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Tested - Hangeki Suru - Chapter 2 by Qasey full book limited free

Chapter 2: Tested

Sin heading back to where Kuzan stayed

"That was kinda boring nobody fought back, I expected at least one or two specials in the town guess I was wrong"

The smell of a furious aura rushed past him, Sin frozen grew a smile on his face

"I guess me coming here wasn't a waste of my time"

Covering his arm with lightning he zooms to where the power was rushing from Sin sees a man with a white cloak and a Sword who looked at least in his 20's

"It's you isn't it I wonder what power you have"

The man turns around and looks at Sin and spoke

"You seem strong"

"I seem strong? Why don't you test me"

"Normally I would but I gotta head somewhere we can finish this discussion later"

Sin not taking no for an answer rushes toward the man only to pass right through him

"What is this, are you a ghost"

"Maybe, but like I said I have to get going"

The guy teleports out of the area

"Man I was hoping for him to fight back imma Just head back to where the rest are"

"Man that lightning guy was weird he was strong though I could feel it that attack he rushed at me with wasn't even a bit of his power seemed as he was testing me next time we meet I won't hold back either"

The man walking wondering about sin bumps into a stranger

"Hey watch where you're going do you know who I am"

"Um no?"

"I'm Oden and I'm a feared guy in this town and I've never seen you here"

"I'm just passing by don't mind me"

Oden punches the man in the face

"I don't care if you're passing by this is my town what's your name"

The man isn't fazed by the punch looks at his watch

"I go by Hago and like I said i'm passing by touch me again and I might have to kill you"

Oden laughing at Hagos threat tries to throw a punch at Hago his arm passes through his face shocked by this he falls backwards

"You're one of those freaks aren't you one always comes here to start trouble"

Hago shoves his hand through Odens chest

"To me it seems like you're the one causing trouble"

Oden falls to the floor and was bleeding out hago just stares at his body and watches him die but odens body gets pulled through a portal by someone

Hago stares at the open portal but just walks away not minding it

"Damn its been awhile since I felt this pressure but there was something no someone behind that portal who was dangerous"

"So darling do you know where we're going"

"Uh not necessarily but the note did say just keep walking through this forest"

"How do you know we should trust the people who told us to come here"

"Because theres somethings I wanna know and I assume you do as well since you're here"

"Yeah I feel I lost many memories I can't remember anything from before middle school but until my dreams started happening I never questioned anything"

"Yeah I understand well my memories aren't gone but I do have my reasons here as well"

Darling looking around giving off a aura as if he was expecting for someone to appear

Three people come out the bushes so you noticed us huh can't say the same for the other guy

"Did you not notice them Zenkai

"No I didn't"

"Okay, lemme handle these people according to the tension in the air I assume they plan on killing us"

"Its ok I can fight as well"

"Are yall done speaking we're here to fight not chat"

Darling laughing

"I feel you, now why dont yall show me what you can do"

The three people showing their power rush toward Zenkai and Darling


A large black bird appears behind one of the enemies summoning it to attack them the phoenix rushing toward Darling and Zenkai suddenly stops

"Phoenix go home"

The bird flies away

"What just happened" the guy who summoned the Phoenix was surprised

Darling who started laughing stared at the three people

"Was that all you had all the just for your weak bird to run away"


"Stop getting worked up over something so small why don't you just summon it back go ahead I'll let you"

Angrily the man yells for his summoning to return surprisingly the bird didn't come to the guys aid

Darling staring at him

"Poor thing ran away now why don't you use something else

Zenkai stares at Darling noticing what happened

One of the enemies come toward Zenkai and tries to attack him Zenkai dodging the attack and gets into a hand to hand combat with him"

"You handle that one I'll get the other two"

Darling suddenly appears behind them and stares down at them

The two turn around and look at Darling who suddenly seemed much bigger and his eyes staring into their soul

They fall on there knees and say they give up

Darling turns around and finds the third guy beaten by Zenkai

"I guess you aren't weak huh"

"Why would you assume that"

Darling laughs while him and Zenkai continue down the path and headed to their location

"Kuzan who is this man"

"He's someone who just got killed and we're gonna bring him back to life" Kuzan replied

Kirin listening to what Kuzan was saying but apparently isn't surprised by it there isn't much Kuzan couldn't do

Sin returns:

"You sure took your time didn't you"

"Yeah yeah my bad Kuzan I got distracted by someone else what do we have here"

Sin approaches odens dead body

"Who killed this guy"

Kuzan stares at the body

"Someone strong"

Kirin walks away and heads to get things for kuzan to bring oden back to life

Sin stares at kirin and yawns

"Why do you keep this weakling with us"

"Kirin may not act it but he's strong just as strong as the rest of our members"

"I don't really see it Kuzan but ok if you say so"

Sin suddenly remembering someone else grows a grin on his face

"Hey Kuzan what about Hir-

Kuzan suddenly bring a sword out and points it at sins neck

Sin who didn't even see Kuzans hand move was shocked about the sword suddenly in front of him

