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Chapter 126: Chapter 126- distraction

Harry's POV

Sneaking back outside was a lot harder then sneaking in, as not only was James Potter standing near the door, but it was also closed, as to prevent Peter from escaping.

Luckily, Harry had two cheats.

Silencing everything near him as long as it wasn't near the eight people, Harry took out his invisibility cloak, and made sure it is covering everything it could before saying one word- "Dobby." No matter what you say, Harry would have told you Dobby is the best house elf he could ever ask for.

It wasn't just the way he screamed everything or how he was always happy to do whatever he was asked to do, no that was like every elf.

It was the fact that he liked to learn new things.

You see, most house elves Harry met (in the kitchen) were a lot like pure bloods, not in the way of looking down on people with 'lesser' blood, though if you hear them talk about free elves you would feel the disdain, but in the way of traditions. 'It always was like that - it will always be like that.' Harry didn't know how many times he heard an elf say something like that whenever he tried to understand their traditions or magic, usually magic.

Dobby though, Dobby was like a sponge full of excitement, eager to learn new things, someone who was pretty close in character to Harry, and as, with the exception of his 6 meals a day (sometimes even more) and cleaning the apartment every few days, Dobby didn't have much to do.

So Harry asked the little guy to learn, rest and have fun, something the boy did by buying books, or more specifically, comic books.

The elf became enchanted with superheroes, villains, and more then all, ninjas.

All of this reflected on the elf, if in the books the elf was obsessed with socks, wearing them all over his body in every color and a big smile on his head, now he was only wearing black, and even his head is covered in a cloth, and, while he won't tell anyone, he kind of promised the elf a sword and shurikens.

The only thing that stayed the same, is his loud personality, the elf just didn't understand the need for quiet, which is why Harry made sure to always put silencing charm when he summons Dobby.


"Harry summoned Dobby, how can Dobby help?"

"Hey Dobby, I need you to bring me the KW case from the apartment, and then take me out of here."

Waiting or a few seconds, Harry continued to watch as the four friends continued their conversation/argument.

"How could you, Peter? I thought of you as brother, I made you a godfather of my son!"

"He was too strong, he forced me! You have never felt his power!" The tears seemed to be so genuine that Harry couldn't help but wonder whether the rat animagus was talking about Voldemort or Dumbledore.

Dobby returned with another *pop*

"I found it Harry, your KW case, where do you want to go to?"

"Just outside." Harry said as he put the invisibility cloak around them while making sure the notice me not charm is on.

Taking Harry's hand, Dobby *popped* to near the Shrieking Shack, before *popping* away.

"Take off your invisibility before I stun you."

A wand was touching his back, with the voice of his potions' Professor near his ear.

Cursing under his breath for not preparing for the possibility of the Professor being outside, ready to catch everyone, Harry slowly took his invisibility cloak off.

"So mr. Peverel, would you mind telling me what you're doing here after curfew?"

Deciding it wasn't the best time to joke around, Harry swallowed the comment 'I won't say any thing without my lawyer', instead he said his previously prepared excuse. "well, when you see your Professor create a patronus saying a fugitive and a dead person are at the same place you can only do one thing- follow him without his notice and find out more, but, Professor, how did you find me?"

Harry knew the Professor knew he was inside the shack as he had the piece of the map near him, and even without it, the notice me not and invisibility charm he had on himself isn't something hard to notice if you pay attention, but how did he manage to notice him with the cloak? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"The noise you did reveal your location, which bring me to the second question - where did you learn apparition, and more importantly, how can you do it in Hogwarts?"

Swearing in his heart to never again use apparition to a not secure location, Harry decided to change the subject as quick as possible.

"A trade secret, but never mind that, we have to escape! Professor Lupin is a werewolf who and he hadn't drink his daily dose of wolfsbane."

Professor Snape became as white as death, cursing under his breath about stupid old goats and idiotic werewolves, before starting to run away, dragging Harry with him.

As they neared the castle they managed to hear an howl.

"Go straight to your room, and don't you dare come out." The Professor said before running in the direction of the headmaster's office.

Harry didn't go to his room, he went to the one person he could trust to give him everything he needs, even alibi, the one who needed him to do what he's about to do even more then he did.

He went to Daphne.

Daphne's POV

Harry coming for a favor isn't something that happen everyday.

In fact, it has never happened before, even after they came to their agreement in Christmas for their family to help him as much as he needed, which is weird, when someone gives you unlimited wishes, who on his right mind not agree to it?

But that was Harry, never doing as expected.

And of course, when he finally ask for something, it would be a simple request, that any friends would do for each other.

"Will you duel me? I need my mind to calm dawn for a few hours."

Thus began the five games between Harry and Daphne, in which she won all of them, and it wasn't because she was good, but, as far as she can tell, it was the first games he has ever played.

It was like, while he knew the rules, and had better understanding of cards then she had, yet his combinations were non-existence, full of holes, and overall, bloody sucked.

Seeing the person who always seemed all knowing in that situation made her smile and laugh so much her jaw hurt.

Which was probably why he kicked her out of the room.

Smiling as she went back to the common room, she couldn't help but wonder- 'what did he need distraction from?'

Harry's POV

He could have asked Daphne to just give him alibi and get ready for his self imposed mission, but he truly didn't want this past hour and a half to be used to complement what he's about to do.

He can say it is for Astoria, that it is her only chance, that he won't have another chance, that the man deserves it.

It would all be lies

Sure, Astoria would benefit from this action, but he doesn't really care for her, this action wasn't her only chance, he can keep researching the self transfiguration methods. Even if he doesn't, there are others, more deserving ones- Greyback for example.

No, Harry can lie to the whole world, but not to himself, doing so would land him in the same position as Dumbledore.

Harry is doing it for one reason, and one reason only- he does it because this is war.

Not the war of light vs Dark, nor the war of pure bloods vs muggleborns.

This is a war of vengeance, where only one side can survive, and Harry would make sure it is his side, no matter what.

This is the true reason why he is about to kill Remus Lupin.


Remember, the reason Harry doesn’t like to use his invisibility cloak is that anyone with Potter blood is able to see through it.

The reason they didn’t notice Dobby is the notice me not charm he has put around him, the invisibility cloak was put near Dobby is to minimize the chances of him getting caught.

This is the start of the darker parts of the story.

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