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71.22% Her True Mate / Chapter 510: C510 Husband Come and Help Me

C510 Husband Come and Help Me - Her True Mate - Chapter 510 by priya_debnath full book limited free

Chapter 510: C510 Husband Come and Help Me

"Playing dumb?" Jian Yun walked towards Cheng Muze step by step. Her small fists were clenched so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

Cheng Muze smiled cheekily and looked at Huo Liancheng. "Fourth Brother, I don't know what you guys are talking about. It's early in the morning. Is there a misunderstanding?"

"Who cares if it's a misunderstanding or not!" Huo Liancheng raised his chin to signal Jian Yun, "If you dare to trick me, beat me first!"

Jian Yun smiled and her beautiful big eyes narrowed.

Cheng Muze saw that it was not good and hurriedly took a fighting pose. He warned seriously, "Sister Jian, I never hit women. Don't come over. I'm afraid I will accidentally hurt you!"

"It doesn't matter." Jian Yun spread her hands and said with a smile, "You hurt me. Anyway, someone will take revenge for me. At least I will cripple you!"

Cheng Muze was frightened and swallowed his saliva. He looked at Huo Liancheng again, "Fourth Brother, seeing that we have been brothers for many years..."

"Then do you know that just because of one sentence from you, my wife almost ran away. Now you have the nerve to tell me about brotherhood!" Huo Liancheng crossed his arms. His handsome face suddenly turned gloomy. He snorted coldly. "Hit!"

Cheng Muze immediately turned around and ran. Jian Yun was faster than him. She reached out and grabbed Cheng Muze's collar. Cheng Muze subconsciously turned his head and saw Jian Yun had already arrived in front of him.

"I'm sorry!"

Jian Yun giggled. A beautiful shoulder throw made Cheng Muze feel dizzy. The next second, he was paralyzed on the ground. He did not know where his glasses had fallen off. He was dizzy and dizzy. His back was numb from the fall.

"Ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem..." Cheng Muze took a long time to catch his breath. He barely managed to get his upper body up. When he saw Jian Yun happily run to Huo Liancheng's side, he immediately jumped up. Huo Liancheng smiled and reached out to catch her. The two of them kissed as if there was no one else around.

"You can show your love to your heart's content. You will break up very soon." Cheng Muze pounded the ground angrily.

"Hubby, someone is cursing us. Do you want to give him another stab? Just give him one. Back home! Jian Yun hugged Huo Liancheng's arm and shook it. She looked up at him coquettishly.

"Good idea!" Huo Liancheng pinched Jian Yun's face. He loved her so much. When she was so sweet to him and could be so strong to other men, she was the woman he loved!

"Oh, no no!" Cheng Muze saw Huo Liancheng really rubbing his fists and walking towards him. Now he really panicked and rolled to run.

No matter how ruthless Jian Yun was, she was still a woman. Women were born weak, but Huo Liancheng was different. Cheng Muze knew it very well. Huo Liancheng had received professional training in the field army. If Huo Liancheng really attacked, he would lose half of his life even if he didn't die.

"Don't run if you have the guts!" Huo Liancheng sneered.

"Fourth Brother, my dear Fourth Brother, the merciful Fourth Brother, I know I was wrong. Please let me go." Cheng Muze begged for mercy as he ran, tears streaming down his face. He was so sincere.

Huo Liancheng ignored him and punched him.

"Ah!" Cheng Muze screamed and his eyes turned blue.

Huo Liancheng wanted to continue fighting, but Jian Yun pulled him back with her small hand. "Alright, hubby. Just teach him a lesson."

Cheng Muze looked at Jian Yun gratefully. "Sister Jian, you are so beautiful and kind. I -"

Before Cheng Muze could finish, Jian Yun winked at him, "If he is disabled, no one will work for you."

"Pffft..." Cheng Muze immediately spat out a mouthful of blood. It was because of this that Jian Yun pleaded for him, "You two husband and wife really have the same heart!"

"Of course. I love my husband and my husband loves me too. We are united. Don't tell me we share the same heart with a single dog like you!" Jian Yun ridiculed Cheng Muze unceremoniously.

"You're showing off your affection in front of me again!" Cheng Muze covered his eyes and gnashed his teeth. However, when he saw Huo Liancheng's cold gaze, he was terrified. "Fourth Brother, Fourth Brother, I know I was wrong. I won't dare to do it again!"

Huo Liancheng looked at Jian Yun. Cheng Muze also looked at Jian Yun expectantly. He raised his hand and swore, "I promise that I will be conscientious and work hard for Fourth Brother. I won't rest this month. No, I won't rest next month either."

"Yes. Since you have requested so, go to the Finance Department tomorrow and apply for 30% of the year-end bonus." Huo Liancheng nodded. He looked like he was kind enough to think for Cheng Muze. "Of course, don't run wrong. It's the Finance Department of Huo's!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ah, don't!" Cheng Muze did not feel anything when he heard the first half of the sentence. Huo Liancheng took over the Ming's and came here with purpose. Although the salary he gave him was a lot for ordinary people, it was still not compared to Huo Liancheng's wealth. That's a drop in the bucket. As the CEO's special assistant, Cheng Muze also received his salary from the Ming's. Similarly, compared to his salary in the Huo's, It's not worth mentioning.

Therefore, when Huo Liancheng said that he would deduct his reward in the Huo's, Cheng Muze's expression changed. At that time, he hugged Huo Liancheng's big legs and cried out without caring about his image, "Fourth Brother, don't!"

Before Huo Liancheng could say anything, Jian Yun suddenly seemed to be frightened. She took a few steps back and stood beside him.

"Why is it you?" Jian Yun immediately screamed.

Huo Liancheng also looked up. When he saw it, he could not help but raise his sword-like brows. A hint of interest flashed through his eyes.

"You, you all..." The one who appeared was naturally Chen Xinran. She had long hair and only wore a man's shirt to cover her up. Her legs were missing and her two long legs that defied the natural order were completely exposed.

Cheng Muze turned his head to look. When he saw Chen Xinran's appearance, he was also stunned.

"Wife, it seems like we came at the wrong time!" Huo Liancheng looked at Chen Xinran and his eyes no longer looked at her. Instead, he immediately held Jian Yun's hand and pulled her into his embrace. He said meaningfully.

Jian Yun looked up at Huo Liancheng. The surprise and the trace of uneasiness she felt when she saw Chen Xinran just now disappeared because of Huo Liancheng's actions. She smiled and said, "Yes, then, shall we leave now?"

Huo Liancheng pretended to think and immediately nodded. "Okay." He lowered his head to look at the dumbstruck Cheng Muze. He reached out and patted his shoulder and said thoughtfully, "Have a good time."

"Fourth Brother, sigh, Fourth Brother, it's not what you think!" Cheng Muze suddenly realized what was going on. He hugged Huo Liancheng's big and big legs with all his might. This time, he could not let him go no matter what.

He did not want to be misunderstood! He clearly had nothing to do with Chen Xinran. Chen Xinran was also not a dish that he liked!

"Liancheng, no, we are not what you think!" Chen Xinran was also anxious. She ran over in a few steps. Her eyes were full of urgency. She wanted to explain. She did not want Huo Liancheng to misunderstand that it had anything to do with Cheng Muze.

"What do I think?" Huo Liancheng was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger at this time. He looked baffled. "What do you think I am thinking? I am not thinking about anything."

Chen Xinran was shocked and shocked. She looked at Huo Liancheng as if she could not believe that Huo Liancheng would not even bother About it so cleanly. "Liancheng, I...."

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