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He's Actually A Sexy Girl? I Erected! He's Actually A Sexy Girl? I Erected!

He's Actually A Sexy Girl? I Erected!

Author: Not Yi Fan

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[1] My bro is actually the school beauty in disguise as a guy?!_1

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Zhonghai, Aries Street Light Rail Station.

Dressed in casual attire, Tang Feng stood quietly at the exit.

He was waiting for someone.

To be exact, he was waiting for a bro he'd known online for a long time but had never met in person.

Meeting an internet friend for the first time offline was a bit thrilling, he thought.

As Tang Feng waited, growing bored by the minute, a slim and tall young man with a fair and delicate face seemed to notice something in the crowd coming out of the station. He waved excitedly at Tang Feng from among the people.

Target spotted!

Tang Feng naturally noticed the other party, and his eyes lit up, but he was also somewhat taken aback.

Something wasn't right. His meet-up buddy sounded quite manly online; you'd think he was a real tough guy, so why did he appear so... delicate in real life?

"Mr. Feng?"


The two approached each other and blurted out simultaneously.

Both were calling out their online nicknames. Tang Feng, of course, was Mr. Feng, and the bro on the other side was known online as "Ravishing Guy."

Of course, Tang Feng preferred to call him Dude.

Alright, identity confirmed. He was indeed the silly bro he played games with online.

"F*ck, it's really you, Dude? I thought you were a tough guy from the way you sounded online, but why so girly in real life?"

After confirming the other's identity, Tang Feng joked and playfully punched the other in the chest.

Just a standard greeting between old friends.

But when his fist connected, Tang Feng felt something was off.

This big man's chest, why was it so big and squishy, like a water balloon?

And to be honest, it felt really nice.

"Ow~ What was that for, Mr. Feng!?"

The bro seemed startled by Tang Feng's sudden gesture, quickly hugging the chest and stepping back.

As he retreated, his cheeks flushed red, and he glared at Tang Feng with watery eyes as if he were looking at a villain.

That look gave Tang Feng quite the shock.

Damn it, don't tell me this bro's actually a delicate bottom?!

Tang Feng was startled by the other's reaction and got an uneasy feeling.

"It was just a greeting, why the fuss, Dude?"

"This makes me feel a bit uncomfortable!"

The bro seemed to realize something, bit his lip, and then explained, "Sorry, I'm not used to having physical contact with strangers very often."

Tang Feng chuckled, "Strangers? We're like father and son, how can we be strangers?"

The bro gave Tang Feng a look and crisply said two words, "Get lost!"

The friendship between men is just that simple. Within a few words, any awkwardness from meeting for the first time mostly vanished.

Bros? That's my son!

However, just as the two chatted and introduced themselves, an eerie electronic notification tone suddenly popped into Tang Feng's head.


"Host selection complete, world information synchronization complete…"

"Congratulations, Host. The Scan-Anything System has been successfully bound."

"The main function of this system is to scan the attribute information of any living or non-living entity; the higher the system's level, the more detailed the information scanned."

"Current system level: Lv1 (Can only scan basic attribute information of relevant items)"

As the electronic notification ended, Tang Feng was completely energized.


A Scan-Anything System?

If you're talking about this, I'm not sleepy anymore?

What veteran reader of web novels isn't familiar with this stuff?

This is definitely taking off!

"Mr. Feng, what's wrong?" The bro next to him saw that Tang Feng, standing silently in place, was lost in thought and seemed somewhat puzzled.

"Oh, nothing." Tang Feng quickly refocused and shook his head.

However, as he looked at the other person, a virtual panel suddenly appeared before his eyes.

"Name: Song Lele

Sex: Female

Measurements: 81/60/83

Facial Beauty Score: 93

Body Score: 95

Net Worth: 46.3216 million

Personal Information: …"


Tang Feng couldn't help but widen his eyes.

Sex: Female?

The bro he'd known in the game for years was actually a girl?

And not just any girl, but a campus belle with a 36D perfect figure and top-tier beauty with wealth?

F*ck, have I gone crazy, or has the world?

"Mr. Feng, are you alright? Why did you zone out again?" Next to him, Song Lele looked completely puzzled.

"You're not socially anxious, are you?"

Hearing Song Lele's question, Tang Feng snapped back to reality, "Social anxiety my ass, I'm super good at socializing, okay!"

"Good at socializing? Ha, who was it that stayed single straight from the womb for over twenty years?" Song Lele was full of disbelief.

Tang Feng instinctively retorted, "Pot calling the kettle black, aren't you single too?"

He was still shocked from discovering his "bro" was actually a top-tier beauty in disguise.

Especially considering the unspeakable topics he had discussed with them online, he felt a speechless choke.

If he had known that behind the saucy nickname "Ravishing Guy" was actually a 36D beauty, he definitely wouldn't have said those things.

Social Death couldn't be more tragic!

Damn it, it's all this damn thing's fault; I've got to find a way to get back at her!

Tang Feng was furious, and an evil plan started forming.

You like to pretend to be a man and cross-dress? Well, don't blame me for not being nice anymore!

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