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Contact - He Died and Receive an Overpowered Tyrant System - Chapter 92 by Lone_Survivor_6357 full book limited free

Chapter 92: Contact

"Your Highness, we will reach the Crentian Reich in thirty minutes, are you feeling well? After all, this was your first time sailing across the sea and I'm concerned that it may affect your health."

Alice, who was gazing at the vast ocean of blue, glanced at her attendant who was in a maid uniform, Lina.

"I'm okay, Lina. You don't have to worry about me, this may be my first time taking a long trip but this won't be enough to take me down." Alice chuckled.

"Ahh...but, is it really a good idea to visit the Crentian Reich? They are a hostile country that hates the Empire? I mean yes they agreed that you can visit but don't you think it's part of their plan to lure you in and then…"

"Lina, I don't know where you're getting that idea." Alice cuts her off. "The reason why the Crentian Reich accepted my term is that it's favorable to them and I think that this meeting is about reducing the tension between the two after the incident that happened months ago. Even if they were to trap and corner us in their capital, I don't think it would be wise for them to do so without knowing their enemy's capabilities." Alice explained.

Lina immediately understood what she's pointing out. Alice Cryoliniese is a powerful astral mage that had ever existed in the Empire. Her powers are unparalleled and she can freeze the entire country with her mystic arts. Such futile and stupid attempts won't be enough to kill her.

And even if she was cornered, she is there. She was not just a simple maid, she is also a battle mage that can support the princess in a battle. Taking those foolish mongrels who don't understand the difference of power won't be a hassle to them.

Though even if they are powerful mages, that wasn't enough to display a show of force. Alice thought of bringing 30 ship-of-the-line class ships, to the port of Crentian Reich for gunboat diplomacy that could gain them an upper hand in a future discussion.

Just additional information, the ship-of-the-line does rely on wind to sail but this magic ship comes with an engine called "magic furnace" It is a type of magic machine that powers a propeller under the ship. So when there's no air, they can activate the furnace that can move the ship for 15 knots. Also, the ship-of-the-line of the Grand Empire of Tevia is outdated and is to be decommissioned to make way for a new type of "battleship" that is being mass-produced. But since ship-of-the-line is considered a modern ship in this world, Alice used them before the empire put them out of service.

However, there was something too concerning about the Crentian Reich. They don't seem to get reliable intel about what was happening to that country, like how were they doing after the coup, is there a rebellion? How are they going to fix their hyperinflation? To know that, the Tevia Empire was secretly sending out spies and aerial reconnaissance to the country but nothing returned so far. Like it was impossible for a powerful country like the Grand Tevia Empire who controlled three continents not able to spy on a puny country that they defeated three years ago.

It's troubling her for a reason, and whenever she was troubled, she wanted to fix it immediately, so she thought that coming up to their doorstep was the key to ease her troubles about the Crentian Reich.

To be completely honest, she was not sure of why she decided to visit this country in the first place. Maybe she just wanted to see how the country was doing after the war and discuss something about their development and offer them help.

Compared to her other peers, Alice Cryoliniese is a pacifist one, whose mindset is not the same as her family who only wants conquest. She wants peace, that's why she took a diplomatic route in the Verona incident instead of force. Also, she felt a sense of guilt for their country after the Empire-led coalition forces clobbered them. It was a meaningless war of the Empire to send a message to the Sakura Empire who are locked in an ideological war where humans should be the ones who will rule in this world and demi-humans were to be exterminated. It was a really meaningless war that resulted in the deaths of over a million demihumans and humans.

It pains her heart. But she can't do anything even if she has authority.

"Alice, are you okay?" Lina asked after noticing her dejected facial expression.

"Ah...I'm fine…"

"Your Highness!"

Suddenly, someone called out to her. It was a messenger. He suddenly knelt in front of her presence and reported.

"Your Highness, we detected a ship signature in our radar bearing 0-9-0."

"Calm down, maybe it's the Crentian ship-of-the-line, they are coming to us for escort, didn't you read the report?" Alice said.

"B-but Your Highness, this is something different...the size of the blip is bigger than what it's supposed to be."

"Huh? What do you mean by that? It must be an interference."

"No...there's no interference, Your Highness. The weather is clear and there's nothing in the air that could disrupt our signal or interfere with our systems."

"Well, we're going to see it for ourselves. Remember, we are here to meet the Volksfuhrer, not to create another incident like the Verona. We will see them in a moment's time, so be at ease and report to me when the ship is near."

"U-Understood! Your Highness."

As the messenger stood up and left the two, Alice heaved a deep sigh. Why does he sound like it was an urgent problem? It was just a ship-of-the-line.

Twenty minutes later.

Sailing across the calm ocean of the north sea, Alice noticed a silhouette on the horizon. She asked her attendant Lina to get binocular for her to use.

When Lina handed her the binocular, she peered through its hole and saw something that she wasn't supposed to see.

"A battleship?!" She exclaimed.

Lina who had been standing by her side heard her blurted the word "battleship" which made her puzzled.

"A battleship? How is that even possible? There's no Empire battleship stationed here in Poreue…" Lina uttered out in bewilderment.

"Yes...there shouldn't be a battleship here but…" Alice looked closely and saw a flag that was fluttering in the wind. It was a flag of the Crentian Reich!

Crewmen of the ship-of-the-line rushed out to the deck to see the thing that was appearing on their radar.


They first discerned its design.

"It's all made of steel!"

"It's longer than our ship."

"And it's moving faster without a sail. Could it be that they've improved the magic furnace?"

"No, that's still experimental. There's no way our current magic furnace can move that thing so heavy."

The crewmen were thrown into confusion about how such a thing exists. These men have no idea that the Empire already has a battleship being produced but its construction was classified which explains their ignorance about battleships."

Alice vaulted over the figurehead to see the battleship clearly. As a royal family, she knew about the classified battleships of the Empire, so she tried comparing this battleship in front of her with the empire battleship.

First, the battleship was powered by artillery magic called Dingir. It was twenty times more powerful than the armament of the ship of the line. However, she didn't see any that resembled a Dingir. Could it be, perhaps, another design? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Then moments later, the battleship drew closer and closer to the point they were able to see its towering size.

The crewmen struck their heads up. Its massive sign dwarfed the ship-of-the-line.

Then, a loud sound was produced from the sky. It didn't come from the battleship but from something flying above them.

It was a steel-bodied beast with metal blades rotating atop of it.

"This is the Crentian Kriegsmarine! You are entering the territorial waters of the Crentian Reich. If you have no business with the Reich please do change your course or else we will open fire."

"Crentian Kwiegsmarin?!" Alice stuttered as she repeated the name, it could be the new name of the Crentis Royal Navy.

Her brain could analyze what just appeared in front of them. First, this battleship that looks big and long, and second, the flying steel above them speaking in human tongue.

She used her magic perception skills and discerned the ship and the flying steel. Surprisingly, it emits a little mana from the rotating metal on top and there was no sign of a magic furnace or any indication of empire battleship design. This could be their own version of battleship.

So the reason why the Volksfuhrer wanted the empire to repeal the Treaty of Persaille is to militarize.

Crentian Reich, you have changed significantly after three years. What could've possibly happened?

At this moment, she now finds a reason to meet the Volksfuhrer, to discuss this new technology of theirs.

Lone_Survivor_6357 Lone_Survivor_6357

Guys, is my pacing too fast? Sorry ahaha I kind of feeling of apprehensive since this is my first novel and it'll reach 100 chapters soon and you're expecting this to be a hundreds of chapters. I don't know if I can pull that out but I'll try my best. Well just my random rambling hehe

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