that to him."

Hey Kha swallowed her saliva and felt a little bit afraid to hear that qnd muttered to herself. 'Did this old lady just warn me? Aaaa actually what did you do Hey Kha? What a stupid girl! You just dig your own grave. I have to apologize.'

She let out a deep breath. Hey Kha said to Mrs. Yin, "I'm so sorry Mrs. Yin. I didn't mean anything bad to Mr. Juan, I do reckless things without thinking, I'm a stupid girl."

Mrs. Yin who saw that smiled and said, "You're a really cute girl." She said while holding Hey Kha's hand.

Hey Kha walked closer to Juan to apologize. "Mr. Juan ... I'm."

Juan left, he ignored Hey Kha.

Hey Kha who saw Juan who ignored her felt sad.

"Never mind I could talking to that grumpy master later, wait until his emotions subside," Hey Kha muttered that time.

Happy banquet at the home of the Tan family, Juan never even looked at Hey Kha, Hey kh Khaa felt annoyed.

'His handsome face is not suitable for his cold attitude. Damn ice man!' Hey Kha muttered to herself.

Juan who realized that Hey kha Kha kept looking at him since earlier felt uncomfortable.

'I'll make you pay for what you did to me today! Just wait!!'

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