"Don't speak his name I don't care how strong you are I'll cut you down everyone here is replaceable"

Sin stares at Kuzan then walks away

"Yeah whatever I didnt think you'll get so worked up over a name"

Kuzans weapon disappears and he forces his fist into oden chest and fills it with power

"Now we wait till he awakens when he does invite him to the team

Kirin who brought supplies just stared at the body and returned everything he brought"

There's a building up there should we go in"

"Well there's not much options so let's go" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Darling and Zenkai enter the building from there they see 8 others inside

"Thats it?? theres only 10 specials here in total wow I expected way more"

Zenkai looks around noticing the three people that attacked them they hide their face hoping he doesn't walk toward them

"I don't see much strong people here guess these specials aint that big of a deal huh"

While darling was speaking two more people entered the building the power that was coming from each of them was crazy

"Now they are really strong people let's go talk to them"

Zenkai and darling approach the two that entered the building

"Hey sup"

One of them responds


"Y'all really strong ever thought of sealing your presence?"

"We did, it didn't do much but you're one to speak its as if you want people to feel your power you're just letting it all out"

Darling surprised they noticed just laughs

"Yall are funny im Darling and this is Zenkai whats your names"

"Im Shin and this is JX"

"JX? Is that short for something"

Jx looks at darling

"It's just Jx"

Shin stares at Zenkai

"Have we met, you seem familiar"

"I don't think so if we did my bad i'm just not good with remembering stuff"

Shin just stares at Zenkai then walks away Jx follows him

"Well they were weird"

Before Zenkai can reply a body falls to the floor everyone in the room stares at the person who died

Another body drops now everyone is tense

"One of yall is doing this aren't you with your ability"

A random person yells that and gets everyone worked up soon everyone turns on their ability

"If this goes on a fight will break out "

A dart gets shot a Darlings neck but he grabs it before it touches him

Zenkai dodges the dart that was shot at him and it hits someone else people started dropping left and right the 12 members in the room number suddenly reduced to 6

Some girl walks away from the other 5

"It's one of you five isnt it"

Zenkai stares at her and walks toward her

She activates her ability forcing him to stop

"Come closer and I might have to end you"

"Look just listen it isn't us we already figured it out"

"Wait huh what you mean figured it out"

"The people who invited us here are shooting deadly weapons at us if you look around there's a hole in the walls that are big enough for weapons but not a person and that how the darts are coming through here"

The girl calms down apologizes for blaming them

"My name is Jasmin nice to meet y'all and i'm sorry about that"

"Its ok im Zenkai this is darling that's Shin thats JX and I don't know who that is"

The 6th person walks up carried a large wrapped weapon on her back and wore glasses states her name

"Im Rai nice to meet y'all"

The door opens and six big man walk in behind them comes another guy who seemed like he lead them Zenkai noticed this guy he was the man from the Coffee shop who invited him here

"As some of yall may remember me i'm the one who invited you here call me Dr. Understand and congrats you six passed the test welcome to Kaizen High"

"Wait all these people died for a school what kind of bullshit is that"

Dr. Understand walks toward Rai

"You're specials, stuff like Darts shouldn't have killed you only the strong survive and for the Coming Chaos we only need the strong and you six are the strong in the group that came here"

"Wait, the Coming Chaos?"

Dr. Understands ignoring Zenkai hands out a address to each person and walks away along with the people who came with him

Everyone opens their note finding the address of their training school and the new place they'll be staying together

"Wow this was kinda lame imma dip see y'all at the place tomorrow"

Darling took off from the area Jasmin and Rai who was talking to each other walked away as well Jx and shin also walked away

Suddenly it starts raining with the rain followed thunder Zenkai who was walking back home suddenly felt light headed and was losing balance his heart beating fast


"Zenkai don't mind me you must live on that man is here seeking you run away Zenkai"

Screaming yelling all this over one guy the Saito clan was a feared clan due to the amount of power they were born with, so they wouldn't go down without a fight but this man he treated them as if they were regulars the way he cut down each Saito they were powerless against him

"Zenkai, son listen once every 2000 years a special within the specials is born the power of the gods land on him that power chose you so you must live and end the Coming Chaos"

Zenkai suddenly awakens in the forest where he blacked out

"Huh what happened where am I gosh I just had a weird dream sadly I can't remember much from it gotta head home im soaked in rain"

"A special within the specials" is all he remembered from that memory recall


"What does it say"

"The whole town was hit by a thunderstorm but there were no storm activities that were recorded that day so we can only assume a Special did this"

"I see, a special with enough force to

destroy a whole town with one move seems like it would be a tough enemy mark it down as being handled we will investigate it more"

"If you find this man will you engage with him"

"I don't have a choice if we do end up crossing paths I'll make sure he doesn't walk away safe and he dies with the sin he committed on that town"

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