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57.14% Harry Potter and The Grey Side. / Chapter 3: Back to England - Part 2

Read Harry Potter and The Grey Side. - Chapter 3 online

Chapter 3: Back to England - Part 2

Leaving the study, Harry rushed back to his room. Throwing away his books and kicking his shoes away, he fell on the bed and started crying. Tears couldn't stop falling from his eyes. He could just press himself to the pillow to stop the loud sobs from escaping.

He hated England and everything it stood for. It was the symbol of Dumbledore's power and his influence. It was home to his parents. It was the country that followed his brother. It was the country that looked down upon Dark.

Above all of that, it was here where he was abandoned, just because he 'might' be a squib, he might turn on his brother, he might turn dark.

At first, he believed that it was his mistake that made his parents ignore him. He tried his best to earn their attention, their love. He showed them that he could talk to snake. He was scolded and slapped. He tried to show then that he has learnt his numbers. He was ignored. He showed them his crayon drawings, only for it to be thrown away. All failed and he never understood what was wrong and how he could make them love him. To him, love was rather an abstract concept. He just wanted them to smile and hug him, like he had seen other parents do. It looked warm and happy. And so he tried his best.

But what was a three years old ought to do?

It was only when his brother was born, did he realise that it wasn't something he was or wasn't doing. His brother was worse than him. He slept most of them time, he cried when he would be awake. He stank. He wet himself almost everyday. He was disgusting. But they still loved him, and lavished all their attention on him. New dresses, personally cooked food and good night stories. From that moment, Harry hated his brother. His brother had everything that Harry wanted without even doing anything.

As time went on, he started hating him more and more, until it turned into a desire to have him gone. He don't know it then, but he wanted to kill his brother. It was only few months later he would learn what does murder means. And honestly, it felt alright.

But he don't know how to make him go away. He was too big to just crush him, like he did with the mosquitoes and ants. He was too different than the occasional boggarts that the elfs would banish. He was not like the elf's who would listen to his orders. He was not like beautiful snakes that would obey him unconditionally. He was just too... Different.

It was between all this, that they went into hiding. Personally, he didn't feel any different. It was the same lonely and cold atmosphere, which he had become intimately familiar with. And so life went on. The elfs would take care of him, while his parents bent over backwards for that disgrace, while that 'thing' cried for not being able to play outside.

But it all changed when he manage to hear the thoughts of his brother. it took his time, but he could read what his brother wanted. It was broken... But still understandable. Every once in a while, he would also manage to pick up emotions from his parents. Anger, hate, guilt... It was confusing. But he never felt 'love' directed towards him, unlike that to his brother. And so he stopped mingling with them. His 'mind reading' had made it abundantly clear that they didn't love him.

Between all this, Moony, Padfoot and Wormtail would frequently visit. From their thoughts he learned more. Unlike his parents, whose mind felt shielded the rest three were different. Moony's mind felt dangerous and feral, while Padfoot felt weird. He could never read anything from them. But he could pick up their emotions from their faces and the slight feelings he would get. But Wormtail? It was like a book. And he learnt many things. He learnt Magic, he learnt adult 'things', he learnt the secrets of his parents, he learnt about the secret corridors of Hogwarts, the group called Marauders and The Order of Phoenix. He also learnt about why was he ignored.

It was a hard pill to swallow. But it did make many things clear and his hatred for his family, more concrete. And few months later, he learnt about Voldemort from Wormtail's mind. And that was supposed to be a wonderful opportunity to get rid of his brother.

Except it failed. Failed because of an elf! His magic, empty from creating the shield was mistakenly believed to be lost, and he was labeled as a Squib. Now his parents, had a legitimate reason to hate him. Honestly, he felt that they just needed something to base their hate on.

If that was not enough, a week later he was labeled as a danger to the Boy-Who-Lived. His 'jealousy' might turn him to the dark side, they said. And soon he was shipped to the home of filthy muggles.

Less said the better, it wasn't all rainbows and sunshines. And he might have finally understood Voldemort's vendetta against muggles.

Fortunately, he was saved within few weeks. But it was enough to mark him for life. And his hate for his family grew to encompass everything they were close to.

Now, four years later, he was going to return there.

Three Days Later.

