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27.5% Heavens! My Great-Grandfather Is A Cultivator / Chapter 11: The Old Man with a Powerful Background

The Old Man with a Powerful Background - Heavens! My Great-Grandfather Is A Cultivator - Chapter 11 by Eastern Cultivator full book limited free

Chapter 11: The Old Man with a Powerful Background

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Great-grandfather, why don't you sit here with me?" Su Yingxue awkwardly patted the seat next to her.

"I'm too old to move," Su Ze said lightly and looked at Chen Hao and others majestically.

"Forget it." Chen Hao and the others casually sat down.

His bodyguards stood by him and stared at Su Ze in disapproval.

Not long after, Chen Jie came down alone.

"Where is she?" Chen Hao asked.

Chen Jie smacked his lips and said, "She doesn't dare to come down."

"Little brat!" Chen Hao stood up and walked up the stairs.

Chen Jie followed him, leaving the bodyguards down here.

The bodyguards stretched and sat down on the sofa

As bodyguards, they had their duties.

"Old Sir, have you learnt martial arts before?" One of them picked up a stick and flexed his wrist.

Su Ze did not speak. 

The bodyguard was not angry. He smiled disdainfully and said, "Our boss is a big shot in Haizhou. You can see it from your great-granddaughter's attitude towards him. But I don't understand, Old Sir, what you mean by sitting here?"

Su Ze still did not want to talk to him.

Seeing the cup of tea that Su Yingxue had brought him, he picked it up and took a sip.

He acted as if he hadn't seen or heard the bodyguard.

As he pretend to be mute, the bodyguard was displeased and stopped playing with the stick.

Su Yingxue got worried and handed him a cup of tea. "Have some tea."

Only then did the bodyguard's awkwardness ease.

He nodded slightly and continued, "Our boss is very magnanimous, but we bodyguards have our duties. You were rude to our boss just now, so I feel that it's necessary to talk to you."

On the second floor.

Chen Hao, who was walking towards Chen Meiling's room, saw the large photo frame on the wall in the corridor. His house didn't have so many photos to hang on the wall. Moreover, the photos were all black and white.

Some of them were blurry, but many of the photos were very distinct...

 Chen Meiling had asked someone to frame these photos for Su Ze.

They filled the large photo frame which was one meter long.

In these photos were different people except for one.

This person was in every photo.

"Dad, what's Wrong?"

Chen Jie was puzzled when Chen Hao stopped to study the photos.

Chen Hao had noticed some of the guys in the photos were famous figures in history!







"This..." Chen Hao's breathing quickened. "This is the sect leader of Heaven and Earth Sect!"

In the room, Chen Mei Ling heard her father's voice in the corridor, so she walked out.

When Chen Hao saw his daughter come out, he asked curiously, "Meiling, where did you get these photos?"

"They are all from Xiaoxue's ancestor," Chen Meiling explained. "He said that the people in the photos are dead, so they are useless. He asked me to burn them. But I like the historical flavor of the photos, so I decided to keep them."

Chen Hao said in surprise, "What does these photos have to do with Xiaoxue's ancestor?"

Chen Meiling pointed at the only person who was in each of the photos and said, "This is her ancestor. He should be down there in the living room. You should have met him."

Chen Hao was stunned because this guy stood in the central position in each photo and the others in the photos didn't look displeased.

Even with the sect master of Heaven and Earth Sect, Cixi, or Starline, in the photos, this person was always in the central position!

While everyone else was standing, he alone sat in an armchair.

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There was even a photo of the Japanese king, Fengcheng Xiuji, kneeling at his feet.

Chen Hao swallowed and continued to look.

When he saw a photo, he almost lost his balance. His son, Chen Jie, who was beside him, steadied him.

"What's wrong, Dad?"

Chen Hao's lips trembled.

"Son, we're natives in Haizhou. The four royal families of Haizhou had some connections with our family. Do you know who this person is?" He pointed at a photo. In the photo, a young man was smiling as he offered a cup of tea to a white-robed man.

"Who is this person?"

Seeing his father's trembling fingers, Chen Jie was very surprised. Who could make his father lose his composure?

"Yes, Dad, don't beat around the bush. My history is not good to begin with. Just tell me."

"He was...!"

Chen Hao said word by word, "The King of Haizhou, the King of Haizhou in the past, Du Yuesheng!"

Chen Jie's pupils expanded. The formidable figure of Haizhou at that time actually knelt down and served tea to this old man?

Although Chen Meiling didn't know whom her father was talking about, she knew from her brother's shock that this kneeling man had a powerful background.

At this moment, a loud sound came from downstairs.

Bang! ! !

The father and son immediately looked towards the living room.

They saw that their bodyguard was sent flying out of the house by Su Ze with one kick.

Su Ze was still sitting on the sofa, drinking his tea in a dignified manner. He said impatiently, "Those damn flies were buzzing non-stop. They just couldn't keep quiet."

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