Harry really wanted the power to control time. He would have made the three days pass slower. It was like Time itself had some personal vendetta with him. Three days were gone in a snap. And now he wanted the time to speed up so he could run away from her

His trunk was ready with everything he might need. Clothes, galleons and books. His Raven, Nyx was happily turning his hairstyle into something straight out of Lovecraft lore. His wand... Was well sitting somewhere in Ollivanders shop. All in all, he was ready to go.

Except for one thing...

"... Write me everyday. And eat properly. No girlfriends until you are fifteen. Stay away from Cassies artifacts. And always wear underwear... Even under robes.... "

No one could imagine, The Demon Lady, The Lady of The Black, The Reaper, the Almighty super scary Dorea Potter nee Black, was currently sobbing on his shoulder and hugging him to death.

"Grandmaaaaa!!!! I know. You don't need to tell me. Plus I am just a portkey away. It would barely take a minute to reach you. "

So after several minutes of tearful parting he reached the Charles de Gaulle Airport and rushed to the Portkey terminal.

After World War 2 and Grindelwald's war, many countries started spreading their departments over large areas. This would make sudden attacks on ministry, and completely crippling them in one go, impossible. Although, Britain was still stuck with its antique views and refused to even look at muggle progress.

The French Ministry particularly, decided to outsource their Immigration and Customs department to magical-muggles, squib and muggles with magical knowledge. This would solve the employment problem, placate the liberals, and if something went wrong... Well only muggles would die. Plus the area being inside an airport, was heavily supervised and under constant security. This further reduced the security required for this area and freed valuable waizarding human resources.

The Portkey terminal was quite far from the Central Building. It was an open space with a small building in one corner for staff office. Despite the small size, it was one of the largest Portkey Terminal in Europe, and handled about 70% of Trans-European traffic. The area was surrounded by enchanted heavy metal sheets which would absorb magical dispersion from portkey's and prevent any damage to airport electronic. Under the building, about 10 meters underneath, was the official apparition point for coming and leaving the airport. Of course, you could also rent a taxi or carriage.

The open space was laid with several magically saturated gems, which made the place act as a beacon for travelling. It was very much like a lighthouse, but for magical travel. On one corner just opposite the staff building, were magical beasts such as Abraxans and Hippogriffs for long distance travel. It was quite a setup.

Showing his ticket to the guard he rushed in, just to be stopped by another guard. The guard was young and fair skinned. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Stop young are yet to be checked. "

"Checked? " Harry asked him in confusion. He never had to go through checking when leaving Britain.

"Yeah... Ya... Know, for illegal substances, weapons, smuggling and stuff. " The guard replied in a cheerful voice. "Now your bags, pouches, trunks anything which can be used for storing. "

Harry hesitated. He couldn't just give his things to a stranger. As if seeing his confusion, he simply pointed on a wall behind him. There was a large notice board which he seemed to have ignored. It notified passengers about body and baggage checks for anything not allowed or illegal.

Relieved, Harry quietly handed his trunk to the guard and stood aside. The guard opened his trunk and started to go through everything.

"Good... Everything seems to be fine. You know, once a man manage to smuggle young Occamy from China. Damn thing managed to escape and led all of us on a hunt throughout France. We had to call Mr. Sacamander to catch the fucking beasts. Another time a demiguise manage to escape a smuggler, only to get trapped in a flight to Japan..."

Despite the guards best intention to involve him into gossip and maybe...the guard was bored...really bored, Harry just felt confused. So okay, you had beasts run and make a mess. What was he to say? Good for you?

He could just reply with, "oh."

After what seemed like an hour, his bag was checked, his raven's documents for possession and immunization were cross checked, his immunization and health was given a final go over, his books were checked for 'Dark Books' according to British standards, ( more than half of his books turned out to be either so called Dark Or treading over the line. But the guard happily ignored it for a few galleons…) before finally allowing him to the Portkey stand.

"Hold it tight, don't loose your hold, jump when Portkey starts... It makes landing easier. Keep your bags in the luggage box. Tighten your hand belts. And... Keep your vomit bags ready. The trip is rather bumpy. " The attendant joked trying to relax the passengers.

"Ready?…here we go."

And everything spun out of control.

Heretoc Heretoc

In a rush today, so no editing as of yet. I will edit this and the previous chapters by the end of the week.

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